2015 TV Drama


The Chinese Farmers

Length: 45 mins
Director: 張新建
Cast: 陳寶國、馮遠征、牛莉

In the Mai Xiang Village near Shandong Yellow River, Niu Dadan and Ma Renli are both friends and foes. One is foreman’s son, one is landlord’s son; one has courage, one has education; they compete with each but are also the leading figures of the village. Mai Xiang Village has a huge harvest thanks to the […]

Mine Warfare

Length: 45 mins
Director: 焦曉雨
Cast: 吳樾、於海、董姝

During 1943 Anti-Japanese war, local villagers from Jiaodong Peninsula cooperated with CPC troops to fight against the Japanese. Zhao Hualong successfully rescued Li Guoqiang, a Guerrilla fighter, and was sent to learn how to make mines. Zhao invented different types of mines and planted them against the enemy. He learned more and more from each battle. […]

No Farewell

Length: 45 mins
Director: 姜凱陽
Cast: 張陸、趙達、陳蓉

Before graduating from military school, Qin Chuan and Ning Zhi were selected by a secret organization to complete a special task. They learned valuable lessons from a series of tough situations and witnessed their comrades’ sacrifice one by one. Upon completion, they were set as undercover to the golden triangle to carry out a special mission. […]

Love Turn Around

Length: 45 mins
Director: 王小康
Cast: 明道、穎兒、馬天宇

Mao Yaya, a fierce property manager and an incredibly loyal lover, is having the worst time of her life after her boyfriend of six years dumped her out of the blue. Yaya finds out she has been pregnant for two months, in order to win back his heart, Yaya holds a sign that says “Please […]

All Quiet in Peking

Length: 45 mins
Director: 孔笙
Cast: 劉燁、陳寶國、焦晃、倪大紅

In 1948, a decisive battle is approaching between KMT and CPC. Central Bank officer Fang Buting is being investigated by his own son Fang Mengao, who was sent by Jiang Jingguo. Cui Zhongshi who was identified as having a close tie with CPC is also under investigation. Jiang’s orders are being executed by Zeng Keda. The […]

My Sunshine

Length: 45 mins
Director: 劉俊傑
Cast: 鍾漢良、唐嫣、譚凱

Zhao Mosheng fell in love with He Yichen at first sight, a gifted student at University. She chases him with an unusual approach and starts a campus romance. However, He Yichen’s foster sister, He Yimei, suddenly declares war with Mosheng, asking for a fair competition. The lovers broke up after an unhappy argument. Mosheng obeys her […]

The Children Came Home

Length: 45 mins
Director: 姜凱陽
Cast: 萬茜、曹雲金、劉芙伶、伍宇娟、哈斯高娃

Hey Daddy

Length: 45 mins
Director: 楊亞洲
Cast: 李雪健、黄磊、宋佳

Entrepreneur Liu Haipi meets the woman of his life Yi Shuang, a girl he has loved for years. They pretend to be lovers at the beginning, but fall in love for real. However, they have to face immense pressure from the failure of business and the setbacks of career. Just at the time the couple decides […]

Left Hand Cleaver

Length: 45 mins
Director: 連奕名
Cast: 連奕名、張永剛、徐梵溪

Head of the Red Army Cavalry Regiment Long Fei is a leftie who specializes in cleaver attack. He joined force with Hang De Gong’s Black Horse Regiment in a battle but suffered huge loss. Long Fei was mistakenly blamed for the failure and sentenced to Guillotine. He escaped by a bare margin but lost his memory […]

Outline of The Blade

Length: 45 mins
Director: 劉逢聲
Cast: 黃渤、袁泉、倪大紅

In 1940, Shen Xilin, a CPC undercover agent in Tianjin lost contact and became isolated, but he never gave up his faith and kept looking for an opportunity to obtain intelligence. Meanwhile, Lao Tan, former special agent also waited for a chance to obtain intelligence. Lao Zhou of the CPC underground organization used Zisheng, adopted son […]

Empty Nest Grandpa

Length: 45 mins
Director: 林柯
Cast: 李立群、刘佳、杜宁林、王君平、赵荀

“Every family has a tough story” is evident with Zhou family. Sisters Zhou Dongli and Zhou Dongxiao are puzzled with their father who has fallen in love at the age of 50s, and his lover is the house keeper Liu Xina! They try to understand their father but due to special circumstances, Liu’s background and actions […]

The Twenty Four Road

Length: 45 mins
Director: 張玉中
Cast: 劉小峰、甘婷婷、海一天

A road into the clouds sits between mighty Wumeng mountain and mysterious beipanjiang river canyon. It is the key threshold for transportation for WWII battlefield, known as the twenty four road. The Japanese “sealed” and “blocked” 24 road, while the Chinese and American “penetrated” and kept it open. The war against Fascist is fought hard with […]

Hero Dog

Length: 45 mins
Director: 王小列
Cast: 小七、郭碧婷、金世佳

Surgical intern Ai Liang loves animals and works in pet clinic. He meets head doctor Ding Han, a group of nurses, and also a smart dog Little Seven who was raised by his ex-girlfriend. Little Seven has an amazing ability to changes people around it. It makes people who hate each other slowly accept each other, […]

