Project Description

Length: 10mins27secs

Director: Craig Clayton


An exploration of the work and craft that goes into creating the silver jewelries that the Miao minority of Guizhou, China are famed for. Through still images and soundscapes it immerses itself in the lives of two creators, Long Taiyang, a traditional silver maker who lives in Kong Bai Village and Tai Guangzhong, a teacher at Kaili University, it will show the contrasting ways of how they create the beautiful jewelry through various methods but also the introduction of modern techniques such rolling press machines and gas torches. It will also explore what happens to the jewelry after the maker has completed his work, it will show a street called ‘Silver Street’ in Kaili famed for the embroidery and silver that they sell from various makers and many different jewelries, from large pieces for weddings and celebrations to simple bracelets and finally look at the performers in Xi Jiang who wear the jewelry and perform for visitors who come to learn about the ancient Chinese ways of life and the traditions that have lasted for centuries.