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22 10, 2015

I love being The Queens, and I love movies-the 11th Chinese American Film Festival Movie Recommendation

The Queens is an urban romantic movie released in 2015. Directed by Annie Szhizuka Inoh, the movie stars Hye-kyo Song, Joe Chen, Vivian Wu, Wu Jiang, Shawn Dou, Tony Yeung, Joseph Cheng, Hao Qin, and Annie Szhizuka Inoh. Adapted from an Internet novel, I Am the Queen: Bad Boys Have Taught Me So, the movie snapshots real life trivia. After three years of preparation and shooting that took place in Shanghai, Beijing, and Turkey, the movie will be showing during […]

22 10, 2015

Director Clifton Ko and his Wonder Mama are here!

After a ten-year-break, Director Clifton Ko makes his premier in the Chinese American Film Festival with his new movie, Wonder Mama. Starring Bo-Bo Fung (Hong Kong Film Awards Best Supporting Actress), the family drama unfolds smoothly as it is the film genre Ko excels in directing. On the other hand, Bo-Bo Fung is hardly seen recently on the big screen but, she said she was moved by the script and decided to take part in the movie. With its diversity […]

19 10, 2015

The magic carnival—Zhongkui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal

The upcoming Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF) will screen the 2015 Chinese New Year movie, a 3D movie is known of its creation of China-style-super-hero. The magic movie, Zhongkui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal, is directed by Peter Pau and Tianyu Zhao, stars Kun Chen and Bingbing Li, and features Winston Chao, Zishan Yang, Bei-Er Bao, and Jike Junyi. The movie unveils the fascinating worlds of gods, demons, and mortal beings. It also redefines the impression of Zhongkui, a […]

19 10, 2015

The Dream of Martial Arts-SPL II

Directed by Soi Cheang, the crime thriller SPL II stars Jing Wu, Tony Jaa, Jin Zhang, Simon Yam, and Louis Koo will meet with movie fans in the 11th Chinese American Film Festival. It is an opportunity for movie and martial arts fans to enjoy the most recent production of the dream team of martial arts movie. The movie was released on June 18, 2015 and earned a total of $557 million in box office.

“The battle of a decade, death […]

18 10, 2015

A name carved in the golden age of Hong Kong film-Clifton Ko

In the last two decades of the 20th century, Hong Kong film industry experienced its golden age. People who love Hong Kong movies often come across a name, Klifton Ko. He is known for I Have a Date with Spring, Chicken and Duck Talk, Who’s the Man, Who’s the Woman, and All’s Well, End’s Well. This year, Ko and his Wonder Mama will attend the US China Co-production Film Summit on November, 2 in Paramount Theatre, Los Angeles. On November […]

17 10, 2015

Murmur of the Hearts murmurs to you heart in the 11th CAFF

Sylvia Chang is a wonderful actress (Eat Drink Man Woman, All about Ah-Long, The Red Violin). She also is a female director who excels in expressing and manipulating subtle emotions.

Her Murmur of the Hearts tells a story about three young adults: a travel guide (Lawrence Ko) who is always at work, a painter (Isabella Leong) who is unsure about her ability, and a boxer (Hsiao-chuan Chang) who is always on the bench. Sylvia explores youth’s life when they […]

16 10, 2015

Ever Since We Love: come to the 11th CAFF to the memorial of your regretful youth

During the 11th Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF),Yu Li’s Ever Since We Love that stars BingBing Fan and Geng Han will be screened. Adapted from a novel by Tang Feng, the movie has captured the attention of the crowd since the crew starts shooting. Gossips and discussions flourished around the content of the novel and the choice of casting and the director. The story takes place in 1990s. A group of medical college students, Qiu Shui (Geng Han), his […]

15 10, 2015

Come feel the sunshine in CAFF-You Are My Sunshine

The TV series You Are My Sunshine was a hit. Thus, everyone is looking forward to its big screen version. The movie You Are My Sunshine is released in 2015. The adapted screenplay, which is based on female writer Man Gu’s novel, tells a romantic love story in an urban area of China. Presented by Letv Film Group, the movie stars Xiaoming Huang and Angelababy. Xiaoming Huang is also the producer. The story is about a young couple finds each […]

14 10, 2015

San Andreas is ready to shake you again in the 11th CAFF!

San Andreas is a disaster movie by Warner Bros. It is directed by Brad Peyton. Dwayne Johnson, Alexandra Daddario, and Ioan Gruffudd co-starred in the movie. The movie depicts a statewide earthquake that strikes both Los Angeles and San Francisco. Dwayne, who is a rescue helicopter pilot in the LA fire department, goes on a search to save his daughter.

The name of the movie refers to the San Andreas Fault. It is a fault first discovered by Dr. Andrew Lawson […]

13 10, 2015

Real life is stranger than fiction! Come feel the awkwardness of life in Lost in Hong Kong

The hottest movie in China now probably is Lost in Hong Kong. A mediocre middle-aged man (Zheng Xu) plans his family vacation and also a trip to see his first love again. However, dashed by his brother-in-law (Bei-Er Bao), the trip turns into something no one ever expects. According to the news updates, the 11th Chinese American Film Festival (CAFF) will screen the movie!

As a sequel of Lost in Thailand, Lost in Hong Kong draw 200 million Yuan in a […]


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