Project Description

Length: 81mins
Director: 徐宏 、张彦林
Cast: 源唯杰、张页川、何雨潼

In the 28th year of the Republic of China, the prime culprit of Jiangcheng crude opium smuggling case was murdered. Chief inspector HAN Tianzheng in charge of this case was assaulted and was demanded to stop investigating this case by his master CHEN Yongren by the reason with criminal suspect. HAN Tianzheng made his utmost effort to fight but failed and was suspended with his office by Director HE Chen for further investigation. He buried the hatchet with his master CHEN Yongren and they conspired to escape out of the prison. Then two murder cases occurred consecutively. HAN Tianzheng investigated secretly and finally found out the truth and arrested the prime culprit Master CHEN Yongren of the serial murders.