Project Description

Length: 90mins
Director: 旭仁花
Cast: 诺敏达来、格根苏布都

The movie Urhuertu Huiteng, also known as Pastoral Song of the Spring, tells the true and beautiful love story of the young shepherd ChaoKeTu and the beautiful and kind-hearted girl Doleghel.
The young man ChaoKeTu married Doleghel on the sixth day of his homecoming from the army. And they promised eternal love to each other. But unfortunately, the girl was oppressed by the power and burned to death. After hearing the grievous news, the young man searched for her, but only found their love token from the ashes of a Mongolia yurt, a silver bracelet.
Heartbroken, the young man sang a song “Pastoral”. The song of eternal love has spread on the grassland and then all over the world ever since.