Project Description

Length: 25mins
Director: 李啟銓

Lin Mei-yin, the only child in her family, went hiking with her father in Shoushan, Kaohsiung, at the age of nine. That was the first time she met macaques. Over some twenty years, she grew up with macaques in the mountains together. She noticed that the number of her family macaques has been decreasing, while human-macaque conflicts have been increasing due to overdevelopment. In 2014, she decided to start an on-line group, called “Taiwan Macaque Chattering Party,” inviting people to go hiking with her on weekends. Combining the interpretation with her major in Bioscience, she shows people how to get close to the lives of macaques in a lively way. However, proximity to macaques is controversial in Taiwan. How does she strike a balance between misunderstandings of humans and coexistence with macaques? Over twenty years, what has been supporting her to speak up for survival rights of Taiwan macaques?