Project Description

Length:  11mins28sec

Director: Prathyush Chandra Kotha


Constant human pursuit for better life and happiness makes us evolve and change according to the prevailing circumstances. This results in the conflict between our traditional and modern beliefs. To put this in perspective, the village of Miao is a treasure from the past even today with her rich songs and poems and her focus on simple life. Vasudeva kutumbam in Sanskrit means ‘all the world is one family’, a little time spent with Miao people will give you this impression. Growing up, I have fond memories of my village from past. When I found out that they don’t sing Miao love songs for proposal anymore, I wanted to focus on the life of my subject, Mrs.Zeng who is from Miao village and now stays in city. This film focuses on her folk song life in village and her modern and ambitious life in the city. Though however we evolve as per our aspirations, our roots will always remain the same and probably we should always respect them because we can only become better.