2015 Film Selections

/2015 Film Selections


Length: 4min 33 sec
Director: Joshua Linder

A big bad man,and a symbol of China’s middle class, tries to buy a wife, so that his mom doesn’t kick him out of her house.

New Home

Length:10mins 34secs
Director:Maria Sichanin

We choose a nursing home for shooting to show the main idea of “person, family, country”. The film shows the life of nursing home in one day. The house was quiet in the morning, with a hint of loneliness and solitude, because the old people is still in deep sleep. When they wake up, the home comes […]

A Good Heart

Length: 6 min 48 sec
Director: Yuan Li
Jane talks to police about the truth of her son Kevin’s heart transplant operation. She said for the chance, but when she saw the Asian boy running out of the operating room and heard that boy calling mom, then she knows she cannot be selfish anymore.

A Day in the Libary

Length: 9 min 38 sec
Director: Felik Wong
A librarian struggling between protecting or betraying a domestic violence victim. It is a microcosmos of the holocaust.

A Brief Encounter

Length: 2min 36 sec
Director: Somayeh Yazdanpanah
A dragon lives alone, away from people. Its job is to burn garbage and it goes to work every day. One day, on the way back home, it encounters a little girl.

Journey to Planet Beijing

Length: 9mins 22secs
Director:Claudia Carolina Garcés Solórzano

The film kicks off in the chaotic way to the subway. As the visitor (camera) arrives to Planet Beijing, it stops to see people’s faces. As the visitor felt so much interested in the people of Planet Beijing, when he arrives he starts to film them while they are working, walking or simply […]

Pan’s Choice

Length:90 mins
Director: 潘婕

From a chance encounter, artist Zhou Rong saved Liu Pan, who fell down on the road. Slowly, Zhou learned of Liu’s miserable situation which sparked heart-felt sympathy from Zhou due to her own misfortunes. The two women shared the same values, but those values were challenged when a third woman came into the mix⋯

Can’t Go

Duration: 15min 44sec
Director: Ali Ozan KISAR

The Fisherman has a monotonous life that he shares with his father, who is in need of care. The only way the Fisherman expresses himself and breaks the simple circle of his life for a while, is the act of writing. He writes stories and sends them to literature journals and finally takes part in […]

To teach a child

Length: 11mins 24sec
Director: Meredith Lawrence, 郭玥

The film follows a 8-year-old girl named volunteering at school, home life, and planning, production instead of the final exams this semester math games chess process. At the same time pay attention to the interaction between fantasy and his mother, great mother ms wu on the child’s education also have a lot of his unique […]

Looking For…

Length: 10mins 23secs
Director:Salome vephkhvadze

The film is divided into “person, family, country” three parts with a view from a foreigner who saw China as first time. Film clearly presented people’s interesting life and warm feelings between families in Beijing.

Behind Bayonets and Barbed Wire

Length: 99 mins
Director: Haofang Shen, Richard L, Anderson

The story of American pows, held by the Japanese in a camp in Shenyang, China. During WWII, Despite having their lives complete by controlled, the pows used their lives to sabotage their capture’s plans.


Length: 12mins 19secs
Director:Bakar Cheaqezishvili

This is a story about Alice. When we traveled to the Great Wall, she was our tour guide. She learned English by herself, so she can introduce the wonderful scenery and the culture of the China to the foreigners. At the same time, she is also a woman, who lives with love. She usually reads books, […]

Unit 731

Length: 60 mins
Director: Chris D. Nebe

Unit 731 explores a side of WWII history that is largely unknown to the Western World. Documenting the development of WWII from the perspective of the Far East Front, the story of the gruesome human research center, UNIT 731, is revealed.

Talking Chengdu

Length: 9mins 34secs
Director: Bryony Hooper

This documentary takes a small insight into what it is like to live in Chengdu.We interview different people all who have different relationships with the city.Some have lived here all their lives some have moved here all recently and others have lived here for a very long time.Chengdu is known for being a relaxed city.The […]


Duration: 4min 17sec
Director: Gong Jiawei

In this short film, the minimalist setting, slow-motion imagery, and the ambient drone background music construct a peaceful, tranquil, and meditative scene. However, viewers’ interpretation may change after they find out the animated background graphics are actually mushroom clouds from nuclear explosions. Perhaps things are not always as we conceive and perceive them. The devastating nature […]

The Other Night Factory

Length : 15mins 52secs
Director : Timothée Corteggiani
Cast: Émilie Deville, Éric Defosse

Helpless and confused, Andrea goes back to the factory where she used to work.
Clinging on her past, she tries to survive.
But, the violence of reality will shatter all of her illusions.

