2015 Film Selections

/2015 Film Selections

Ever Since We Love

Length: 106 mins
Director: 李玉

Story of a group of students in medical college in the 1990s. Qui Shui enrolls in college having just broken up with his first love, Xiao Man. In his medical class he meets several new friends, including Bai Lu, who becomes his new girlfriend.
The narrative unravels as a pensive but humorous story, as Qui Shui and […]

Truth and Trust

Length: 45 mins
Director: 韓曉軍
Cast: 張嘉譯、倪大紅、左小青

Shi Muo has a happy family, a son and a daughter, and a loving wife. However, the seemingly happy family has secrets deep down inside. These secrets are reveals after Huo Zhongshi’s release from jail. Twenty years ago, Shi was a police officer and held a close brotherhood with Huo and Wang Xiangqing. Huo was involved […]

Miracle Healer

Length: 45 mins
Director: 白濤
Cast: 劉牡、常鋮、劉希媛

Zhang Zhongjing was from Eastern Han Dynasty where warlords fought endlessly amongst themselves. He went through many ups and downs as he grew from a teen with a vengeance heart to a Miracle Healer respected by many.

Inside Mind

Length: 11mins 31secs
Director: Kevin Anderson

Spencer, a young scientist tries to enter Clarice, his girlfriend’s mind to save her from coma. Inside her head, he founds that her other personality, Angie tries to kill her to control the body. He has to find Clarice and help her out before Angie took over and kill them both.

Chinese Scissors

Length: 10mins 53sec
Director: Melissa Hunter

Mellissa invited a Chinese boy to help her to explore Chinese scissors. Her film walked through Hefang Street, focusing on Zhang Xiaoquan Scissors, paper cutting artist, Children road and so on. By exploring this, she’d like to show Chinese culture and Chinese people’s spirit.

ChengCheng War Flame

Length: 90 mins

After the WW2, the Chinese civil war between the Communists and Nationalists broke out. The Cavalry Regiment led by LIU Zhen skirmishes with the enemy. Right when they are about to eliminate the enemy Nationalist Army general, the enemy Brigade commander ZHAO Jingpeng saves him. After devising the battlefield strategy using fire, Liu fought against the enemy […]

The Chef, the Actor, the Scoundrel

Length: 109 mins
Director: 管虎
Cast: 張涵予、劉燁、黃渤

During Second Sino-Japanese War, China suffered from cholera outbreak because Japanese used it as a biological weapon. Four Chinese agents captured a Japanese scientist and his bodyguard and interrogated them by Chinese opera in order to get the vaccine formula.

Rocket of China

Length: 45 mins
Director: 英達
Cast: 曹雲金、俞惠子、劉金山

In 1880s Qing dynasty, a rich merchant’s son Tian Younian Luanzhou went to US to study. While working at the gold mines, Tian Younian went through many new adventures and saw the world in a different view. He made friend with a blacksmith named Ou Ye. He learned how to drive a train and the technologies […]

Codename Pavel

Length: 72 mins

Paul is the code name of Mr Baohang Yan, an outstanding international spy who worked for the communist party of China. Mr. Yan detect and forecast three critical information during WWI –the blitzkrieg by Nazi Germany against the Soviet Union in 1941, Japan’s attack to Pearl Harbor in 1941 and the whole defense layout of Kwantung […]

Night Shift

Length: 19mins 20secs
Director: Aaditya Gangwar

About a man who repairs bicycle at night on a footpath, who is troubled because of many reasons in his life, mostly because his daughter, who was a teacher, after her marriage is not been allowed to continue working after her wedding by her in laws.

White Rose

Length: 16:10
Director: Shin Gyu Kang
Cast: Yoon Seo Jin

Sohyang leaves the home and meets Eunji. Eunji keeps drawing one thing and another. Differ from her, Sohyang does nothing but starring at her. Soon Sohyang steals her white crayon and the night begins.

