James Su
James SuChairman
EDI Media Inc.


Andre Morgan
Andre MorganChairman
Ruddy Morgan Organization
Mike Medavoy
Mike MedavoyChairman/CEO
Phoenix Picture
Bill Mechanic
Bill MechanicProducer of Hacksaw Ridge
Chairman and CEO of Pandemonium Films
Producer of Hacksaw Ridge
Chairman and CEO of Pandemonium Films
Chairman of the Jury of Oscar
Berlin International Film Festival and Venice International Film Festival
Ng See Yuen
Ng See YuenHonorary President
Hong Kong Film Directors Guild
Siuming Tsui
Siuming TsuiPresident HKTVA
Guoqiang Tang
Guoqiang TangVice Chairman
China TV Artists Association
Albert S. Ruddy
Albert S. RuddyChairman
Ruddy Morgan Organization
Christine Hu Antonovich
Christine Hu AntonovichActress
Emily Wang
Emily WangSenior Vice President
East West Bank
Sid Ganis
Sid GanisFormer President
Academy Executive Producer ABC
Keith Cavele
Keith CavelePresident
Productions Ltd.
Bruno Zheng Wu
Bruno Zheng WuChairman
Sun Media Investment Holdings Group of Companies


Richard Anderson
Richard AndersonWriter/Director Sound Designer
Curt Hagman
Curt HagmanMember of the California State Assembly
Bob Huff
Bob HuffMember of the California State Assembly
Zhu Xi Juan
Zhu Xi JuanActress/Producer
Paul Ottosson
Paul OttossonAcademy Winner
Vivian Wu
Vivian WuActress/Producer/Academy Member
Sherwood Hu
Sherwood HuDirector
Kong Xiang Dong
Kong Xiang DongPianist
Cui Yong Yuan
Cui Yong YuanTV Show Host
C.J. Hsiao
C.J. HsiaoNovelist and Film Television Writter
Mei Mei Ho
Mei Mei HoCAP, CFP
Zhen Meng
Zhen MengSenior Producer


Qin Yi
Qin YiFamous Performing Artist
Huang Huilin
Huang HuilinProfessor, Doctoral Tutor
Tao Yuling
Tao YulingFamous Performing Artist
Liang Boluo
Liang BoluoFamous Performing Artist


Slina Su
Slina SuExecutive Vice President/
General Manager EDI Media Inc.
Russell Wong
Russell WongActor
Stanley Rosen
Stanley RosenProfessor
Department of Political Science University of Southen California
Jason E. Squire
Jason E. SquireAssociate Professor at the USC School of Cinematic Arts
Arthur Sarkissian
Arthur SarkissianProducer
Omar Kaczmarczyk
Omar KaczmarczykManaging Director
Long Tale, LLC
Dino Herrmann
Dino HerrmannComposer/Music Producer
Frank Lin
Frank LinWriter/Director
George Su
George SuComposer/Music Producer
Karen Han
Karen HanComposer
Er-Hu Virtuoso
Peter Rafelson
Peter RafelsonComposer/Music Producer
Paul Lo
Paul LoFormer President
Columbia College Hollywood
Daming Chen
Daming ChenDirector/Actor
Yves Castaldi
Yves CastaldiFashion Designer
Lianne Hu
Lianne HuActress/Writer/
Richard Liao
Richard LiaoProfessor
Flora Cheong
Flora CheongProducer/Director/
Choreographer of Techno Artists Production
Nathan Wang
Nathan WangTV & Film
Music Composer
George Kee Cheung
George Kee CheungActor/Director
Linshu Zhang
Linshu ZhangPresident of MStar Group
Duan Ying Jiu
Duan Ying JiuJupiter Music Entertainment
Roger Hsu
Roger HsuAttorney
Rita Cahill
Rita CahillBusiness Development Executive Producer
Ding Dong Jiang
Ding Dong JiangExecutive China Press
Steve Jiang
Mike MedavoyPresident L.A. Web
Cici Lau
Cici LauActree/Producer
Hu Bo
Hu BoProducer/Director
Ann Lu
Ann LuWriter/Director
Michael Zhang
Michael ZhangAttorney
Jenny Liang
Jenny LiangSenior Vice President/
Director of Marketing
EDI Media Inc.
Jack Z. Zhao
Jack Z. ZhaoSenior Vice President
EDI Media Inc.
Linny Lin
Linny LinVice President/
Director of Chinese Program
EDI Media Inc.
Nichol Liao
Nichol LiaoVice President/
Creative Director
EDI Media Inc.
Godfrey Wong
Godfrey WongDirector of TV Production
EDI Media Inc.
Adam Tan
Adam TanDirector of TV Programs
EDI Media Inc
William Lu
William LuDirector of News
EDI Media Inc.
Perry Nee
Perry NeeDirector of TV Marketing
EDI Media Inc.
Sam Lee
Sam LeeDirector of TV News
EDI Media Inc.
Albert Dai
Albert DaiMarketing Director
EDI Media Inc.
Carol Peng
Carol PengExecutive Assistant to Chairman CEO/
PR Director
EDI Media Inc.
Linda Li
Linda LiExecutive Assistant to Chairman CEO/
Shanghai Office Manager
EDI Media Inc.
Tina Cao
Tina CaoDeputy Manager of Sales Department
EDI Media Inc.
Bill Hansen
Bill HansenGeneral Manager
EDI Media Inc.
Nelson Wong
Nelson WongDirector of Administration
EDI Media Inc.
Coco Shu
Coco ShuMarketing Specialist
EDI Media Inc.
Rainbow Wang
Rainbow WangMarketing Specialist
EDI Media Inc.
Chloe Li
Chloe LiEditor
EDI Media Inc.
Jack Yan
Jack YanHost/Reporter
EDI Media Inc.
Polee Li
Polee LiBookkeeper
EDI Media Inc.
Yuanhung Lan
Yuanhung LanMultimedia
Graphic Designer
EDI Media Inc.
Sabrina Song
Sabrina SongNew Media Associate
EDI Media Inc.
Harvey Chen
Harvey ChenWeb Developer
EDI Media Inc.
Calvin Xu
Calvin XuWeb Developer
EDI Media Inc.