Beijing Star hengyuan International Film and TV culture media co., LTD. It Is China’s leading film and television play Investment Company. The company is located in daxing district of Beijing national new media industry base, is a professional film and TV production company.Star Hengyuan long-term focus on the film and television play, film, TV and network, network play) investment, production and distribution, the company has more than 200 members mostly long-term research and development of the Internet community and operating experience, is one of China’s most professional film and television play investment and operations team.Company has a perfect film incubation team, from the content of investment to production to final distribution, the company has a perfect team to operate and promote the development of film and television play.Company investment made \”Once flowering\”, \”Nuomi’s Apple\” Red 1948 \”and so on a series of outstanding film and television play, in the industry has a good reputation and word-of-mouth.