The annual Chinese American Film Festival is hosted by EDI Media Inc. and supported by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television of the People’s Republic of China (SAPPRFT), the Embassy & Consulate-General of China in the U.S., Motion Picture Association, U.S. entertainment industry and U.S. politicians. It has become a memorable party that unites Chinese and American film industry.

CAFF aims to promote dialogues between Chinese and American filmmakers, increase cooperation between China and the US film market, and promote friendship and cultural exchanges between the two countries. CAFF is the only film festival recognized by SAPPRFT and MPA; the only film festival recorded in annual written report of the US Congress; the only film festival listed as part of US-China cultural activities announced by John Kerry, Secretary of States.

CAFF has been successfully hosted for 10 years in a row. It has showcased over 700 outstanding Chinese movies in theaters in the U.S. During the past decade, it has attracted all the major film studios in China including China Film Group, Shanghai Film Group, Central New Documentary Film Group, Huaxia Film, August First Film Studio, Tianjin North Film Group, Xiaoxiang Film Group, Yunnan Film Group, Guangxi Film Group, Pearl River Film Group, Changchun Film Group, China Film Promotion Corporation, China Film Co-production Company, Bona Film Group, DMG, Sunshine Seven Star Entertainment Media Group, Desen International, Fox, Disney, Sony, Paramount, Universal Pictures, Warner Bros., DreamWorks, Lucas Film, and many other domestic and foreign film companies to participate.

CAFF Chairman, EDI Media CEO James Su

Cultural Consul of the Chinese Consulate General in Los Angeles Wang Jin

CAFF Co-Chair Christine Hu Antonovich

Director of MPA West Coast Debi Bois

Chairman of CAFF & EDI Media CEO James Su, Director of MPA West Coast Debi Bois, and the Chinese Consul General Wang Jin spoke during the press conference. Hosts of the 11th CAFF Opening Ceremony including actor Hong Jiantao, Senior VP of East West Bank Emily Wang, and Hollywood actor George Chung also attended the press conference. Also in attendance were actors Zhang Guangbei & Chen Wei who flew from China just for the conference.

CAFF Opening Ceremony Hosts George Chung, Emily Wang, and Hong Jiangtao

Famous actor Zhang Guangbei & wife Chen Wei

CAFF committee member, Oscar winner Richard Anderson

CAFF committee member, Oscar winner Rob Minkoff

CAFF committee member Director Chris Nebe

CAFF committee member Professor Liao Maojun

CAFF committee member Producer Hu Xuelian

CAFF committee artist Liu Xiaoren

Also, several other CAFF committee members were in the audience seats. They are: CAFF Co-Chairman, Christine Hu Antonovich, Oscar winner Richard Anderson, Oscar winner Rob Minkoff, Director Chris Nebe, Producer Hu Xuelian, Professor Liao Maojun of LACC, and artist Liu Xiaoren.

Grammy winner Omar Akram

Hollywood talent agent Jaeson Ma

Director of PGA China Task Force Elizabeth Dell

China Film Association Zhang Donghui

Other guests in attendance are: Grammy winner Omar Akram, talent agent Jaeson Ma, Director of PGA China Task Force Elizabeth Dell, China Film Association Zhang Donghui. Several independent film makers also made appearance. They include director Christopher Lee from “The Last Tear”, producer Anthony Liu from “An Inconvenient Stay”, director Rong Lian from “Los Angeles Love”.

Director Christopher Lee from short film “The Last Tear”

Director Rong Lian from short film “Los Angeles Love”

GM of Air China North America Chi Zhihang

Representatives from this year’s major sponsors also had a chance to speak during the press conference. Senior VP of East West Bank Emily Wang and GM of Air China North America Chi Zhihang each sent their warmest wishes to the 11th CAFF. Other major sponsors include Acura and Commerce Casino.

