Project Description

Length: 13mins 12sec
Director: Sampo Johansson

The theme for 2015 Looking China is “Individual, Family, Nation” so this documentary is about a family. But this family is very special and is a representative of China. This family, Bai Lao qi, is well-known to all. But why does everybody know them? It’s because their beef noodles are well-loved by the people in Lanzhou. What is the secret of the springy noodles, tasty chilli and frangrant soup? What draws people to this hidden gem? Why is it that over the years people are still talking about it? All of these questions will be answered as you watch this documentary. People are still debating on what the recipie of the secret chilli is. The uses of Peng Hui, the story behind the beef noodles are all captured and revealed. What we give you is an insight into the story of the beef noodles and the Bai Lao Qi family. More than that, we want to show the often overlooked history of Lanzhou.