Hubei Chinese Radio Film and Television Media Co., Ltd.(CRFTM) was built in 2003.
CRFTM is a professional film making and creating organization, and had made and produced “Daughter rise world”, “Nothing to romantic”, “Love Beyond Eternity”, “Battle with heaven and earth”, “The Purest Eyes”, “Love greetings”, “Dedicated to Qiutong”, “Sacred Journey”, “Fake Guardians”, and also made and produced television plays, such as “Special Missions”, “Interpol Senki”, “Emotional undercover”, “Strategy in the city”, “Legends of Mei Niang”. Moreover, the organization also produced “Fall in love with”, “Seven Day”, and “Female detective”. The organization not only making, producing and publishing films and TV plays, but also planning, organizing and implementing big commercial performances, and Internet and new media’s operations.