2016 Short


Blood Bank Burglar

Director: Hung Ching Chen

Writer: Hung Ching Chen

Producer: Hung Ching Chen

Length: 3:05

Starving poor vampire sneaked into a blood bank in a hospital at midnight to find some blood to drink, but out of expectation, he bumped into a tough staff and got into a big fight…

Dandruff gril

Director:Binbin Lu

Cast: Binbin Lu

Length: 2:21

A girl has a lot of dandruff as born.Her dandruff is always like snowing.Thus,what will happen when she works in a restaurant?

Dead Unanimity

Director: James Hu

Writer: James Hu

Producer: James Hu

Cast: Brigitte Buny, Gary Hudson

Length: 7:14

A rookie undercover agent’s true identity is at stake after uncovering information with damaging implications to her own precinct.

Lake Amber

Director: Wuheyou, Zhang Yang

Producer: Wuheyou

Screenwriter: Wuheyou, Hao Meng

Length: 60:00

Lake Amber is a Chinese independent micro-cinema film written and directed by Wuheyao, loosely based on actual events about a group of teens, detailing their choices in life, adventures and dangers in 1990’s China reform and open up society


Director: Jun Kuang

Writer: Jun Kuang

Producer: Chun Shen, Sile Zhang

Length: 20:35

A 15 year-old smart, rebellious boy struggles to escape from a boarding school when his life changing event — Math Olympiads Competition is approaching in two weeks.

The Delicious

Director: Yiting Lyu

Writer: Yiting Lyu

Producer: Javier Del Olmo, Yiting Lyu

Cast: Martha Hamilton

Length: 16:36

An actress with an eating disorder is tormented by a woman that looks exactly like her.

Finding Buddha

Director: Zilong Liu

Writer: Xinyue Chen

Producer: Xinyue Chen

Cast: Meinhard St.John, Daisy Shen

Length: 30:00

An American ‘average Joe’ leaves his life behind before his 45th birthday to head to China to ‘find Buddha.’ When he encounters a young tour guide who seems just as lost as he is, they set off on another kind of adventure…

Grandpa’s Visit

Director: Yung-Chih Hsu

Writer: Yung-Chih Hsu

Producer: Tanmay Chowdhary

Cast: Kien Sien, Caelan Scrivener

Length: 6:38

An elderly Taiwanese man travels to America to visit his son’s family for the first time in seven years. Soon after his arrival, he’s surprised to learn that his grandson, raised in the US, doesn’t speak Taiwanese or identify with his cultural heritage altogether. The two find themselves struggling […]

Foreign Student

Director: Kenji Lui

Writer: Kenji Lui

Producer: Kenji Lui

Cast: Lin Xie, Michelle Chang

Length: 29:47

The flamboyant life of Lin, a rich Chinese international student studying in San Francisco, is turned upside down when she learns that her family fortune is gone. A nonchalant Taiwanese girl who claims to be her sister approaches and offers assistance. This unexpected reunion soon prompt them to reexamine […]

Man is Beast

Director: Cai O’Leary

Writer: Cai O’Leary

Producer: Amie Nash

Cast: Cai O’Leary, Stephen Hoo

Length: 10:59

We follow the lives of two fighters as they take us on a journey and let us into their lives where we receive an insight as to why they are willing to risk their all in the world of illegal fighting. But all is not what it seems…


Director: Lien Chien Hung

Writer: Lien Chien Hung

Producer: Ko Chen Nien

Cast: Zhang Jie

A-Way is a substitute civilian serviceman at physically and mentally disability Division. In this office, there are a lot of weird people and things. For A-Way, this is a bizarre but unforgettable memory…

Young Buddha

Length:  11mins06sec

Director: Oliver David Shahery


Shaolin Temple enlightens and warns .The documentary through shooting at the monk kids and interviewing of monk Zhenfa showed how the Shaolin Temple help others put down the hatred. The name of he documentary is Wu, for it also shows how the monks grasp the truth.

It’s Drizzling

Director: Lien Chien Hung

Writer: Lien Chien Hung

Producer: Wang Uilin

Cast: Wu Shu Wei, Lei J.C, Yang Cheng Cheng, Wang Tzu Chiang

Length: 24:23

Three teenagers set a beauty trap for a man but failed. They thought they accidentally killed the man! Therefore they decided to abscond to Thailand. Youth is just like a drizzle. When you look back on those days, there was […]

Very Good Paint

Length: 9mins49secs

Director: Daniel Garfield


This film is an exploration of the Wushipu oil painting village in Xiamen. The film is from the perspective of the director as he develops his own thoughts about this unique industry. It is a discussion on the difficulties of traveling, how the copies impact on the world of art, and how the future of beautiful images […]

Meizhou Island

Length:  10mins14secs

Director: Joseph Aldo Dalla Betta


“Meizhou Island,” the birthplace of the sea goddess Mazu, is a short film about the fading fishing industry and the booming tourism industry on the island.

