Project Description

The off-tech side of Shenzhen

Length: 13mins17sec
Director: Gattafoni Valerio

Shenzhen as a modern metropolis develops rapidly, “high-tech city” has become the label of Shenzhen, but there also are a group of street artists, they use more popular street art form to inherit and innovation traditional skills. This film tell us to understand their experience about Shenzhen and street art, find the story behind the street artist.


Length: 11mins55sec
Director: Laura Torbidoni

Aohu village was found in the early times of Republic of China. As times goes on, the village decline gradually. But the original abandoned village glowed a second life because of the arrival of artists. Then more and more artists from OCT, Shenzhen sculpture academy, HongKong came here and settled down. Consequently.

Tunnel 2

Length: 17mins01sec
Director: Corrado Foffi

A short documentary following the barber, Mr. Wang’s life and story. The changes of Shenzhen over the past 20 years and the countless stories of Shenzhen. We are trying to tell the stories that are hidden by the city, we may even not see the protagonists of the stories, but at some point, a story can be many people’s story, and we ourselves could be one of the many people.


Length: 14mins09sec
Director: Simone Alvear Calderon

By recording the family life of two printmaking artist,Mr. Zhong and Mrs. Long,this documentary reflects the theme – the contemporary art of art and craftsmen spirit.

UVA–The Human Fourth Eye

Length: 10mins24sec
Director: Sampaolo Gianluca

In the time of Shenzhen’s age changing, everywhere fly The Innovation and Maker Culture, the UVA as a representative part of these Shenzhen Culture is attracting the world’s attention. This kind of machines can express The Human Fourth Eye also congeal and show Shenzhen’s spirit of the craftsman which include not afraid of difficult and enjoy challenge.

Taste of Shenzhen

Length: 11mins29sec
Director: Volen Penev

When you walking into the centuries-old shop–“Hechenghao”, and coming into the life of chenganzhong who is the fifth generation of shenzhen inheriting traditional snacks technique-chiropody, having a try of childhood snack and a jouyful family reunion, you would find that the shenzhen spirit has already integrated in the foodfor almost one hundred year. The taste would store your memories, and the taste is the real interpretation for shenzhen.

Memory of the Sea

Length: 10mins42sec
Director: Yoan Pavlov Slavov

Shenzhen has developed in a rapid advance. People enjoy modern and comfortable life of leisure, but who would have thought that what a small fishing village of Shenzhen was once. Time has gone, but we can always through intravenous drip marks to explore the culture of fishing village and the memory buried in the bottom of fishermen’ heart.

The Changes

Length: 11mins20sec
Director: Maria Rosaria Germinario

Poetry was passed down as an old literature form and gained new ethos and changes in the present times. The worker poets discovered a different life, they compromise and strive at the same time. They long for change of fate but the reality is writing poems can hardly change their life.