Founded in 2005, Beijing HongYiYuan Pictures and Media Co., Ltd( Enterprise Code: zs3282) is a comprehensive and professional one-stop film and television maker and producer. Its business eco-chain is a combination of three aspects,”film investment and production”,”television advertising production” and”entertainment integrated marketing”.

Television advertising department specializes in the creation, filming and production of film-and television-related contents such as film and television advertisements, trailers and architectural animations. Professional and scale operation has been achieved.

Based on years of international creative thinking and execution experience, the Television advertising department serves global customers with the solution of one-stop film and television.

More than 2,000 film and television advertisements have laid the company’s professional foundation, established a good reputation in the industry and won many honors such as”Beijing Top 50 Cultural Industry Brands”,”2017 (Industry) Leading Brands” and “Zhongguancun High-tech Enterprises”.

Showin Media continues to carry out innovation in digital industry and introduces the world’s leading model of creation, cutting-edge technology. With a team of top talents, it works hard in this sector and strives to become one of the most influenced media groups in China.