Project Description

Length: 9mins 34secs
Director: Bryony Hooper

This documentary takes a small insight into what it is like to live in Chengdu.We interview different people all who have different relationships with the city.Some have lived here all their lives some have moved here all recently and others have lived here for a very long time.Chengdu is known for being a relaxed city.The life of the cozy people in Chengdu,also have a heartwarming taste of the non-material cultural heritage in the local art of sugar painting.It has not only left a mark on the ancient city, but also brought a hint of sweetness to the people of Chengdu. And through the visuals of the documentary we explore this and see if the city on face value is relaxed as it seems.Chengdu is also a special city as its nickname is one city you never went to say goodbye to ,we will also see if this is true in the documentary.