Project Description

Length:  10mins32secs

Director: Manisa


Nowadays in China there are many people live in Beijing, some are local people and some are other citizens from different provinces. Therefore many culture gathered together, plus the technology has influenced the traditional old Beijing. As well as the Chinese tea, there are various kinds of tea also some of the tea are faded and ignored by the local people themselves. DA-WAN-CHA tea (big bowl of tea) has been in Beijing for more than thousand years. With the unique taste and the big bowl of tea that fits the life-style of people in the city. In addition this DA-WAN-CHA tea is also really cheap since the ancient time until now. The problem is many businesses don’t earn a lot of money from selling it. And there’s not many people know about it. So why do they keep the business going? How can it remain and pass on to another generation? That’s what we will find out from this documentary.