The Faces of Anjing Town

Length: 10mins 55secs
Director: Anna Leask

This ten minute documentary focuses on the people who make Sichuan embroidery. We get to see the people behind the beauty of the craft, to learn more about their lives and their opinions. The documentary is set in Anjing, the hometown of Sichuan embroidery and focuses on one studio there where we interview Master Wu the […]

In The Heat Of The Night

Length:11mins 17secs
Director:Georgiana Loredana Surugiu

The content of the documentary are about the night life in Xiamen. It presents what the director saw and heard in the city by write a letter to her mother. And the content of the letter is the caption and commentary in the documentary. The Zhongshan road with many people, the dancing woman on the square, […]

SPL 2: A Time for Consequences

Length: 120 mins
Director: 鄭保瑞

Undercover cop Kit (Wu Jing) becomes a junkie in order to catch Mr Hung (Louis Koo), the mastermind behind a crime syndicate. When the operation goes sour and Kit blows his cover, his supervisor and uncle Wah (Simon Yam) decides to terminate the operation. When Kit disappears without a trace, Wah defies the order from his commanding […]

In Case of Emergency

Length: 3mins 18secs
Director: Sophia Yu

A paranoid character freaks out when she sees a lifeless body on the ground. Using any and every technique she can ever remember learning to in case of emergency, she attempts to revive him. A dose of cold water? Defibrillation? Dubstep? When you’re desperate, you’ll try anything!

Life in the Senior Year

Length: 90mins
Director: 李馨

Young teacher Shen Xing accepts the offer to teach Chinese Language to the top graduating class with the best test marks at Huawei High School. However, she is surprised to discover that the group of high achieving school kids is like automatons assembled on a production line. Each is gifted beyond ordinary and is expert at […]


Length: 3mins 48secs
Director: Francesca Pich

When did the bright moon first appeared? Has it always been there or was it a free and cheerful asteroid hanging out with friends in the wide and infinite space? Ever wondered what she thinks of the Earth?


Length: 23mins 34secs
Director: Sunil Sanjan
Cast: Digvijay Singh, Michhle Rego

Film is based on one promise built around suspense and dramatic situations related to it. Promises are there to be fulfilled. But promises are mostly broken, forgotten or ignored. In some rare cases, fate is beyond our imagination.
PROMISE is about one such rare promise. Inspired from true incident, PROMISE is […]

Because of Writing

Length: 60 mins
Director: Pier Paolo De Rosa

Because of Writing is a story of a writer lost of his own mind, haunted in the dark by hallucination, illusion and a mysterious presence. His life is a struggling between a strong love for a prostitute, his wife’s contempt and the passion for writing.

One Step Away

Length: 100 mins
Director: 趙寶剛
Cast: 孫紅雷、桂綸鎂

hanghai, 1935. Fu Jingnian (Sun Honglei), a double spy with KMT and Communist agent, codename Ice. warns his up line Lin Yueying, codename Shadow (Xu Jinglei), to leave, as the network has been penetrated. When her substitute, codename Echo (Huang Lei), is arrested and threatened with torture by BIS chief Ji Zeng’en (Alex Fong Chung-sun), Echo […]

Heart of Chengdu

Length: 10mins 11secs
Director: Tara Clements

My documentary explores the people within People’s Park, capturing the life inside. After speaking with people who work and spend most of their time there, it represents People’s Park being an epitome of society and a very special place to many people.


Length: 5mins 31secs
Director: Eva Cohen

Xiangxiang is a teenage girl who has recently moved to the US from China. She feels like an outsider at school and finds solace by taking pen to paper.

Chronicles of the Ghostly Tribe

Length: 115 mins
Director: 陸川

It’s a 3D adventure action film about the chronicles of ghostly tower. Hu Bayi leads a team of scientists to explore the mystic Kunlun Mountain, only he survived. Years later, he teamed up with Wan Kaixuan and Shirley along with others to find the truths behind the ghostly tribe…

Wonder Mama

Length:96 mins
Director: 高志森

Librarian A-Ai, in her fifties, is considering an early retirement. But her father, in his seventies, suddenly reveals that the young house keeper is having his baby. A-Ai’s mother is raising hell, and A-Ai’s thirty year old son, a worthless homebody, contributes nothing. News about her husband who disappeared ten years ago compounds the problem. Her hopes […]


Length: 3mins 59secs
Director: manish pandit

There is a Chef. He cooks fish in a food truck. He has a friendship with a Frog. During a drought period, the Chef tries to kill the frog. As soon as knife touches the frog’s skin something magical happens.