“Meizhou Island” presents contrasting perspectives on the sea goddess Mazu that are illuminative of a larger cultural shift occurring on the island. The transition away from what has, for decades, […]

Finding Nanyin

Length: 11mins45secs

Director: Emily Pillemer


The film, from the perspectives of director Emily ,narrates a story that Emily listen to a clip of Nanyin music accidentally and then explore Nanyin in Quanzhou in person. In the film, after arriving in Quanzhou, Emily  contacted a student named Chan of Nanyin major in Nanzhou normal university, who serve as a clue in the entire […]

In Motion

Length:  10mins09secs

Director: Jessie Lynn Gant


China moves quickly from morning to night. In this film I wanted to capture the fast pace and rhythm of daily life in Fujian. The activity of the film flows from day to night through sports, labor, and daily routines. The time from day to night is the main line. I want to show Xiamen as […]

In the mountains

Director: Mengxue Xiao

Writer: Mengxue Xiao

Producer: Cramer England

Cast: Anthony Ma

Length: 35:00

KEVIN, an America born Chinese man who was adopted by a white middle class family, gets a called from the police telling him that his birth mother was found dead in her apartment. Kevin has to go to LA to take care of the body and stay with his birth father […]

Yugur Girl

Length: 10mins35secs

Director: Lucia Bonells


I’ve followed Guo during a four day visit to Sunan, her hometown. We’ve visited the city, some stores and her family. Guo is a Yugur Girl, this means that she is an heir of an ancient culture, one of the 56 ethnic groups that live in the inmense country of China. She is also a young woman […]

A history of sheeps

Length:  10mins56secs

Director: Ezequiel Vega


In Gansu province, inside the Sunan county, where mountains and grasslands are everywhere, two families that living in farms tells their ways of life. Since nomadism, that still remains, where people traveled for all the land searching the best pasture, until today´s commerce, animal husbandry and industry. Told by an external point of view, the filmmaker´s own […]


Length: 12mins20secs

Director: Sashica Archary


The amazing story of a historical cup known as Gaiwan, which has played a pivotal role in China since from different dynasties ages ago to the modern world where the tradition is still nurtured by the elderly and not fully embraced by the youth.  Min ya gu bu, is an elder who shares his great wisdom about […]


Length:  10mins00sec

Director: Ignacio


In sunan county,anyu and lan zhixiong, two elders have lived happily together for more than 50 years. they both keep the yugur tradition alive by their vocational activities. anyu works everyday weaving her herd with the help of her husband, making the famous and colorful traditonal clothes that everyone loves and admire, not only in town also in […]

Short Circuit

Director: Marina Bruno

Writer: Marina Bruno

Producer: Marina Bruno

Cast: Dave Campbell, Randy Mars

Length: 5:09

A driver recklessly races to the finish line.

Fields of Hope

Length: 11mins10secs

Director: Condurache


The future of the village is in the hands of his leader. He must create a better future. The responsibility it is on him, he must transform the hope in reality.

Hands of Man

Length:  12mins21secs

Director: Filisan Cosmin Daniel


The story of hard working men from Dongxiang village, who use their expertise of crafting some of the great wool felting garments. The technique is of high prestige used with traditional style of mastery having some challenges to keep up with the contemporary times. The documentary covers interviews  of some of the prolific operatives, Ma Shele, […]


Length: 10mins43secs

Director: Tristan Schafer


Ma Yunwei, is a 34 year old blade master from Gansu. He is a superbly great swords master striving to enrich the legacy of the Mongolian tradition from the recorded time of Genghis Khan.Ma Yunwei takes the audience on an illustrious process of manufacturing a sword in stages that gradually build the momentum right through to the […]

The Guo Zhaung Dance

Length: 11mins05secs

Director: Ong Xiaohui


Guo Zhuang is a series of dance by KHAMPA Tibetan dance. Kangding is one the Kamba people living city of the Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Region. Two professional teachers of Tibetan dance in the documentary tells the story of their ideas and experiences. Through the documentary, we hope to find out more about values of KHAMPA Tibetan in […]


Length:  10mins15secs

Director: Franco Dupuy


STILL is not a common documentary. It’s more like an essay. STILL is about the Yugur Culture inside the national museum. Lorraine will be our guide, translator and map. We will hear folk songs, attend to traditional weddings, and wear Yugur clothes. Uses and costumes. However, that is not the end. In fact, STILL is about how […]

The love song of Kangding 2016

Length:  10mins38secs

Director: Eunice Chen


This film tells the story that Kang Ding people from different ages what they feel about the love song. It influenced people who live there by both traditional version and new version songs. The songs like their blood, filing in every development of the culture.