Story of Aunt Wu, Spirit of China

Length: 12 mins 17 secs
Director:Sebastian Rivera

Aunt Wu, as an ordinary person, does exercises in Shuangxiu Park everyday, through which she makes friends with a lot of people. They stay in good relation, caring and helping each other. The park is not only a place to take activities, but an epitome of China, reflecting the current living situation and […]

The Red Thunder

Length: 6mins 26secs
Director: Alvaro Ron
Cast: Allie Grant, Miles Heizer, Karen Strassman, Doug Olear

Sarah (Allie Grant, “Weeds”), a nerdy teenager, needs her mom’s brand new car to go on a date with Danny (Miles Heizer “Parenthood”), the boy she is in love with. Her mom, Dr. Thun (Karen Strassman, “Silicon Valley”), an absent minded Podiatrist is concerned about Sarah driving […]


Length: 12 minutes
Director: Peter Choi
Andrea Cansler … “Tina Sue Taylor”
Karl Ramsey … “Professor Randall Jarvis”

Popular daytime TV talk show host Tina Sue Taylor learns that accidents don’t just happen.

The Wandering Mountain

Length: 29mins 42secs
Director César González Álvarez

Marcial is a hermit hunter who, once a week, receives his lifelong friend who brings him books, food and lively conversation to his solitary life in the mountains. One day the
Hunter discovered ancient human bones. Frightened, awaits the return of his friend to report it. The blame starts
torment him, not let him […]

The Chinese Farmers

Length: 45 mins
Director: 張新建
Cast: 陳寶國、馮遠征、牛莉

In the Mai Xiang Village near Shandong Yellow River, Niu Dadan and Ma Renli are both friends and foes. One is foreman’s son, one is landlord’s son; one has courage, one has education; they compete with each but are also the leading figures of the village. Mai Xiang Village has a huge harvest thanks to the […]

The Greatest Player

Length: 11mins
Director: Xinhao Liang
Cast: Sam Radue, Austin Manchon, Xiaodi Sun

At night, two thieves are playing their own thief’s game on the street. They see a girl with a wig and they decide to play their game on her…

Beyond the Waiting Room

Length: 28min
Director: Jose Santos

Art and artificiality, healing and feeding, knowledge and no knowledge have to leave (behind) the trade and the mediocrity system, abasement and inferiority so that the idea of life can prevail. Where does that mystic vision and the creation of the ideal start if not in hermitage, with spiritual nature? Away from the boredom one of the […]


Length: 12mins 14secs
Director: Igor Osmolovski

If someone threw the case, whether it should be lifted?
Should I take what does not belong to you ?

3 1/2 ( A Life of an Innocent Child )

Length: 90 mins

This film is being narrated about the forced labor, child labor and corruption in labor department.

Chasing Dao

Length: 9mins 26secs
Director: Andrei Stefan Rautu

“Chasing Dao” invites people on a spiritual journey of following the Chi, in a complete circle that returns in nature and then starts again. Throughout his notes, the author tries to find the essence of his journey. Near the end he adds a quote that expresses the emptiness of Dao: “What happens with the […]

Dear Tom

Length: 3min15sec
Director: David Tembleque

Sometimes, fate is like a small sandstorm that keeps changing direction, even two parallel lines could possibly meet one day…
You only stopped for a moment, and when you turn around, it’s forever…

Square the Circle

Length: 15mins
Director: Zhou Tong

A doctor fulfills her terminal patient’s last wish, even though it may end her marriage.

Stories In Tea Cups

Length:11mins 10secs
Director:Mirona-Mihaela Radu

Seven necessities of life: firewood, rice, oil, salt, sauce, vinegar and tea. Since the ancient time, China has the habit of drinking tea.In southern Fujian, tea is an indispensable part in people’s life. And what is the meaning of tea in the end? The film pays attention to the details of their lives with her unique perspective and […]


Length: 17mins
Director: Caroline Jaden Stussi
Cast: Caroline Jaden Stussi

This short is one of the longest continuous shots in film history!
First time filmmaker Caroline Jaden Stussi had the vision to shoot an independent film-novelty which consisted of one continuous shot. Next was the search of a theme that would best be told in such a format. The continuous inducement without […]

Mine Warfare

Length: 45 mins
Director: 焦曉雨
Cast: 吳樾、於海、董姝

During 1943 Anti-Japanese war, local villagers from Jiaodong Peninsula cooperated with CPC troops to fight against the Japanese. Zhao Hualong successfully rescued Li Guoqiang, a Guerrilla fighter, and was sent to learn how to make mines. Zhao invented different types of mines and planted them against the enemy. He learned more and more from each battle. […]

No Farewell

Length: 45 mins
Director: 姜凱陽
Cast: 張陸、趙達、陳蓉

Before graduating from military school, Qin Chuan and Ning Zhi were selected by a secret organization to complete a special task. They learned valuable lessons from a series of tough situations and witnessed their comrades’ sacrifice one by one. Upon completion, they were set as undercover to the golden triangle to carry out a special mission. […]