Between Us

Length: 18 min 25 sec
Director: Belanov Victor

With the hope to diversify their personal life, a young couple invites an old friend and a call-girl. None of the guests has no idea about the real reasons of their invitation. Straight talk reveal deep wounds of their private life. Guess, their brave plane is not going to work. Against the background of […]

Shanghai Story

Length: 20mins 45 secs
Director: Andrej Iliev
Cast: Drago Lazetich, Émilie Ohana

A short film about love, life, loneliness, the choices we make and sex toys. Inspired by 90s independent wave, Shanghai Story’s main appeal lies in its characters, dialogue and classic visuals. Two people meet to exchange a few words but end up trading more. Cigarettes, booze, neon lights, romance and […]

The Man From Macao II

Length: 110 mins
Director: 王晶

Ken (Chow), cardsharp extraordinaire, is drawn into a mahjong game, where he barely has a chance to show off his skills. Ken falls out with his godson Vincent (Shawn Yue), who’s let him down by becoming a cop rather than a criminal. Now a more ruthless lady boss, Aoi (Jin Qiaoqiao), has taken over, running illegal casinos […]

I Said Go to Hell My Love

Length: 5mins 40secs
Director: Renai Wei

If one day your boyfriend turns into money, what will you do?

The Grass in Wind

Length: 90mins

Qiu Ye, young widow of Da Shan, was pretty and was dream lover of local people. Qiu Ye was stuck between two wonderful men, one is the “Drummer” A-Long, energic and charming; The other is Tu Sheng, a mute who had been supporting her and her family. At the same time, Da Shan’s sister, also fell in A-Long, how […]

Love Express

Length: 18mins 5secs
Director: Patrick Chen

A young commuter (Tim Liu) finds himself continually sitting across from a heartbroken young woman (Margaret Ying Drake) on a subway train, and when he decides to console her, they find their newfound companionship blossoming into something deeper.

My Spicy Grandma (Wai Po Jia)

Length: 14mins 30secs
Director: Tianwei wang
Cast: Grant Wild, Cici Lau

A ten-year old boy is spending a week with his isolated Chinese grandma, whom he has never met before, while his parents are dealing with their divorce case. Both of the boy and the grandma develop a new vision of life at the end of this journey.

The Dead End

Length: 139 mins
Director: 曹寶平

Three brothers help raise one foster child, they all seem to have a regular job, but do they? Seven years after the events of the Water Chamber Murders, newly transferred officer Yi Guchun began to suspect that his assistant police, Xin Xiaofeng, is deeply-tied with the murders.

Never Forgotten

Length:9mins 34secs
Director:Harshil Ashok Bhanushali

The Film is about Tan Kah Kee, One of the most famous Philanthropist, Business Man and educationist. It’s a poetic expression of discovering his spirit in different elements of nature to Xiamen city. Exploring through ocean, mountains, people and the spaces in the university he built. His spirit exists not only in words but […]

I Lived Here

Length: 8 min 07 sec
Director: Qianyun Shi

City of Beijing in a girl’s perspective

The Literature and Art in War of Resistance

Length: 90mins
Director: 王一岩

“Literature and art is our weapon while the stage is our battlefield.” In the 14 year of war with the Japanese which began in 1931 and ended in 1945 with the victory for China, Chinese artists threw themselves into the national salvation movement with a “battle cry for the resistance and a song of uproaron behalf of the […]

Go Away! Mr. Tumor

Length: 85 mins
Director: 韓延

Young cartoonist Xiong is having a crisis. First she gets fired, then her boyfriend leaves her, and she even has to spend a night at police station. What’s worse is that she discovers she has a tumor. But she doesn’t give up, and falls in love with her doctor…


Length: 20mins 24secs
Director: Yantao Xia
Cast: Qinqin He, Yue Ming, Jingyuan Wang

