Project Description

Length: 95mins

Director: 林德祿

Cast: 古天樂、張智霖、周渝民、蔡少芬、林保怡、陳靜、盛君

The Principal Investigator of the ICAC William Luk (Louis Koo) and Inspector of the Hong Kong Police Force Lau Po Keung (Julian Cheung) meet when investigating a murder case. However, due to the conflicting operational methods between the ICAC and the Hong Kong Police Force, the two failed to trace the killer (Vic Chou). Afterwards, the Hong Kong Police Force discovered that the hire hit was ordered by Big Boss, the mastermind of an international crime syndicate who collaborates with Ha Chi Yin (Shek Sau), a Jockey Club director, to manipulate the results of European football matches. The ICAC and Hong Kong Police Force have decided to cooperate to uproot the crime syndicate.