Dark Illusion

Length: 72 mins
Director: Manos Karystinos
Cast: Katerina Didaskalou、Andreas Marianos、Giannis Malezas

Alkis is an introvert photographer with a personality disorder. Despite the strong relationship he has developed with his mother, he’s driven to despair because of the tension between her and his alcoholic father. As a result, he decides to leave the family home and move into his own place. However, […]

Staircase 2

Length: 5:40
Director: Renai Wei
Cast: Jinxi Pan, Dennis Oww

Two couriers were stuck in a building. These two couriers can not leave the second floor. They try to escape but they find a clock inside the box which they bring to this building

Human Nature

Length: 10mins 59secs
Director: Raul-Sebastian Mihailescu

You were standing on the bridge to see scenery, While somebody upstairs was looking at you.
From the observational perspective, Human Nature has recorded the state of tourists in Dujiangyan Park, in a trance, from which you can even find your own shadow.

Love Turn Around

Length: 45 mins
Director: 王小康
Cast: 明道、穎兒、馬天宇

Mao Yaya, a fierce property manager and an incredibly loyal lover, is having the worst time of her life after her boyfriend of six years dumped her out of the blue. Yaya finds out she has been pregnant for two months, in order to win back his heart, Yaya holds a sign that says “Please […]

More Than One

Length: 19mins 53secs
Director: Takahisa Shiraishi
Cast: Jordan Wong, Spike Leffke

More Than One tells the story of Daniel, a young man who’s forced to reconcile the differences of his dreams with the reality of his present in order for him to live a truthful life. Daniel lives with his college girlfriend, Audrey, but their relationship is far from stable. As […]

Perfect Stranger

Length: 10mins 40secs
Director: Evelyn Lee
Cast: Evelyn Lee, Alex Chao, Shirley Lee

Sixteen-year-old Amanda is determined to change her last name, and in order to do so, she must convince her estranged father to give his approval.

All Quiet in Peking

Length: 45 mins
Director: 孔笙
Cast: 劉燁、陳寶國、焦晃、倪大紅

In 1948, a decisive battle is approaching between KMT and CPC. Central Bank officer Fang Buting is being investigated by his own son Fang Mengao, who was sent by Jiang Jingguo. Cui Zhongshi who was identified as having a close tie with CPC is also under investigation. Jiang’s orders are being executed by Zeng Keda. The […]

My Sunshine

Length: 45 mins
Director: 劉俊傑
Cast: 鍾漢良、唐嫣、譚凱

Zhao Mosheng fell in love with He Yichen at first sight, a gifted student at University. She chases him with an unusual approach and starts a campus romance. However, He Yichen’s foster sister, He Yimei, suddenly declares war with Mosheng, asking for a fair competition. The lovers broke up after an unhappy argument. Mosheng obeys her […]

The Children Came Home

Length: 45 mins
Director: 姜凱陽
Cast: 萬茜、曹雲金、劉芙伶、伍宇娟、哈斯高娃

Max and Aimee

Length: 15mins 34secs
Director: Alex Pearce
Cast: John Carney, Kelli McCrann

A drama about a man’s struggle with dementia and his last connection with his daughter.
The story follows Max, an aging man suffering from Alzheimer’s, and Aimee, a nurse that comes to his house to take care of him every day. Sadly, Max rejects Aimee because he thinks his wife will still come […]

The Enemy

Length: 9mins 20secs
Director: Vlad Ghinea
Executive Producer: Alin Boeru
Cast: Eduard Bot, Valentin Paduraru, Alina Medoia

Bogdan, a young student with communication issues, is forced out of his comfort zone when his brother takes him to a beach party.

The Last One

Length: 19mins 15secs
Director: Jean-Baptiste Pacioselli , Kyrian Rouvet

Two bank robbers and old friends in the 70s saw their life taking another route when a beautiful women entered their lives…


Length: 95 mins
Director: 李欣
Cast: 馬思純、張若昀、李現

Huang Jian’s application to MIT was deferred. To get into his dream school, he needed proofs of his teamwork skills and so he attended a girl’s club named “Fine Lady Club”. In this club, he met Zhuzhu, a lame journalist from a website. They hated each other in the beginning but managed to team up and […]

Love in Los Angeles

Length: 20mins
Director: Rong Lian

Violin student Qing Xia went to join in the USC summer camp where she encountered Hao Lei, a previous USC student who was currently earning his bread in the US. Hao, once a pursuer of music dream, had to work as a barber at a hair salon. Step by Step, he encouraged Qing to conquer her stage […]

Hey Daddy

Length: 45 mins
Director: 楊亞洲
Cast: 李雪健、黄磊、宋佳

Entrepreneur Liu Haipi meets the woman of his life Yi Shuang, a girl he has loved for years. They pretend to be lovers at the beginning, but fall in love for real. However, they have to face immense pressure from the failure of business and the setbacks of career. Just at the time the couple decides […]

Left Hand Cleaver

Length: 45 mins
Director: 連奕名
Cast: 連奕名、張永剛、徐梵溪

Head of the Red Army Cavalry Regiment Long Fei is a leftie who specializes in cleaver attack. He joined force with Hang De Gong’s Black Horse Regiment in a battle but suffered huge loss. Long Fei was mistakenly blamed for the failure and sentenced to Guillotine. He escaped by a bare margin but lost his memory […]


Length: 5:00
Director: Michael West III
Cast: Michael C. West III, Prudence the Opossum

A homeless man enters an abandoned home for the night and realizes he is not alone. Is it real? Or has his past come back to haunt him?

