China Beijing TV Station (BTV) was established on May16,1979, and is one of the most influential and competitive mainstream TV stations in China.  BTV operates 17 television channels, including three national satellite channels and one international channel broadcast in areas of Asia, Europe and America. BTV has a total daily broadcast duration of 380 hours.  Among all BTV channels, Beijing Satellite Channel is the only variety satellite channel with daily 24 hour broadcast duration. By October 2018, the ratings of programs of Beijing Satellite Channel ranks No. 1 in all national satellite channels based on statistics from a range of both 35 cities and 52 cities in China. With the aim of being a “Primary Medium with Extreme Beauty and Quality”, Beijing Satellite Channel has produced many high quality original TV programs.  Over the years, Beijing Satellite Channel has won all top awards in news and broadcast industry, including First Prize of China News Award and Starlight Award of Chinese television art.