AI YUE FANG (Beijing) Cultural Media Co., Ltd. was established in Beijing in 2009. It is a
dedicated music, education, broadcast, video,film production and advertising company.
Its activities include planning and hosting stadium-sized concerts, music festivals and
business promotion and development activities. It is also a prestigious art and music
education institution. In the last nine years it has mentored thousands of young,
outstanding, and enthusiastic musicians. It also produces music videos, artistic films as well
as cultural productions.
Along with Alibaba, AI YUE FANG planned and hosted “2016 Ali Live”. TMALL Music was
there for a live performance, making the occasion a perfect combination. The event was
viewed by 8 million people online, offline and on mobile platforms.
AI YUE FANG has produced the film “Heart’s Journey”. Because of this film, TMALL has
been chosen by Alibaba for promotional purposes and has received many complements,
becoming a classic example of international cooperation. In 2017 the film won the Golden
Angel Award at the 13th annual “Chinese-American Film Festival”. In 2018 AI YUE FANG
released “The Past Stories Recalled by Mother” to launch the interview documentary of
Mrs. Christine Hu Antonovich (the wife of a member of the Los Angeles Board of
Supervisors). We hope this film can generate more harmony and love!