Project Description

Length: 10mins18secs

Director: Ena Omerovic


A 30-year old woman travels from Europe to Hainan, the Chinese island of romance. Inspired by the old Li tradition of marriage proposal whereby young Li men sing to conquer Li girls’ hearts she starts her quest for the stories of these couples. Her first destination is the annual Third March Festival in Baisha, also called the Love festival.

Besides people in traditional Li clothing she only finds modern city life and Li youngsters using social media to get in touch.

But then, later in the evening, she meets Xiaopan, a Li woman. The two women appear to have a lot in common, not only their age but also their ambition to get to know the world.

But… they also share the wish to feel real love. Xiaopan invites Ena to visit the village of her youth. To find there what they both look for.