Project Description

Director: Ta’ltosh

Cast: Rebecca Teresia, Dan Connell, Mor Ben Haim, Kyle Kosaki


Synopsis: K-drama addict friend-zones her hopelessly-in-love roommate, only to realizes she loves him and must win him back when he goes out with another woman. Anna and Shaun have been friends since childhood, and now, as college roommates, she takes him for granted. When Shaun tries to break out from the friend-zone and goes out with another woman, Anna suddenly realizes her feelings for him, surprising even herself as she has always fantasized a happily-ever-after with her favorite K-drama star. Anna: Early 20s, Caucasian. Introvert, awkward, artsy, dreamer. She loves popcorn and the world of K-dramas. She mixes fantasy and reality. Shaun: Early 20s. Caucasian. Smart, athletic, handsome, practical. He’s hopelessly in love with Anna, even though he’s friend-zoned. Reina: Early 20s. A dangerous blond, an alpha female antagonist to Anna. She is out to discover if Shaun is boyfriend material. K-drama star: Asian male, 20s, charismatic and sexy.