Project Description

Length: 45mins*40

Director: 劉家成

Cast: 朱雨辰、高露、遲嘉、尹俊、李依伊、武笑羽


Li Zhongyuan and Yuan Shengnan divorced, because of the conflict of their disposition. In order not to stimulate their parents, they decided to temporarily keep it as a secret. But at the same time, they are trying their best to find an ideal wife or husband. They try to prove that the other part should take responsible for their unhappy marriage. Their new life comes fast. However, the tenderness and romance they dreamed for don’t seem to fit them. After Yuan’s father’s death, seeing their friend’s remorse for a fake divorce, they finally understand what the marriage means and decide to get marry again. When the rules of life are broken, we then know what we lost is the best.