Project Description

Length:  8mins30secs

Director: Freek Jansen


Fu Bai Yin is a 50-year-old inhabitant of the Li village Yu Dao, at the East coast of Hainan. Like all women and girls in the village, she spends hours and hours working on a unique and traditional craft: Li Brocade. It is a very difficult and detailed craft. When Fu Bai Ying walks through her village, she sees many family members and neighbours working on different phases and patterns of this weaving technique. Together, they aim to keep this tradition alive. Not only to pay respect to their own ancestors and the Li gods, but also to proof their existence as Li and guard this way of life. Although nowadays, the women in Yu Dao make different choices of how and when they weave, the main and common goal is to keep the tradition alive by educating their children.