Jianfang and her husband has had Doudou, their son for 6 years before he went missing. The couple searched a long time in vain. When he was found by the police four years later the mother found out that her son suffered extreme pain from human traffickers and […]

More to come

Length:12mins 3secs
Director:Sorin Alexandru Baican

A film about Xiamen University in 2015, the way a foreign student is seeing the contrast between students and tourists. A five day diary showing the reality inside campus built by Tan KanKee in 1921. After 94 years the reality change. I want to have a film that in 10 years will show the reality for […]

Married But Available

Length: 45 mins
Director: 李牧鴿
Cast: 王志飛、江珊、周顯欣

Lihai and Wuting are a perfect couple. They immigrated to Canada for their daughter’s education. But Lihai didn’t give up his business in China, so he stayed in Chengdu by himself, separating with Wuting and the daughter in Canada. Lihai fell in love with talented Lixiaofei. Wuting learned about the affair but didn’t give up on […]

Wild Animals

Length: 16mins
Director: alon levi
Cast: Yehuda Nahri, Shiri Gadni, Hadar Ratzon Rotem, Itay Polishuk, Itamar Menashe

Itamar, plagued by a terminal illness, makes the difficult decision to kill his dog, Michael. At the moment of truth he is not able to carry out his plan and hesitates. Michael exploits the opportunity and escapes towards the nearby wedding hall. Itamar quickly catches […]

TARA – The Journey of Love & Passion

Length: 105 mins
Director: Kumar Ra
Cast: Rekha Rana, Rohan Shroff, Ashish Saleem, Sapna P Choubisa, Brijesh K. Kori

It’s a saga of an illiterate illegal brewer- an Indian gypsy woman- who is outlawed from her house and hamlet by her husband allegedly for adultery when she is already nine months pregnant. Will she survive this stroke? Will she commit suicide? Is […]

Emblem of the people

Length: 9mins 8secs
Director:Lucy Norton

Emblem of the people is a documentary that explores the story of the Sun Bird. A golden relic found in 2001 in the Jinsha Ruins, which in 2005 become the official logo of Chinese cultural heritage. This film tells the story of the impact on the people of Chengdu when the relic was first found and […]

Zhong Kui: Snow Girl and the Dark Crystal

Length: 118 mins
Director: 鮑德熹、趙天宇

In order to protect people from demon’s attacks, Zhong Kui becomes a Demon Killer and sneaks into hell to steal a box containing demons’ soul. A war between demons and mankind began. Meanwhile, he sees the girl of his dreams from the past, who now belongs to the demon world. The demon war reaches unprecedented […]

Are you there?

Length: 8 min 06 sec
Director: Ricardo Schwartz

Three teenagers, two boys an one girl, invade an empty house to play a game that evokes an evil spirit called Charlie. In the middle of the game the boys lock the girl inside the house and Charlie comes to play.

I Have Something to Tell You

Length: 34min 50sec
Director: Mandy NG

Old Fang is a middle age illegal cab driver. Right before the upcoming Chinese new year, he was kicked out by his second wife because of his love affairs. One day, while driving the cab, Fang meets his daughter, Yuxia, whom he had with his ex-wife. When trying to reconnect with his daughter, Fang picks up […]

Fly Me to Venus

Length: 92 mins

Wang Pengpeng wrote a new program to take care his long-distance girlfriend Lin Yinan. After Wang passes away, Lin falls in love with the Virtual Wang, and the love story was fabricated by the program Wang wrote. Is this real love?

Rest Stop

Length: 5mins 45secs
Director: Andrew Hsu
Cast: Andrew Hsu, Soo Jeong Son, Kyle Storey, Erina Eda

After a woman passes away, her widow and sister attempt to honor her last wishes, while dealing with their issues with each other.

The Hungry Buddhists

Length: 2mins 14secs
Director: Yunhao Zhang

It is a short animation about an interesting conflict between the Buddhist student and his strict master.

Sarah’s Uncanny Curiosities

Length: 5mins 37secs
Director: Martina Lopez

A documentary about Sarah Redding and her artwork. She talks about what inspires her and how her art helps her anxiety.

