Project Description

Length: 10mins00sec

Director: Jacek Partridge


In China, Miao embroidery is a charming tradition handed down from generation to generation. It involves precision, time and a certain level of passion that culminates in exquisite as well as meaningful needlework. However with the recent economic development and heightened academic ambition, it seems that fewer women are learning this fascinating handicraft. Forgotten Thread explores the tradition of Miao embroidery and how it is celebrated in the modern age. Through interviews with a young 22 year old girl, the documentary shows the evolution of the needlework as well as how the knowledge about it is spreading around China, breaking ethnic boundaries, while at the same time preserving its identity. Filmed across four days in Langde Miao village, the film attempts to exhibit the importance of the craft to the region and contrast the carefully crafted handmade pieces with the recently developed machine-made copies.