Project Description

Length: 20mins
Director: Rong Lian

Violin student Qing Xia went to join in the USC summer camp where she encountered Hao Lei, a previous USC student who was currently earning his bread in the US. Hao, once a pursuer of music dream, had to work as a barber at a hair salon. Step by Step, he encouraged Qing to conquer her stage fright and bravely pursue her dream of becoming a star. Meanwhile, they fell in love with each other. Qing was about to finish the summer camp and go back, where would be the destination of their love? Hao didn’t show up on Qing’s final performance. Qing was to upset that she broke one string and gave up the show. To her surprise, Hao had set up her dream red carpet for her. On the carpet, Qing finished her brilliant performance with the three string violin.