Overheard 3

Length: 131 mins
Director: 麥兆輝

Five Years ago, LAW (Louis KOO) was jailed for killing a major land owner in a car accident. At that time LAW worked as a chauffeur for the rural tycoon LUK (Kenneth TSANG). When LAW gets out of prison five years later, LUK’s corporation has grown more powerful, while LUK’s right-hand man Keung (LAU Ching Wan), sworn […]

The Art of Human Salvage

Length: 9mins 30secs
Director: Dempsey Tillman
Cast: Edward James Olmos, James Walters

A young boy must by saved from execution by his last hope.


Length: 10mins 30secs
Director: Chung Wei Huang

It was always easier to go with the flow of the game as a child. But as an adult, Matt begins to question the game in search of self-identity.
Matt and Emma have known each other since childhood. The tension in their relationships has been build- ing and it finally explodes at the Halloween night […]

Love Stalk

Length: 70 mins
Director: Angie Palmer
Cast: Angie Palmer (also known as Angie P.)、Ronan Pak、Dada Lo

Sharon is a social-media-addicted public relations executive from Singapore, having a hard time balancing career and the search for love in Hong Kong’s singles scene. Even with all the dating advice she gets from her friend Joan (a sassy, life-of-the-party, local girl), Sharon’s dates always seem […]

Book of Sins

Length: 84 mins
Director: 樊志遠

In 1945, Japan unconditionally surrendered, ending fourteen years of war against China. Ten years later, in 1956, PRC indicted 1,000 Japanese soldiers for war crimes. How did they come to China? What wound they face when they arrived? How would the accusations affect the soldiers’ lives? This film, through the course of a trial, examines how the […]

You Are My Sunshine

Length: 107 mins
Director: 楊文軍

He Yishen rejects many girls to be with his lover Zhao Muoshen. However, Zhao’s complicated family background makes them go separate ways. Seven years after separation, Zhao returns to her hometown, only to find He waiting for her. He always kept his love for Zhao, thinking she would do the same. However, Zhao is now a divorced […]

Possession of Mokhtari

Length : 14mins 20secs
Director : Mohammadreza Shams
Cast: Mohammad Javad Mokhtari, Alireza Mahdavi Hezaveh

Mokhtari is a 16 years old retarded children, who try to combine the reality of others with his persuasion in a twisting situation of theater and reality.

Battle Jar

Length: 3min 50 sec
Director: Kenny Wong

Battle Jar, a comedic short about four friends that use a mysterious Byzantine artifact to resolve impossible arguments. The ‘battle jar’ contains pieces of paper that indicate duels – and possible penalties – that will ultimately determine the victor of stale-mate disagreements. The battles are chosen at random and the fate of the winner, as […]

The Secret

Length: 40 mins



Length:11mins 2secs
Director:Ioana-Maria Mischie

Tulousophy is a short film that aims to depict the philosophy of the Last Mohicans that inhabit the Tulou-shaped buildings. The Fujian Tulou is a building that hosted for the past hundred of years, generations of families that come from the same ancestor. Each tulou has four layers: Heaven, Earth, People, Harmony. In Taxia village, in order […]

Code is called Sparrow

Length: 45 mins
Director: 王大功
Cast: 丁軍、寧丹琳、尚大慶

After the Taierhzhuang triumph, KMT troops withdrew from Shandong. Zuo Beiquan aka the star picker formed a squad code named The Sparrow. He leads his squad to fight against Japanese invaders. They attacked GeZhuang, the Church, transport army, all in the names of protecting Anti-Japanese meeting. The Japanese sent many troops but never could terminate […]

The Primary Target

Length: 108 mins
Director: 翟俊傑

A lost notebook alerted US five-star General Marshall and trapped top agent Xiong Xianghui in incredible danger. A battle of words was sparked on the negotiating table. The air of tension haunted every corner of the town. All the heavy weights convene with murderous schemes. Zhou Enlai set up a trap in the theatre, but the show […]


Length: 9mins 36secs
Director: Arvin Medghalchi

Omid(hope)is a short animated documentary which is based on 3 true different stories. In an Interview a paralyzed dog named Omid a cat and a parakeet tell us the story of their hard times in the streets how they were rescued and how they learned to have hope in their lives.


