Project Description

Length: 10mins56secs

Director: Marko Grba Singh


At the Gaomengu observatory, main engineer is preparing to start the telescope. People are working in cleaning the telescope and adjusting the parameters on the screens. Once the telescope started working, we can see the universe. Through the images of the universe, many Naxi legends are told.Forest around Gaomengu is full of secrets. Narrator is talking about the history of the Naxi people. They believe to be born children of the immortal gods. They believe in nature. The forest is alive.Naxi people never had walls on their cities, because the meaning of the sign language would be ”The king is captured”. There is a village near Gaomengu. Women are working in the field. Mosuo legend tells the story of The Leader, who found out how to capture the same fish every day and feed the entire village. The Leader is immortal and transcedental. Women are preparing lunch. Narrator then tells the story of Sanduo, a local Naxi hero. We see a man on the top of the Lijiang hill. He is sleeping and dreaming of a pretty girl. She is singing to him in his dreams. Sanduo goes down the hill and joins the locals. He is talking with his friends. The sun is going down. Everybody loves him. When the night falls, Sanduo and his friends are going to have a drink in the city. They enter one bar. The narrator continues. There is a Mosuo legend about goddess Ge Mu and Haba mountain god. They were in deep love. One day, she was talking to another. He sensed that, got angry, and left the area. He left forever. We can see the images of the city, highway and the fields. Ge Mu was so sad that she cried, and cried, and cried. Her tears created the Lugu lake. The idea of the project is to reconstruct the legends with people acting as ancient heroes or gods. The last two legends (Sanduo and Ge Mu) will be played by some members of Naxi society. The Gaomengu part is totally realistic and authentic.