Project Description

Length: 90mins

Director: 施秋榮、胡弦

Cast: 張強、錢小華、毛繼鴻、莊崧冽、吳永紅、把文翰、錢海英

《Go With Your Heart》is documentary on the theme of how you should always follow your heart. Shot over the course of 2 years, it tells the stories of 7 Chinese independent domestic brand founders. It follows their lives, their businesses, and their struggles. The main characters are Mao Jihong, founder of Liwai clothing and the lifestyle brand Fang Suo; Zhuang Song Lie, founder of Sculpting in Time Café; Qian Xiaohua, founder of Librairie Avant-Garde Bookstore; Wu Yonghong, founder of SoLife Home; Ba Wenhan, founder of Ba Wenhan Online Food Store; Zhang Qiang, founder of Dr. Smile Medical Group; and Tina, founder of The Banff Film Festival (China). With a sense of dedication to their careers, these ordinary people walk the entrepreneurial path towards achieving their dreams. Some of them have already found success, such as Mao Jihong with his business model for a lifestyle brand, and Tina, who has been promoting extreme sports films for five years. However, there is also Zhuang Song Lie who is still searching for freedom and self-fulfillment after 20-years of hard work. Ba Wenhan went to the countryside after graduating from university to become an entrepreneur. Although he does not know the future of the physical bookstore, he still opened one in a rural area of Anhui province; meanwhile, medical pioneer Zhang Qiang deals with questions from colleagues and investors. They all remain humble and encounter various difficulties. Regardless of the situation, they always follow their guts, as they know that they can only live once and will not settle for a mediocre exist.