Until the End

Length: 15mins
Director: Joel Duarte
Cast: Diogo Costa Reis, Anna Eremin

When Sérgio finds out that Diana, the love of his life, has a disease, he will stop at nothing to find a way to stop it, even if it costs his own life. All in the name of love. How far would you go for love?

Nashira Sadachbia

Length:125 mins
Director: Myat Noe
Cast: Zenn Kyi、Hpone Thaik、May Wynn Mg

Synopsis: In a dystopian future, the Earth has stopped rotating and the Asia region is constantly facing the sun. The society is divided into two class system: Cronius who controls everything and what remains of the resources and Commonus who are poor and who has to depend on Cronius […]

Lost and Found

Length: 10mins 42secs
Director: Victor M. Alvarez
Cast: Thaïs Blume, Christian Avilés, Eduard Benito, Sergi Vallès

Isabel works in a lost and found office. One day, she gets a lost wallet with a picture of her childhood. Intrigued, Isabel tries to find out who is the owner.

Outline of The Blade

Length: 45 mins
Director: 劉逢聲
Cast: 黃渤、袁泉、倪大紅

In 1940, Shen Xilin, a CPC undercover agent in Tianjin lost contact and became isolated, but he never gave up his faith and kept looking for an opportunity to obtain intelligence. Meanwhile, Lao Tan, former special agent also waited for a chance to obtain intelligence. Lao Zhou of the CPC underground organization used Zisheng, adopted son […]

Mr.Black:Green Star

Length: 83 mins
Director: 于勝軍
Cast: 赵路、吴天昊、林子杰、刘莹 等

The little mice One Ear reached the collaboration with Dr. Ape after escaping from jail. They planned to initiate the aircraft Green Star during the opening ceremony of the Space Museum, so that they could exile the forest citizens all to the space. To break this vicious scheme, Mr. Black had to find and […]

Our House’s Pool is Empty

Length: 3mins
Director: Milad Delasa
Cast: Mohammad Delasa, Fariba Moghani, Yashar Delasa, Jafar Pur Razavi, Mehdi Semsari

Urmia Lake has been dried. Ibrahim and his son were on their ways to Urmia Lake to take photos…

The Divide Between Love & Breath

Length: 10mins 2secs
Director: JD Glasscock
Cast: jonathan glasscock

A man struggles with the death of his family.

The Changing Face of Sicuan Opera

Length: 10mins 44secs
Director: Gerhard Adrian Dudu

Sichuan opera is a traditional folk drama art and popular in Bashu, Yunan, Guizhou and the southwest of China. As time changes, the opera appreciation intentions of people in Sichuan have changed, too. In modern eyes, the artistic skills such as changing faces, spitting fire, Tibetan dao, etc, have become a representative symbol of […]


Length:9mins 35secs
Director:Liviu Craciun

This film is about people. It tries to get close and get to know some special characters that in return can teach us something about the world we live in. We first go on the Piano Island, where lots of tourists go to spend their day’s, admiring the buildings and the local shops and restaurants. The people […]

Life Smartphone

Length: 2mins 48 secs
Director: Cheng Lin Xie

The phenomenon of increasing Smartphone Addicts can be attributed to today’s cutting-edge technology. Staring at the Smart phone or I-pad all the time and focusing on a small corner of life instead of exploring the vast expanse of life, people are gradually alienating themselves from the richness, the depth and extraordinary loveliness of life. […]

Wong Ka Yan

Length: 98 mins
Director: 劉偉恒

In 1992, Chun Yin went to see movie in the town, and met a beautiful ticket-selling girl, Wong Ka Yan. The next day, Chun Yin went back to look for her but she was not there anymore. Chun Yin went around the town with his guitar in search of Wong. He met other girls with different ages […]

Pete and Jesse’s Food Extravaganza!

Length: 8mins 15secs
Director: Jesse Daniels
Cast: Jesse Daniels, Peter Townsend

Curious about the food culture of their home nation of Australia, two larikins Pete and Jesse travel the world in search for answers to their delicious questions. Does Austalia have its own food identity or does it borrow recipes from its neighbouring countires. Find out on Pete and Jesse’s Food Extravaganza!

