Project Description

Length: 11mins40secs

Director: Soumee•Biswas


It’s a story about the Yao tradition of keeping long hair. We delve into this mystic culture trough our protagonist Pan Yongyan. She is a 31 year old woman of the Yao tribe who runs a restuarant.  We see the Long Ji march 3rd Long hair festival where we witness the hair cutting ceremony.We also see her daily life and we hear about her emotions related to the cutting of age ceremony for the Yao group when they cut their hair for the single time in their whole life. We get a glimpse of her personal life and how the customs of her tribe echo through each part of her life.

Nestled in the LongJi terrace of Guangxi district of China reside the quaint village of Huang Luo where the Red Yao tribe stays. “Long Hair Song” is a tribute to the custom of the Yao tribe women to keep long hair and theie emotions attached with it. Pan Yongyan is a Yao lady who welcomes us into her personal life and gives us a glimpse of her feelings regarding the long hair tradition and also the story behind it. The film tries to explore the little nuances of daily life of these women and how this custom is inter related with their daily lives.