Length: 2mins 54secs
Director: I-Cheng Lee

Nowhere is a motion graphic project that expresses I-Cheng’s personal journey of pursuing happiness. To be happy or not happy, people have the choices of their own lives and thoughts. This project shows that positive thinking could lead to better lives through her example.

Wang Mao

Length: 90 mins
Director: 趙小溪

Story surrounds a winery family and their joys and sorrows. Gou Shen sends himself to the army three times, twice under fake names, just to win his lover’s heart. All three times, he manages to drop out of the army.

Ever Lasting Broadcasting

Length: 90mins
Director: 扈耀之

During WWII, Japanese invaders massacred millions of Chinese people and committed horrendous war crimes in China. The Anti-Japanese War cultivated many teen heroes who joined the resistance and bravely fought alongside their fathers against the invaders.

New Start

Length: 11mins 45secs
Director: Angie Palmer
Cast: Ian Yim, Kelvin Wong, Angie Palmer (also known as Angie P.)

A conversation “we are men. Of course we have to eat meat!” leads to a strange bet and contest between a female doctor and Jake. Because of this encounter, he is given a week to experience something that he has never dreamed of and […]


Length: 9mins 48sec
Director:Jun Tsuboike

When I look at the Chinese character for “umbrella,” I chuckle at how it closely resembles the actual shape of an umbrella. My film, “傘,” or “Umbrellas,” was inspired by this humorous observation. Upon my arrival in Hangzhou, I discovered that they are everywhere in this city. Whether they are in the its conventional form or acting […]


Length: 2mins 31secs
Director: Parnaz F. Rad

So many ring-headed people have been stuck in a long iron rod. One of them step on an innocent beetle and kills it which makes him conscious about the world around him. He tends to find a way to escape. While he thought he has succeeded he got stuck in another rod.


Length:11mins 2secs
Director:Aly Shamsuddin Rana

The film is about Buddhism and its existence among two individuals in China today. The film switches from a monk’s daily life to a young teacher and her family. It shows their individual ideas about Buddhism and their own ways of practicing it. Ultimately, the film becomes a showcase of how the ideas of the Buddha […]

Once Upon a Time in Bussière’s Garden

Length: 48 mins
Director: 張同道

When French physician Dr. Jean Louis Bussière gathered his father’s belongings, he found three thousand photos and a large number of documents including ones gifted by Chinese former President Yuan Shikai, the Tibetan Lama 9th Panchen, Peking Opera actor Mei Lanfang and many other anonymous people. There is a garden in one of these photos which […]

Daokou Style Chicken

Length: 93 mins

In 1944, Daokou Town, chicken shop owner’s son Zhang Qianxing inadvertently joins the Eighth Route Army a secret mission. Zhang used chicken as cover and fights with Japanese with wits and strategies. In addition, his fiance Xiang Yuan and several neighbors who can’t bear humiliation are willing to risk their lives to participate in the task…

The Queens

Length: 106 mins
Director: 伊能靜

Actress Annie finds her relationship with her long-time boyfriend coming to an end. Fortunately, her best friends Candy and Tina are always there to support her. Melissa, a well-known actress and Annie’s rival in love, not only steals Annie’s boyfriend, but also sets her up and humiliates her in public. In the meanwhile, Candy and Tina also […]

The Key Hunt

Length: 19mins 52secs
Director: Angie Palmer
Cast: Kellyjackie Chan, Fred Cheung, Lee Myung-Hun Aki

A romantic candlelight dinner takes a tragic turn when Gwen’s boyfriend, Peter, never returns to the table. Moments later, Gwen receives a ransom call but money is not what the kidnapper wants. She is given four hours to find something that her father possesses: the Fifth Key. With […]

My Elder Brother&My Sister-in-Law

Length: 45 mins
Director: 劉家成
Cast: 於震、郝蕾、於洋

During China’s social reform in the late 70’s, Zhou family went through a series of rejoice and sadness. Zhou Wu and brother Zhou Wen both got accepted to university but only one of them could go. Zhou Wen revealed that Zhou Wu is the illegitimate child of the two, forcing Zhou Wu to leave the family. […]