The Flip

Length: 21mins 51secs
Director: Chung Fan Lam
Cast: Yan Xi, Sheldon You, Trevor Zhou, Lei Zhou

Eddie, a young Chinese-American boy, wants nothing more than for his mother to attend his school’s talent show and watch him perform “the flip,” a fancy cooking technique that he’s trying to learn just for her. But when tragedy strikes, Eddie ends up using it […]

Awakening City

Length: 100 mins
Director: Fernando Ramos
Cast: Juliette Binoche、Harold Lloyd、Edward G. Robinson、Allen Ginsberg、Jan Gehl

AWAKENING CITY presents an universal debate on the role of public spaces in contemporary cities, the conflicts of cars against people; malls against parks and squares; private against public; consumer against citizen; destructive urbanism against green areas. The documentary provides a set of international cases, strategies […]

Empty Nest Grandpa

Length: 45 mins
Director: 林柯
Cast: 李立群、刘佳、杜宁林、王君平、赵荀

“Every family has a tough story” is evident with Zhou family. Sisters Zhou Dongli and Zhou Dongxiao are puzzled with their father who has fallen in love at the age of 50s, and his lover is the house keeper Liu Xina! They try to understand their father but due to special circumstances, Liu’s background and actions […]

The Twenty Four Road

Length: 45 mins
Director: 張玉中
Cast: 劉小峰、甘婷婷、海一天

A road into the clouds sits between mighty Wumeng mountain and mysterious beipanjiang river canyon. It is the key threshold for transportation for WWII battlefield, known as the twenty four road. The Japanese “sealed” and “blocked” 24 road, while the Chinese and American “penetrated” and kept it open. The war against Fascist is fought hard with […]

Life in Smoke

Length: 7mins 54secs

The short film tells the story of Phil, an ordinary man but different by many others with his greatest passion for smoking. Phil was born by a smoker’s mother and he lives an unreal experience with the world of cigarettes that will finally change his life

The Big-Headed Boy

Length: 9mins 4secs
Director: Nelson Fernandes

A big-headed little boy is being bullied. At night, with the howl of a wolf, he finds the solution for his problem.


Length: 3mins 55secs
Director: Pierre MARCANTONIO

During a dance hearing, among many dancers, one of them is falling prey to a sudden malaise and gets into her memories and trauma exhibited by a being who symbolizes her conscience.

The Blossom of Marigolds

Length: 93 mins
Director: 劉雁虹

A story about country girl Han Ju and her love and own business. Han Ju couples with Huo Wenjie and leads the villagers to develop the marigold industry. It reveals Han Ju’s kindness and endurance as a wife and a daughter-in-law, and also embodies her determination and wisdom as a business founder. The film shows the real […]


Length: 14mins 30secs
Director: Lisa Jiang
Cast: Julie Chen, Lina Zeng

Ying is an illegal immigrant struggling to make it in America. When she applies for a job in the fashion industry, it is through naive hopes of gaining a work visa, and possibly making it big. However, being so used to hiding, she has spun a web of lies that ultimately put […]


Length: 10mins 48secs
Director: Gerold Wunstel
Cast: Gerold Wunstel, Terumi Shimazu, Jessica Boss, Lexy Stork, Mike Boss, David Lee McInnis, David Saucedo, Christopher K. Johnson

Unable to cope with the sheer amount of illegal leaf blowers (legally banned but not enforced), the city of Los Angeles is given unexpected help from an outside source. A solitary man who stands up against these […]

Sky High

Length: 1min 45secs
Director: Stewart Powers

A whiteboard animation which follows the upwards adventure of a young boy

Noodle Deli

Length: 13mins 49secs
Director: David Liu
Cast: Jeffrey Zhifeng Yang

A day in the life of a northern Chinese noodle restaurant in Los Angeles.


Length: 4mins 26secs
Director: Shannon R. Giedieviells
Cast: Alyssa Giorgio, Ryan Buckley

A young woman suffers from terrifying reoccurring nightmares of a man she feels is chasing her. With the fear of falling asleep and the insomnia taking its toll, she visits a psychotherapist who prescribes her a sleeping remedy. But, little does she know the unknown man is closer to her […]


Length: 4mins 50secs
Director: Marie Cheng

A little girl can’t seem to figure out why her volcano science project won’t explode. Little does she know that her experiment has taken on a life of its own.

