Project Description


Length: 10 ’58’
Director: Lenka Jovanovic

People familiar with ink to scholarly ink, but rarely known with mud office can also be self-charm. In Hunan Yuhua non Heritage Museum, there is such an old master, he carefully selected wood, splicing, grinding. And then with ten special materials, modulation of a special mud. Use a spoon can also be good penmanship. This time, we will keep our eyes on the fifth generations of Liu Shangsi, who is the only descendant of Hunan in the art of mud calligraphy, and how to inherit and write the story that has lasted for one hundred years.


Length: 9 ‘ 57’
Director: Nemanja Lekovic

A winding tunnel is not only a string of tile – roofed house, also strung the history and culture of nearly a hundred years of a family. The architectural layout, unique architectural decoration art, harmonious human and land relationship, ancient folk culture. Zhang Guying village, the most protected completely traditional folk housed and ancient buildings in Ming and Qing Dynasties in china…


Length: 9 ‘ 59’
Director: David Slepcevic

When most people rustle and hustle in this world, busy and repetitive. There is a place hidden in a mountain, with peace and depth. Yuelu academy is renowned for its long history and famous literatis like ZhuXi and ZhangShi. Over 1,000 years, this millennium academy attracted numerous scholars and tourists. The film will present a relatively mysterious part in YueLu academy, the university. Compared with the noisy and rushed life in modern city, the academy is really a place people can settle down themselves…

The Act of Living

Length: 10 ‘ 39’
Director: Neacșu Andrada Cristina

An idiom goes that we are pursuing the same dream with different methods.
It was not until we get familiar with Flower Drum Play that we realized the weight of these four characters.
When the professional troupe and the folk troupe meet, the former one wants to demonstrate the Grassroots culture, the latter one wants to chase higher artistic level.
Zhu Jie, the third leader of the folk troupe called Zhu Jiaban once said, “The professional troupe has its spectacular, we have our experiences.”


Length: 9 ‘ 40’
Director: Milos Krasulja

In a time when our lives are fast paced, mass produced and digitally infused, Guo Yongcun the founder of Yuhua Intangible Cultural Heritage Museum fights for the preservation of ancient hand crafts. He has taken under his wing masters of these fading crafts from all corners of China. His tough mission is to present to a younger generation the long forgotten crafts that are a pillar of their historic heritage…

In his memory

Length: 9 ‘ 52’
Director: Tache-Codreanu Andrei

2000 years ago, the Chinese patriotic poet, Qu yuan, jumped into the Miluo River, shocking all the nation. The hero only left people his sigh of a turbulent world and being frustrated for his talent. Looking Chinese culture, one can go to Miluo River to witness the celebration of Dragon Boat Festival. The Dragon Boat festival in Miluo has already become a name card of Hunan culture the experienced craftsmen from generations to generations insist on manufacturing the dragon boat on their own to inherit Chinese spirit and culture…

All that blooms

Length: 11 ‘ 13’
Director: Milena Grujić

Our work start with gymnastics, and in the hometor.of gymnastics, Hunan has developed so many famous gymnastics world champion Li Xiaopeng, Liu Xuan, and so on. In order to find out how these world champion’s training since young, we have gathered our eyes on the one 11-year-old girl who had a thorough understanding of her training and daily life, and deep into the heart of the child…

Seconds of deconstruction

Length: 10 ‘ 15’
Director: Nikica Zdunić

All good things need to be nurtured over time, but disaster strikes in a moment. Fortunately, it’s only a nightmare, when the nightmare starts to wake up, where are we going to go and what are we going to do. let us go Into the Zoomlion , go into the China machinery, in dreaming mechanical kingdom, see the workers who dressed in a blue overalls, how to turn a small parts, assembled into large crane; Go out of the gate, go out to the outside world, and see how giant cranes lift huge objects and build towers. The iron and steel bones, the lofty standing, the craftsman spirit, the long history!

The soul of the living sparkles

Length: 10 ‘ 06’
Director: Staicu Marian

Introduction of the documentary the soul of the living sparkles Liuyang fireworks derive from powder, one of The Four Great Inventions of Ancient China. The traditional craftsmanship with the history of over a thousand years, is elaborate and complicated. It is inseparably connected with Chinese customs of festival and celebration…

Still City

Length: 10 min
Director: Ana zugic
The work, Jinggang Ancient Town uses distant lens to present us a vividly ink paint, with marbles remind us the passage of time; long paths paved with blue bricks stretch to distance; the afterglow renders the sky and the evening bell from the temple lingers over the town. Jinggang would be a nice choice for people who seek peace and tranquility; it is a place of peace that can comfort your mind.