Yesterday and Today The Past is Your Present

Length: 9mins 15secs
Director: David Duty

This documentary is based on the history of Ybor City Florida. It discuses may aspects of the past and where Ybor is today. I directed this entire video. I was displayed at the 30th anual Ybor City Gala with over 500 viewers. This video was done for Ybor City Museum Society. It was a pleasure […]

Goddesses in the Flames of War

Director: 江平

Jianghai Plain was taken over by Japanese invaders, Haohe Village was the target for looting. Villagers lived in fear, especially for the women. A group of brave women teamed up to fight against the invaders with their wits and power.

Hey Deer!

Length: 6mins 20 secs
Director: Örs Bárczy

Short Animated Film about an adorable, cocoa-drinking deer who is eager to tidy and shoveling in front of his house every day. However, there is a suspicious earthquake all night which causes the mess day by day and make unbearable our fella’s life. Between two cups of cocoa the amazing truth comes out which change […]

The Blind of the Cathedral

Length: 17mins 35secs
Director: Nadine Asmar
Cast: Aya Tiba, Sam Khoury, Omar Mikati, Elie Boudjok, Hind Taher, Michel Adabachy, Firas Youssef, Mazen Yammine

In front of a cathedral, fate led to Hala and Bachir’s meeting. At first sight, they share nothing in common: she is a 15-year-old student, she is Muslim and she sees. Whereas Bachir is 27, he plays the […]

The Waiting Country Woman

Length: 91 mins

Xiulan and her childhood sweetheart Jianshe fall in love with each other and promise to get married. When war broke out, Jianshe joins the army and left for the frontline thousands of miles away. The distance makes their love even stronger. But then she receives a heartbreaking message that Jianshe has gone missing during a mission. Nevertheless, […]

ROOM 731

Length: 18mins 48secs
Director: Youngmin Kim
Cast: Yoojung Kim, Tim Kang, Nikki Soohoo, Mariko Denda

A young Chinese girl who has no memory, wakes up, alone, in an abandoned factory. She meets a doctor and a mysterious woman who both seem to want to help her. As her memory returns, she realizes the place is the infamous Unit 731 Japanese concentration camp […]


Length: 86mins
Director: 楊江
Cast:宋陽、 楊鈞丞、王仲欣

During a mission, sniper Ye Lei was wounded from saving his best friend and partner Ye Feng and forced to retire from the army. While Feng was on a mission to kill Ping Ba, a gangster under the drug lord Mu Jin, Feng was crushed to find Lei amongst the gang. It turns out that Lei […]

The Dawn

Length: 10mins
Director: Tom van den Broek
Cast: Dominic O’Flynn, Orla Jackson, Chuku Modu

Cathy runs from London to the beach where she finds redemption.

The Last Tear

Length: 53 mins
Director: Christopher Lee

Sexual violence against women has accompanied almost every large-scale conflict, yet most of its victims are silenced. One such sad episode is that of the “comfort women,” or more accurately, the estimated 200,000 women who were recruited to sexually serve the Imperial Japanese Army during World War II. As part of this immense system, […]

Off Stage

Length:10mins 39secs
Director:Yang Zimik

‘Off Stage’ is a short film about the art of hand puppetry that is indigenous to Xiamen. Yang Zimik and Cai Peiqing explore the intricacies of the art-form through interviews with Mr. Chen, a retired puppet master, while creating a parallel narrative with observational and interpretive visuals of the actual puppet show that is performed on Gu Langyu […]


Length: 10min
Director: Renai Wei

This short is about an unsuccessful life. A young but unsuccessful businessman tries to start his new business without his father’s help. Again, the businessman fails to get an investment. The businessman wants to relax himself by having an affair, but he finds there is something wrong with his lover.