Hero Dog

Length: 45 mins
Director: 王小列
Cast: 小七、郭碧婷、金世佳

Surgical intern Ai Liang loves animals and works in pet clinic. He meets head doctor Ding Han, a group of nurses, and also a smart dog Little Seven who was raised by his ex-girlfriend. Little Seven has an amazing ability to changes people around it. It makes people who hate each other slowly accept each other, […]

Life is a little sweet

Length: 45 mins
Director: 楊亞洲
Cast: 馮鞏、姜宏波、方清平

Tang Xi, deputy director of Guang Hua State-owned Textile factory, has strong responsibility, integrity and sense of humor. His wife Zhang Yun works in a sugar production factory where it always sends out sugar instead of salary. Tang Xi gets a habit of drinking sugar water. Tang Xi was fired due to complicated work relationship conflict. […]

The Sky in Hakka Earth Building

Length: 113 mins

In early 80s, Wei Tianqi was a school teacher in a small village. He lived a peaceful life with his mother Lin Xueying and his fiance Huang Xiaoyan from marriage arrangement. He met English teacher He Jingjing who was came from the outside of the hakka earth building. They fell in love with each other but their […]


Length: 14min 33 sec
Director: Kang Shin Gyu

The tv’s turned on. The man’s tied down, doing nothing except looking tv. Soon the boy released him and the man keeps walking. Despite the disturbances the man finally reaches where the boy’s pointed.

Last time

Length: 5mins 34secs
Director: Islam Belal

Three persons meet by destiny for the first time for every one of them have his special story which cannot be forgotten.

An Andres: The Forgotten Village

Length: 8mins
Director: Martina Lopez

A documentary about a village that will soon be deserted.

Big in Beijing

Length: 20min 58sec
Director: Joshua Linder

4 young, wild, and ambitious bigshots in Beijing reveal their dreams, struggles, fears, and successes in the city.

Beyond the Tides

Length:11mins 1sec
Director:Abhimanyu Kanodia

Beyond the Tides showcases the affection between Xiamen and Taiwan and the ever growing friendship. The film takes you to a journey around the city of Xiamen and explores it through an eye of Taiwanese people happily working and studying in the city. The Taiwanese living in Xiamen shares their happy experiences the city but also miss […]


Length:11mins 30secs
Director: Becca Pearce

A stablehand gets involved in an illegal scheme and the consequences may be more than he bargained for.

With The Past

Length: 45 mins|
Director: 宋業明
Cast: 賈一平、邵峰、夏侯琪譽

During the Batter of Shanghai in 1932, Shanghai gang leader Hong leads his fellow members to fight against Japanese invaders. He was assassinated, forcing his daughter Jiner to leave Shanghai, and son-in-law Shen Fang severely injuried. Shen survived and joined KMT to investigate the death of Hong. Meanwhile, Jiner returned to Shanghai and resume the leading […]

Chen Jia Ling

Length: 65 mins

Chen Jialing, one of the most famous painters in China, was born in 1937 in Hangzhou. After graduating from a Chinese university of art, he received formal training from Pan Tianshou and Lu Yanshao, whom were great artists of Chinese painting. He went to Shanghai and taught in a university as a teacher. Experienced the Cultural Revolution and […]

The Moso Sisters

Length: 87 mins
Director: 李宏宇
Cast: 梁姝、于亞東、于子芡

To the north of Lake Lugu, there is an ancient village of Moso girls. Here lives the world’s only matriarchal tribe—the Moso. For them, women and men do not marry. People live with their mothers together. For over 1500 years, this ancient and mysterious ethic group has followed the exotic custom of “walking marriages”. The movie […]

These Thin Walls

Length: 12mins 43secs
Director: Sam Friedman, Max Harrison, Annaliese Rozos
Cast: Jenna Dimartini, Kevin Hoffman

This film explores the relationship between two neighbors after discovering they can talk through there thin walls that separate their apartment.


Length: 9mins 13secs
Director: Granby Limb

Jiudouwan is a documentary focused on food culture in Chengdu. It takes a specific focus on the Jiudouwan traditional meal, looking into the preparation of food, the atmosphere in the kitchen environment, and the skill involved in preparing and cooking the dishes.This documentary also shows the way that good food can bring people together, to […]

Wolf Totem

Length: 121 mins
Director:Jean-Jacques Annaud

In acclaimed director Jean-Jacques Annaud’s film adaptation of Jiang Rong’s best-selling novel, a young Beijing student is sent to live among the nomadic herdsmen of Inner Mongolia. Caught between the advance of civilization from the south and the nomads’ traditional enemies – the marauding wolves – to the north; humans and animals, residents and invaders alike, […]


Length: 8mins 47secs
Director: Yuanlin Wang

In modern times, industrial development has progressed at an overwhelming pace. The air is polluted and millions of people have died of lung cancer. People can only breathe through masks; intimate human contact is very limited. The idea of a kiss is a distant memory. Green landscapes and trees are very scarce […]

The Chinese Food Opera

Length: 10mins 40sec
Director: Miguel Lopez Valdivia

“The Chinese Food Opera” is a visual exploration of the Chinese cuisine and its connection with the people, as an analogy of how a country is made of unique human beings. We won’t follow a character, because food itself it’s our character. We’ll go from the final dish to it’s core to reveal the essence […]

Magnificent Kaaboom!!!

