Project Description

Length:9mins 58secs
Director:Ritika Poddar

In the Film, my journey begins from entering into the Tianlong village which is near to Anshun Province of China. The purpose of visit is to learn more about the famous traditional opera form called Tiaoshen (Dixi). So, to know all about Dixi and its history, I meet the Dixi Master Mr. Chen in the Tianlong village where he introduces me to the history of Dixi. He tells me how and why Dixi started in this town. He also tells me the importance of masks used in the performance of Dixi. Each masks has an unique expressions which define the characters of the play. I try to capture him as a Master teaching young boys Dixi in the school playground in order to show the future perspective of this old tradition.

Dixi has different different stories of emperors, soldiers and military which talks about their bravery and loyalty. Mr. Chen narrates one of the famous story of Dixi called The three brothers.

In the end of the film, I try to summarise this famous three brother story through their Dixi performane in the old Tianlong school.