Project Description

Length: 11mins05secs

Director: Celine Simons


Wang Chun is an opera singer by heart. She lives with her parents in Fushan Town, on the Island Hainan. Singing opera is all she’s ever known. As she tries to walk in her father’s footsteps, she performs in the Opera troupe “Hainan Li Hua”. But in the spare hours that she is not singing Hainan stories on stage, she often thinks about her 10-year-old boy. A few years ago, her husband left to live on the mainland for work and a better standard of living. They both agreed he would take their only child with him and she promised to follow soon. Even though her little son still misses her, she just can’t leave the Hainan Opera. She lives and performs every day, carrying this dilemma. Now, her own personal life could be a perfect dramatic storyline for an opera play.