Project Description

Length:  10mins25secs

Director: Synne Akselberg


This short documentary explains the importance of song to the Dong people in Xiaohuang village. We encounter two people famous for their singing talents from different generations, and see how the traditions of Dong songs are passed on and cherished. Our first character is Pansa Yinhua (70 years old), who has been singing since she was a little girl. She is an excellent and well-known teacher of the Kam Gram Choir, and has taught many people, particularly children the traditional Dong songs. One of her students is little Pan Hanji, who only 3 years old can sing many songs and has already become famous in many parts of China. Looking at the inheritance of the Dong song culture, Dong Songs Through Generations hope to shed a light on the lives of these two characters, along with other people from Xiaohuang village, and hopefully spread the joy of Dong songs.