Project Description

Length: 10mins 51secs
Director: Celeste Koon
Cast: Joey Hunter, Steve Comilang, Mai Lee Ngo, Koby Seiling

The Ghost of Grandpa Tong brings a new spin to the Canadian multi-ethnic ‘identity’ story in the form of a humorous ghost story about a stubborn old Chinese man who returns as a ghost that can only be seen by Zoe, his granddaughter’s ‘halfie’ English speaking best friend. Even after death, Grandpa Tong, is stuck in his ways. He rants to Zoe about the importance of culture, studying hard, and good grooming. However, after a while he opens up to Zoe that he misses his family whom he loves dearly and worries about.
This film is a simple yet thoroughly touching character based film. It is a story full of humour and heart about the gap between cultures and generations, and the overriding connectedness that draws us all together despite our differences.