Project Description


Length: 11 ‘ 38’
Director: LEE NA YEON

In this world of high technology, it takes us only several seconds to record moments we want with a small cell phone. However, in the Shu Dian Street of Kai Feng, lives a person, who is willing to spend much time making a painting. This person is Ren Helin ——the inheritor of woodcut New Year paintings. For about 40 years, Ren has give n his everything just to create paintings. He is the god of woodcut New Year paintings.

Charm of Chrysanthemum

Length: 11 ‘ 0 8’
Director: Moon Seo Young

In Kaifeng, City of Chrysanthemum, we follow some people who love Chrysanthemum even in this summer.

The Treasure Hunter

Length: 9 ’30’
Director: Mya Kaplan

The Treasure Hunter tells about a story about an artist, Sun Chunfeng, who spent 30 years searching for eave tiles. The film presents us his efforts in protecting Chinese traditional architecture culture.


Length: 11 ’30’
Director: Ori Birger

A day in the life of the worker Li Gang, an electrician in the China Railway Engineering Equipment Group Co., LTD.

The road in the cliff

Length: 14 ‘min
Director: Maya Klar

In the end of eastern Han dynasty, some people found a shelter in a remote mountain where was today’s GuoLiang village after a war broke out. They were isolated from the outside world, because there is a cliff in front of them, and it’s hard for them to go downhill. Despite the bad transportation, they never move…

Slow worker-The art of tablet waking

Length: 11min37sec
Director: Lucas Irming Holler

Slow Worker focuses on the performance of the Yi Xing sixth generation and the seventh generation craftsmen, with Yi Xing’s more than 200 years history as the story line. Here exquisite lens language write down the making process of tablets. This film tells us not only how industriously these craftsmen make the tablets, but also how they make innovation on the manual craft with the special craftsman feelings, not merely inheritance constantly.

Inkstone: A Family portrait

Length: 11 ’28’
Director: Shira Sznaider

This paper tells the story of located within the Yellow River scenic spot to make mud inkstone a heritage, we interviewed one by one to them, for the production of mud inkstone filmed, through the records of their working life, feeling their earnest rigorous work attitude and modest life Convey a spirit craftsmen.

Water Bonds

Length: 11 ‘ 37’
Director: KILI LEON

Artificial Tianhe Canal, located in the junction of Shanxi, Hebei and Henan provinces. In the 1960s, in order to irrigate dry land, industrious and brave people of linxian County in extremely difficult conditions, cut through the Taihang mountains, built the Canal. 1500 -kilometre Canal, took 10 years to, for along the Canals industrial and agricultural production has brought great convenience…

Mastery Of Guan Ware

Length: 11 ‘ 49’

This film explores Zhang Guangjie’s Guan ware studio in Kaifeng, Henan. Zhang Guangjie contributes his 20 years to making Guanware. Based on the craftsman’s spirit, this film shows the whole process of making Guan ware including pulling embryo ,grouting , glazing and firing, which reflects the inheritance and development of Guanware.


Length: 10 ’45’
Director: Jang Min Kyeoung

The film revolves around Hu Baoguo, a folk artist, who is excellent at paper-cuts and is hailed as “The king of butterfly” in the world. With the interviews to Mr.Hu and his students and the presentation of his paper- cut works, the film shows the infinite charm of Chinese paper-cuts…


Length: 10 ‘ 34’

Tea Mountains follows the process of Chinese tea culture, from the growing leaf to the drinking glass. It is shown through the eyes of Dai, an 82 years old passionate tea grower.