Project Description

Length: 22mins

Director: 苗煒基

Cast: 楊劍銘、呂妍昕、鄭偉、王德龍、宇宙

A photograph called “The Purest Eyes” is made by a friend is touching Tingting Xu deeply. In the photo, a boy’s eyes are clean and pure. Then, she decides to become a volunteer for teaching. However, when she goes to that poor school, she doesn’t see the boy. The boy has to quit school and herd sheep because he needs money for his father’s illness. When Tingting Xu gets close with the boy, she find out his father is a drug abuser. And, the illness is drug reactions. Tingting Xu decides to help the boy go back to class no matter how hard it is, and she holds “no one should be left “on helping this boy.