Length : 9mins 35secs
Director : Zachary Whitmore

Magnificent Kaaboom!!! will mark the resurgence of the cartoon. When the world has been shaven by a drunken barber, Magnificent Kaaboom!!! will grab planet earth by the throat, forcing it to heal, no longer aimlessly wondering like the last mosquito of fall attempting to flutter away and out run the season of winter. Akin […]


Length : 6mins 28secs
Director : Susan Whigham
Cast: Che Angkham, Phil Stembridge, JennBetty Pearson Rosa, Morgan Lewis-Pastor, Ben Bethune

Five misfits gather for a game of poker.

The Kindergarten In The War

Length: 45 mins
Director: 錢曉鴻
Cast: 沈傲君、丁海峰、倪虹潔

In 1941, the CPC army based on Shandong province encountered an invasion of a large Japanese army, CPC army were outnumbered , the army and the nursery were ordered to break through. The head of nursery Wang Weiruo and commander Zhao Dalu could not agree on how to transfer and manage children .While the children, unaware […]

Legend of A Rabbit: The Martial of Fire

Length: 97 mins
Director: 馬元、董大可

Heroic Rabbit Master, who previously defeated his arch enemy Slash and now basks in the adoration of his fellow villagers. Rabbit Master is also regarded as the protector of the village, defeating bandits and upholding justice. However, a dangerous battle with the evil Zhan who plans to take over the world of Martial Arts by acquiring a […]

Murmur of the Heart

Length: 119 mins

Three young man tell their life stories. One is a tourist guide who struggles to make a living, another is a painter who always comes up short, the last one is boxer who is always just a backup. One day, a magical experience changed their entire life…

Tornado Girl

Length: 45 mins
Director: 程志超
Cast: 胡冰卿、楊洋、陳翔、白敬亭、趙圓瑗、譚松韻、吳磊

Baicao, a brave and strong girl, grows up in Anyang and endeavors to achieve her dream of Yuanwudao. After Baicao enters the Songbai Club, club leader Ruobai carries out tough training on her and falls in love. Former champion Chuyuan always takes great care of Baicao, which stirs a competition between the two. Rising star Tinghao […]

Keep a Fight

Length: 19mins 56secs
Director:Anna Demianenko

A loser lab assistant runs into a skinhead. He offers money to him, but it is of no interest to the stranger. There is something else he is interested in…

The Taking of Tiger Mountain

Length: 141 mins
Director: 徐克

Adapted from the famous Chinese novel “Tracks in the Snowy Forest” set during the civil war era of 1946, when ruthless bandits occupied Northeastern China and threatened the lives of civilians there. The most powerful bandit of all was Mountain Eagle , with an impenetrable fortress up in Tiger Mountain and armed with strong artillery. Unit 203 […]


Length: 01:27:00
Director: Katharina Antonia Popov
Cast: Theresa Tripp, Saskia Inken Rutner, Stephanie Blass, Martin Moeller, Merlin Leonhardt, Harald Geil, Christian Wewerka, Julie Trappett

VIERTELMONAT is a melancholy comedy about friendship, the quest for happiness, loneliness, and the rich and complicated reality.
The film portrays the experiences of young 30-somethings in Berlin, focusing on Martha, who, after breaking up with her long-term […]

The Garden

Length: 14mins 27secs
Director: Tom van den Broek
Cast: Stuart Adams, Eloise Black, Jessica Collins, Gemma Rook, Mark Lawson

When Simeon dies he is transported to the gardens he used to play in as a youth. Now he must confront those he wronged in life to find redemption.

White Mushroom, Black Earth

Length: 10mins 30secs
Director: Althea Rao
Cast: Bill Dilworth

Asuka is coming back to New York and Nate is going to make her mushroom soup. Where to find the best mushroom in New York City? A doc/fiction piece that took place at the landscape installation ‘The New York Earth Room’ and its context New York SoHo, featuring art, perception and lifestyle.

Dragon and Phoenix Bringing Prosperity

Length: 150 mins
Director: 保爾夫

A Three Kingdom classic story about Zhuge Liang saving Liu Bei from Cao Cao and Sun Quan. Zhuge Liang uses his wits and batter strategies to break away the schemes time after time. He is seemingly always a step ahead of his opponents.

Lost In Hong Kong

Length: 113 mins
Director: 徐崢

Xu Lai, who once dreamed of becoming a painter, is a middle-aged man who has abandoned his dreams. When he goes on a trip to Hong Kong with his wife and her family, he plans to meet up with his college sweetheart. But his brother-in-law, Lala, happens to figure out Xu’s bad intention. The two start a […]

Just One Drink

Length: 18mins 31secs
Director: Andrew de Burgh

When a beautiful widow with a dark secret uses Facebook to lure two young men to her gorgeous Hollywood apartment for a New Year’s Eve party, a series of unexpected events take place.


