Project Description

Therefore I Am!

Length: 11mins10sec
Director: Vida

The documentary tracks to record the name of the “five elements”. That is the name contains “gold” “wood” “water” “fire” “soil”, respectively, dance teacher Li Mingcan, is preparing the college entrance examination girl Hu Zhongnan, the managers of Rice Noodles Shop, Yan Bo, Yan Chun and so on. We are looking for them and interviewing them to see how their names play in their lives. Look at the charm of the Chinese name.

Survival Hands

Length: 10mins47sec
Director: João Henrique Mestre Marques

Survival Hands shows the survival of a type of craft, and the heritage of this craft from a generation to another generation, by telling a story about Li Wei, the master of crafting“black copper with silver inlay” from Shi Ping and the people around him.

The PilGrim

Length: 10mins25sec
Director: José Augusto Costa Mira Silva

Pilgrim is a documentary about a painter. A journey through the interior of an artist, the way we go the world and how we feel, love, happiness, suffering and the untiring search for the answers that the world cannot give us, are what defines an artist.

Sea of Knowledge

Length: 11mins14sec
Director: Leonor Madeira Alexandrino

Sea of knowledge is a sensorial experience focused on the Six Arts of Confucius and its relationship with the city of Jianshui. Centered in Jianshui’s Confusion Temple this documentary will emerge the spectator in the spirit of the Six Arts.

The Dream of ShuShu

Length: 10mins50sec
Director: Claire Couson

As we enter the fabric, we hear the machine, we discern faces through the smoke, and we feel the endless beat of a very old routine. We met three women who in their ordinary life are keeping tofu alive and are shaping the future of their city.