Project Description

Length:  12mins52sec

Director: Dusko Stanivuk


Preservation of traditions is one of the most important tasks in modern society and probably the main reason why I choose a subject of ancient Naxi music. In my home country traditions are endangered by sped up way of living and always present feeling that we don’t have enough time. I was reading about long living tradition of music preservation through the generations among the Naxi people and that intrigue me to closely research that subject.

Main theme of my documentary are the people who stands behind the music, the musicians. I’m follow one of the musicians from the orchestra of Naxi music hall founded by master Xuan Ke who is very important figure for revitalization of a Naxi music. But nowadays is very complicated to perform   traditional music among influences of popular genres and lack of interest from young people. Mister Xuan Ke gave us information’s about history and development of ancient music and his interview will be introduction in this theme.  We follow an old musician through his daily routine, his preparations for concert and playing his instrument among his friends. His life is dedicated to music and peak of every day is the concert in Naxi music hall. His always first to come and last to go home, persistent in his profession and focused on the concert performance. He lives a life of a proud keeper of an ancient traditions.

I would like to ask a question about future of ancient music and could music survive in the hands of an old musician? Living tradition of music is present in parks and friendly gatherings but what will going to happen with institutions like Naxi music hall? Is the influence of modern music too strong for ancient traditions? An old musician will carry on through every day and he will come to play the concert but would be anybody there to listen.