Project Description

Length: 45mins*81

Director: 鄭曉龍

Cast: 孫儷、劉濤、方中信、黃軒

During the warring states period, Mi Yue was the most beloved princess of King Chuwei. After the death of King Chuwei, Mi Yue had a very hard life, and her mother Lady Xiang was expelled from the palace by Queen Chuwei. Mi Yue and her little brother Mi Rong survived over and over times of disasters and crises. Mi Yue and Huang Xie, prince of Chu kingdom, were childhood sweethearts and loving each other with true hearts. But Mi Yue was sent to the far away Qin kingdom as the lineal descent princess Mi Shu’s accompanying member. When Mi Shu became queen of Qin kingdom, Mi Yue had to become a concubine of the king of Qin. When Mi Yue gave birth to her little son Ying Ji, the sisterhood between Mi Shu and Mi Yue were gradually split. Then the princes of Qin fought with each other’s for the crown, Ying Si, the king of Qin died with great regret. Mi Yue and her son were then banished to far away Yan kingdom. Unexpectedly, Ying Dang, also called of Qinwu King died for holding a huge pot, and Qin kingdom fell into chaos. With Sire Yiqu’s military help, Mi Yue return Qin kingdom and pacified the civil war. Ying Ji, son of Mi Yue then became king of Qin kingdom, who was called Zhaoxiang King of Qin. So Mi Yue became the first empress dowager in history, and was call Empress Xuan.