CAFF Chairman, EDI Media CEO James Su being interviewed

Cultural Consul Wang Jin being interviewed

Senior VP of East West Bank Emily Wang being interviewed

GM of Air China North America Chi Zhihang being interviewed

Famous actor Zhang Guangbei & wife Chen Wei being interviewed

Famous actor Hong Jiangtao being interviewed

This year’s CAFF will take place from Nov 1 to Nov 30, in Hollywood, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, including welcome dinner, forum discussion, opening ceremony, and film screenings.

Main Events include:
I. China-US Film Night at the Crowne Plaza Hotel on Nov 1, 2015

II. China-US Co-production Film Summit at Paramount Studio & MPA’s 5th China International Co-production Film Screening at Warner Bro. on Nov 2, 2015

III. 11th Annual CAFF Opening Ceremony & Golden Angel Award Ceremony at Ricardo Montalban Theatre on Nov 3, 2015

IV. CAFF screening from Nov 4 to Nov 30, 2015

Deputy Director of China Film Bureau Mao Yu will lead the delegation team to attend the 11th Annual CAFF main events. Leading figures from China and U.S. film markets will meet once again during CAFF to discuss the present and future of China-US cooperation.

Participating films released by CAFF are: “Lost in Hong Kong”, “Chronicle of the Ghostly Tribe”, “Go away, Mr. Tumor”, “Wolf Totem”, “Jian Bing Man”, “Ever Since We Love”, ” Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal”, “The Taking of Tiger Mountain “,” SPL II “,” The Man from Macao II “,” Overheard 3 “, “The Dead End”, “You Are My Sunshine”, “For Love or Money”, “Goddesses In The Flames Of War”, “The Queens”, “Wonder Woman”, “Murmur of the Hearts” , “One Step Away”, and many other popular movies.

Celebrity appearance during this year’s CAFF red carpet will include “Lost in Hong Kong” Director and Actor Xu Zheng, “Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe” Director Lu Chuan, “Fast and Furious” star Michelle Rodriguez, Tang Guoqiang, Feng Gong, Niu Li, Ho Cheng Jun, Yin Zhu Sheng, Sun Weimin, Lu Qi, Guan Hu, Da Peng, Li Yu, and Han Yan. Also worthy of mentioning is famous Chinese performing artist, 93-year-old Qin Yi, who will make her first appearance during CAFF. The winner of Voice of China 2nd Season Li Qi will perform his self-composed theme song of CAFF “Grown like this” while Famous singer Fu Disheng and his wife Ren Jing will perform their classic hit song “Intimate Lovers”.

Year of 2015 marks the 70th anniversary of the World Anti-Fascist War as well as China’s victory over Japan. The War was the worst catastrophic in human history, involving nearly the entire world population. It truly is worthy of our reflection, as a film director, an artist, or any human being. From the emergence of a large number of thrilling film and television works, 11th CAFF has created a special section dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the Anti-Fascist War to commemorate the history and promote peace.

Films in this section include ” Ever Lasting Broadcasting “, ” The Primary Target,” ” Songs from Battlefields,” ” Daokou Style Chicken”, “Codename Paul” “Memo of Japanese war criminals”, “Chinese Literature during War” etc. Participating TV drama in this section include “Running Siege,” ” Woman in a Family of Swordsmen “, “Left Hand Cleaver”, “Code is called Sparrow”, “Through War Line”, ” Outline of The Blade “, “Mine Warfare”, “Story of Hong” etc.

GETV and Beijing TV China will broadcast the entire CAFF Opening & Awards Ceremony to audience from Americas, Europe, and Asia in nearly 50 countries. In addition, CAFF will also screen many outstanding short films within universities, public libraries and other community centers.

Screening Theaters:
Nov 5 to 19, at Edwards Renaissance in Alhambra
Nov 7, 14, 21, 28, Laemmle Playhouse 7 in Pasadena
Nov 18 to 25, Four Star Theatre in San Francisco

Tickets are available for purchase on http://www.eventbrite.com/o/edi-media-inc-8538654093. For more information, please visit CAFF official website www.CAFilmFestival.org or call (626) 856-3889.