Songs From Battlefields

Length:95 mins
Director: 高峰

After the “August 13th” incident, He Lvting, a famous musician, gave up his privileged life to participate in the Anti-Japanese Theatrical Troupe organized by Shanghai Artists. On the way to the front-line, the theatrical troupe encountered Japanese aircraft’s bombardment and other difficulties. Despite the extreme danger, the theatrical troupe insisted on performing to rally the people. The […]

Number Seven

Length: 90mins
Director: 李斌

From a routine check-up, Chen Xiuzhen, a retired university professor, was mistakenly led to believe she had leukemia. Just as she thought life was meaningless, she met another cancer patient in the same ward, Little Seven. In their fight for life, Little Seven and Chen gave each other hope and inspiration.

Douban-The Journey of The Chilli

Length: 9mins 28secs
Director: Emma Bridgewood

My documentary is about pixian chilli paste. From the making to using it in a restaurant and everything about it. Chengdu people and their families played a fantastic part of their life in this film. The theme behind this documentary is the importance of the pixian chilli paste in Sichuan cuisine and the color red. […]

Entering Lives

Length: 11mins
Director: Eduard Parvu

My short film is an observation on the day to day life of people from Chengdu. The relation between the different persons is that all off them are displayed in front, between or behind doors, and it is made to give the sensation that all is happening in a single day, from morning to […]

The Promised Land

Length: 102 mins
Director: 何平

Ai Ling, growing up in a small town, loses her fiance Jiang He in Beijing. After returning to her hometown with a broken heart, she has to face a lot of challenges about life and love.


Length: 17min
Director: Ümit Tayam

Ali’s mother had died when she gave birth to him, but he can’t face up to it. So he starts to look for a guilty in his inner world. In time he starts to correlate everything that his father does with his mother’s death.

Woman in a Family of Swordsmen

Length: 45 mins
Director: 楊文軍
Cast: 佟麗婭、楊爍

The naturally stubborn Ge Da Ni, in spite of her father’s opposition, rejects local peasant Shu Gen Zi’s marriage proposal. She and her daughter, She Wa, are both captured by the leader of Shi Quan Stronghold, Yu Hua Long. When the War of Resistance Against Japan breaks out, Shi Quan Stronghold, whose people have […]

Highway of Love

Length: 105 mins
Director: 非可

TTo make a media buzz on her new book, a beautiful writer An Dongni joins a popular dating show “Fall in Love with You”. Despite having a 3-year relationship, An Dongni meets Tibetan photographer Xiu Ba on the show and leaves with him to the Meri Snow Moutain. An’s boyfriend Zeng Hao, CEO of a lingerie firm, […]

Love Is Beautiful

Length: 24mins 52secs
Director: Vijay Sower
Cast: Sasi Kumar R, Nandika Nath Mukherjee, Mary Priya Banu

The phenomenon of increasing Smartphone Addicts can be attributed to today’s cutting-edge technology. Staring at the Smart phone or I-pad all the time and focusing on a small corner of life instead of exploring the vast expanse of life, people are gradually alienating themselves from […]


Length: 2mins 8secs
Director: Tymur Markunin

The story is about a little boy with great imagination and an even greater secret.

The Oliver Tree at the Border

Length: 6min 35sec
Director: Sholeh Zahrael and Kamil Saldun

A multi-layered short film about the unique nature in Cyprus, the division in Cyprus and a man who goes beyond borders.
Dedicated to Mother Nature and peace in Cyprus and all around the world.

One Day

Length: 90mins
Director: 杜波、楊智麟、易小星、劉永宏、田原、劉帥、佟志堅、姜穎、李睿珺、王大慶

‘One Day’ is made up of nine inspirational stories about special-need and underprivileged children in pursuit of their dreams. These stories ranged from poor, abducted, deaf and mute, blind children, to those struggling with mental disabilities, Dyslexia, and obesity. They also shed light on minority children whose parents live far away from home in order to find work, […]

Diamond Lover

Length: 45 mins
Director: 陳銘章
Cast: Rain、鄭智薰、唐嫣、羅晉

Miduo joins a diamond company to be a designer assistant. She realizes physical beauty isn’t the key to true love. She decides to become a certified diamond designer. She meets all kinds of challenges but she never gives up. Her optimism attracts Xiao Liang, who seems to the right guy for her. However, Miduo’s friend Lei […]


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