Sylvia Chang is a wonderful actress (Eat Drink Man Woman, All about Ah-Long, The Red Violin). She also is a female director who excels in expressing and manipulating subtle emotions.


Her Murmur of the Hearts tells a story about three young adults: a travel guide (Lawrence Ko) who is always at work, a painter (Isabella Leong) who is unsure about her ability, and a boxer (Hsiao-chuan Chang) who is always on the bench. Sylvia explores youth’s life when they face unpredictable changes and need to make life-changing decisions. The film is simply amazing.


During an interview, Sylvia reveals the meaning of the film’s name, Nian Nian in Chinese. Nian refers to “think” or “thoughts”. The name then refers to first, regret; seconds missing someone; and third, a memory that cannot be forgotten. The film will murmur to your heart.






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