J’Star Film Co. Ltd, co-founded by J’star Group International Co. Ltd. and shareholders of strong fiscal solvency from domestic and overseas, is a film investment and operation company with branch companies and offices in the U.S.A, Hongkong, Guangzhou and Beijing. J’star Group International Co. Ltd., originated from European movie exchange and cooperation platform set up by J’star American company, strength in integrating communication marketing, has been being a dream factory who knows film operation the best by taking advantages of planing and producing films with some famous film companies such as China Film Group Corporation, Media Asia, Huayi Bros. Media Group, Bona Film Group Ltd.,Sil-Metropole Organization Ltd., Filmko Pictures, Orange Sky Golden Harvest etc. as well as advertising and releasing cooperation experiences with various theater chains eg. Wanda. We has taken part in investments and operations of film programs, of which the value are more than 600 million. From bench-marking success of medium-micro investments in metropolis movie “Go LaLa Go” to IMAX3D giant work “The Monkey King” which breaks 19 film records in Chinese movies, J’star has achieved great result in the golden time and become a new rise class which represents now and future in film industry .