Beijing Perfect Credit Pictures Co., Ltd. is a famous movie and TV company established by Director Guo Jingyu in March, 2011 that integrates movie and TV investment, filming, production, artist agent as one. Since the establishment, it has invested and filmed TV drama Lady in Red, Fire Blue Blade, Hitting Dog Stick, Brave Heart, Big Yangko Dance, and cooperated with IQiyi video website, together firmed and produced internet drama Soul Ferry series. The TV dramas produced by company are broadcasted in all the LA TV, CCTV for several rounds, which not only create high audience rating and good public praise, but also let the actors rise to fame in movie and TV fields. Beijing Perfect Credit Pictures Co., Ltd. formally established Artist Brokerage Department since 2013, which has established long-term cooperative relationship with old, middle, young three generations of strength idol stars. At present, there are 29 famous artists contracted by company. Artist Brokerage Department of Wanmeijianxin is planned and operated by senior in acting field, it has a professional and passionate working team, whose business scape covers artist agent, movie & TV planning, performance planning, entertainment marketing and many other aspects.