Length: 17mins
Director: Krishnaraj Seenivasan
Cast: Vikash Bhai, Kundan Narendra, Ana Baptista, Francisco Sales, Noua Wong, Afonso Lagarto, Filipa Areosa, Duarte Grilo

Jai, a young Indian-American, visits Lisbon to escape from his cultural identity and, ultimately, reconnect with his roots.

Design of Death

Length: 108 mins
Director: 管虎
Cast: 黃渤、任达华、余男、蘇有朋

Sudden disease spread out in Longevity Town. A doctor sent by local officials went in to investigate the cause. But villagers refused to assist the doctor, which led him to a mountain with secrets.

The American Dream

Length: 9mins 58secs
Director: Blake Laitner
Cast: Geno Romo, Jason Reynolds

The American Dream is a short film about a guy who graduated late from college and is looking to build his dream.


Length :77 mins
Director : Vladimir Raksha
Cast: Seva Ostakhnovich, Aleksander Connors

In China foreigners are hired for a fictitious job in Chinese companies. This is done to create a more respectable image in the eyes of their colleagues and clients. They call it «White guy window dressing». It is a new modern business tactic; however most people have never heard about it. […]

The heroes of 499

Length:10mins 30secs
Director:Oana Isabella Szanto

《 Heroes of 499》is a documentary shooting on the ferryboat to Gulang Island for 6 days. In this documentary we shoot 3 crew’s daily work. They are captain Guo Jing, the ship machine engineer Yu Yan and the first sailor Lin Jianxin. We interview them about their responsibility for carrying so many people on board and […]

The Spy War

Length: 45 mins
Director: 黃家輝、寇占文
Cast: 於震、戴嬌倩、楊思琦

Anti-Japanese war is underway. Qin Ben Xiao returns to hometown Guilin, only to be held at gunpoint by his brother Qin Ben Zhong who is now a KMT leader. Putting their difference behind, the two blood brothers partner up to fight for their country. Qin Ben Zhong is even prosecuted many times and finally loses his […]

Isa and the Frog Prince

Length: 14mins 15secs
Director: Huang Ying Xiang

After Isa tells her class that she believes her frog is magical and will turn into a prince, a bully and his gang challenge her to prove it. Undaunted, Isa embarks on a quest to prove to everyone – and herself – that magic really does exist.

The Pearl Shirt

Length: 119 mins
Director: 王好為 李晨聲

During Song Dynasty, Emperor Zhao was ambushed by enemy troops. Hero Yang Yanshao rescued Emperor Zhao and left him with Fu Dingkui. He went back to save Princess Cai and the two of them fell in love. However, Emperor Zhao insisted it was Fu who saved him, thus granting Fu the right to marry Princess Cai. […]

Jian Bing Man

Length: 113 mins
Director: 大鵬
Cast: 大鵬、袁珊珊、柳岩

Web host Da Peng becomes popular after success of his internet show, he also becomes arrogant and impetuous. He makes a bad move by signing a contract that puts in a huge debt. He decides to shoot a film with a-list celebrities but none of them wants to be a part of it. Da Peng groups […]

For Love or Money

Length: 98 mins
Director: 高希希

Xing Lu is a hopeless romantic type of girl. She meets painter Xu Chengxun at a coffee shop. She thought she could fall in love again, but nothing is as easy as it seems. She soon discovers a shocking secret…

Iron Dream

Length: 15mins
Director: David Webb

France, 1794. In the darkest hours of the French revolution, deputy Maximilien de Robespierre has created a secret elite team of spies and assassins. Code name: La Machine Infernale. A writer has discovered the existence of the secret organization, and is getting ready to publish a book revealing the whole plot. But when he comes across a […]

Godfather Of Peking Opera

Length: 90 mins

At the end Qing Dynasty in 19th Century, the Imperial Court is ruled by greedy, corrupt officials. Wealthy merchant Niu Zihou was obsessed with Peking opera and valued justice, humanity, and integrity. He was exploited by officials, coveted by peers, and extorted by bandits. Yet he spent vast amounts of silver on public service for the poor, […]

The Ghost of Grandpa Tong

Length: 10mins 51secs
Director: Celeste Koon
Cast: Joey Hunter, Steve Comilang, Mai Lee Ngo, Koby Seiling

The Ghost of Grandpa Tong brings a new spin to the Canadian multi-ethnic ‘identity’ story in the form of a humorous ghost story about a stubborn old Chinese man who returns as a ghost that can only be seen by Zoe, his granddaughter’s ‘halfie’ English speaking best […]


Length: 7mins 30secs
Cast: Sally Williams, James Peniata, Casey Poolman, Jip Panosot, Craig Walker, Marc Kay, Robert Luxford, Mike Gray

Time. It’s like a being. It has an immune system which prevents change. A young scientist puts this to the test when she falls in love with a man from the year 1788.


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