Project Description

Length:10mins 21secs
Director:Vakhtangi Jajanidze

If someone asks me, what is felicity. In my opinion, nothing is better than to be together with you soul to soul.

The film tells a story about an old couple, who work in different sections in Beijing Normal university. The film records their different kinds of work and life-style in one day. In addition, their different ways of entertainment are showed to the audience. Every evening they dance in different places, with different groups, in different designs: the wife dances on the playground by square dance; the husband does the Yangko dance on the square. The nearest distance in the world is that, whatever we are doing,we are together soul to soul. The same time chain connects different life styles,but it shows their love to each other. In this way we see the common love and profound feelings in the world. Two people with their own character; A family, which is common but warm; A country, which is colorful and harmonious.