Life is a little sweet

Length: 45 mins
Director: 楊亞洲
Cast: 馮鞏、姜宏波、方清平

Tang Xi, deputy director of Guang Hua State-owned Textile factory, has strong responsibility, integrity and sense of humor. His wife Zhang Yun works in a sugar production factory where it always sends out sugar instead of salary. Tang Xi gets a habit of drinking sugar water. Tang Xi was fired due to complicated work relationship conflict. […]

With The Past

Length: 45 mins|
Director: 宋業明
Cast: 賈一平、邵峰、夏侯琪譽

During the Batter of Shanghai in 1932, Shanghai gang leader Hong leads his fellow members to fight against Japanese invaders. He was assassinated, forcing his daughter Jiner to leave Shanghai, and son-in-law Shen Fang severely injuried. Shen survived and joined KMT to investigate the death of Hong. Meanwhile, Jiner returned to Shanghai and resume the leading […]

The Kindergarten In The War

Length: 45 mins
Director: 錢曉鴻
Cast: 沈傲君、丁海峰、倪虹潔

In 1941, the CPC army based on Shandong province encountered an invasion of a large Japanese army, CPC army were outnumbered , the army and the nursery were ordered to break through. The head of nursery Wang Weiruo and commander Zhao Dalu could not agree on how to transfer and manage children .While the children, unaware […]

Tornado Girl

Length: 45 mins
Director: 程志超
Cast: 胡冰卿、楊洋、陳翔、白敬亭、趙圓瑗、譚松韻、吳磊

Baicao, a brave and strong girl, grows up in Anyang and endeavors to achieve her dream of Yuanwudao. After Baicao enters the Songbai Club, club leader Ruobai carries out tough training on her and falls in love. Former champion Chuyuan always takes great care of Baicao, which stirs a competition between the two. Rising star Tinghao […]

The Spy War

Length: 45 mins
Director: 黃家輝、寇占文
Cast: 於震、戴嬌倩、楊思琦

Anti-Japanese war is underway. Qin Ben Xiao returns to hometown Guilin, only to be held at gunpoint by his brother Qin Ben Zhong who is now a KMT leader. Putting their difference behind, the two blood brothers partner up to fight for their country. Qin Ben Zhong is even prosecuted many times and finally loses his […]

Truth and Trust

Length: 45 mins
Director: 韓曉軍
Cast: 張嘉譯、倪大紅、左小青

Shi Muo has a happy family, a son and a daughter, and a loving wife. However, the seemingly happy family has secrets deep down inside. These secrets are reveals after Huo Zhongshi’s release from jail. Twenty years ago, Shi was a police officer and held a close brotherhood with Huo and Wang Xiangqing. Huo was involved […]

Miracle Healer

Length: 45 mins
Director: 白濤
Cast: 劉牡、常鋮、劉希媛

Zhang Zhongjing was from Eastern Han Dynasty where warlords fought endlessly amongst themselves. He went through many ups and downs as he grew from a teen with a vengeance heart to a Miracle Healer respected by many.

Rocket of China

Length: 45 mins
Director: 英達
Cast: 曹雲金、俞惠子、劉金山

In 1880s Qing dynasty, a rich merchant’s son Tian Younian Luanzhou went to US to study. While working at the gold mines, Tian Younian went through many new adventures and saw the world in a different view. He made friend with a blacksmith named Ou Ye. He learned how to drive a train and the technologies […]

Married But Available

Length: 45 mins
Director: 李牧鴿
Cast: 王志飛、江珊、周顯欣

Lihai and Wuting are a perfect couple. They immigrated to Canada for their daughter’s education. But Lihai didn’t give up his business in China, so he stayed in Chengdu by himself, separating with Wuting and the daughter in Canada. Lihai fell in love with talented Lixiaofei. Wuting learned about the affair but didn’t give up on […]

The Secret

Length: 40 mins


Code is called Sparrow

Length: 45 mins
Director: 王大功
Cast: 丁軍、寧丹琳、尚大慶

After the Taierhzhuang triumph, KMT troops withdrew from Shandong. Zuo Beiquan aka the star picker formed a squad code named The Sparrow. He leads his squad to fight against Japanese invaders. They attacked GeZhuang, the Church, transport army, all in the names of protecting Anti-Japanese meeting. The Japanese sent many troops but never could terminate […]

My Elder Brother&My Sister-in-Law

Length: 45 mins
Director: 劉家成
Cast: 於震、郝蕾、於洋

During China’s social reform in the late 70’s, Zhou family went through a series of rejoice and sadness. Zhou Wu and brother Zhou Wen both got accepted to university but only one of them could go. Zhou Wen revealed that Zhou Wu is the illegitimate child of the two, forcing Zhou Wu to leave the family. […]

Woman in a Family of Swordsmen

Length: 45 mins
Director: 楊文軍
Cast: 佟麗婭、楊爍

The naturally stubborn Ge Da Ni, in spite of her father’s opposition, rejects local peasant Shu Gen Zi’s marriage proposal. She and her daughter, She Wa, are both captured by the leader of Shi Quan Stronghold, Yu Hua Long. When the War of Resistance Against Japan breaks out, Shi Quan Stronghold, whose people have […]

Diamond Lover

Length: 45 mins
Director: 陳銘章
Cast: Rain、鄭智薰、唐嫣、羅晉

Miduo joins a diamond company to be a designer assistant. She realizes physical beauty isn’t the key to true love. She decides to become a certified diamond designer. She meets all kinds of challenges but she never gives up. Her optimism attracts Xiao Liang, who seems to the right guy for her. However, Miduo’s friend Lei […]


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