Established in December 2009 with registered capital of 182.02 million, Inner Mongolia Film Group is a cultural enterprise directly under the propaganda department of the provincial party committee of the autonomous region. The HQ of the group consists of office, financial department, HR department, the Party and the masses department, market project and art department, committee of experts for film art and film cooperation association. There are 10 subsidiaries: Inner Mongolia Film Production Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Film Distribution and Show Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Nation Film Cinema Chain Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Xinghe Rural and Pasturing Area Digital Film Cinema Chain Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Kainuo Cultural Investment Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Kainuo Equity Investment Management Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Western International Cultural Industry Joint-stock Partnership Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia Nainuo Xiusi Satellite Communication Technology Co., Ltd., Inner Mongolia National Language Film Translation and Production Center, Inner Mongolia Cultural Audio and Video Press. The main operation scope includes creation of screenplay, production, distribution and show of films, construction of cinema chain, publishing of national audio and video, translation and production of national language films and show of public-benefit films in rural and pasturing areas.