Project Description

Length:  9mins47secs

Director: Toby Sims


Deep in the valleys of china lays a secret. The secret of the mountains. Introducing Mr Zhao, the Medicine Master whom will send you into the rich history of the Medicine bath, a tub of water with medicinal purposes said to cure any disease. A bold claim it may seem but Zhao expresses his 100% faith in his service, passed down by ancient Yao migrants. Two local Yao Chinese explore further the unique ethnic minority of the Yao; their clothes, dance, festivals and dwellings.

Accompanied by beautiful scenery and a voyeuristic approach into the everyday life of the Yao Chinese as well as Mr Zhao himself as he dines with friends in his home. Not only this but take a look at the step by step process as to the creation of the magic medicine bath of yao. This film will unlock the secret of the mountains, a special invitation to the world.