Kindred Spirit

Length: 11mins35secs

Director: Ethel Chua Jia En


We were shooting is the theme of Kangding bazaar of emotion. Through getting along with Tibetans in Kangding, we learn a lot, including thanksgiving of every thing in life and life meaning. We want to depict Kangding Tibetan people’s daily life in order to show that insignificant but extraordinary significance “shining moment”, reflecting Kinship, love […]

Edge of the Clouds

Length:  13mins56secs

Director: Hanna Kaihlanen


Zhujinnong is a shibi, the spiritual leader of Qiang ethnic minority.The Qiang people have lived in the mountains of Northwest China for hundreds of years, and their religion arises from the surrounding nature. Shibi, as the communicator between the Gods of nature and the community, runs certain important ceremonies to pray for health, fortune and safety. The […]

Beautiful World

Director: Teddy H. Wang

Length: 20:12

Mei is trying to figure out why a man who always appear in her dream, till one day after school she meet this man on street.

East Gate Village

Length: 12mins10secs

Director: Charlotte Maria Forsgaard


The film mainly tells Qiang people of the east gate village of Wenchuan County of Sichuan province to be strong after the 2008 earthquake reconstruction. This film mainly reflects through a Qiang woman’s experience after the earthquake and the scene after the reconstruction.


Reverse Psychology

Director: Marina Bruno

Writer: Marina Bruno

Producer: Marina Bruno

Cast: David E Lee, Chris Cottrell, Marina Bruno, Dave Campbell

Length: 7:30

A mentally ill patient violently resists getting any help from his therapist.

Impressions about A Traditional Wedding

Length: 11mins10secs

Director: Silvia Sofia Montes


‘IMPRESSIONS ON A TRADITIONAL WEDDING’ its a film about the sight of a girl who comes from Argentina, she describes a feast that has disappeared a long time ago, the YuGur traditional wedding.

This film records the whole procedure of the wedding faithfully, It includes the culture of folk songs , traditional meals, traditional dress and so […]

Jindalai Flower

Length:  9mins55secs

Director: Laura  Arboleda


Changchun have some few groups. Their career and  life are different.They are all from yanbian, with the same yearning  and  the same concern for his hometown, at the same time, the same love to the real life.Time is flowing, the visible symbol is changing, the  feelings are not changing.Though  the group is small, power is great.When integrated […]

Search for the Manchus

Length: 10mins01sec

Director: Evan Luchkow


The Manchu Qing Dynasty used to rule over all of China, but where are the Manchu people in the 21st century? After centuries of contact with Han Chinese, Manchu culture seems to be fading from memory and only a handful of people can still speak the Manchu language. Filmmaker Evan Luchkow travels to Jilin Province in Northeast […]

Bamboo Flow

Length:  11mins21secs

Director: Pedro Ramirez Pereira Duarte


The leading character of documentary is a woman from a normal village of Jingning county. The documentary record the process that cutting down the bamboo shoot and dealing with it. It also records her daily life. Use the connection between human and bamboo shoot to show the natural conception of homeland. It reflects conception that […]

The Guardsmen

Length:  9mins48sec

Director: Hardar Reichman


The life of narendalai reflect current situation of Durhut people.Gurizhabu introduces his story about beginning work as a guardsman. All stories reflect the modern life of the guardsmen.


Carving Art

Length: 11mins30secs

Director: Gabriele Zannotti



Woodcarving is a kind of Arts and Crafts produced by the use of wood, in accordance with the needs of our lives and the needs of continuous culture.

Jianchuan is also known as the home of woodcarving and XingYi represents the biggest and most important center of woodcarvers.

Inside this factory is possible to appreciate the entire process of […]

River Songs

Length: 10mins31secs

Director: Gorjan Markovski


The JingHang river of Grand Canal in China is the longest artificial river in the world, passing through four of China’s provinces. It’s on its banks in which we see young and old of Beijing at all times of day and engaging in activities that show a city negotiating between tradition and modernity “River Songs” looks at […]

The Ancient Village

Length:  10mins30secs

Director: Yvette Nikolov


A young woman travels from the Netherlands to China, ambitious to meet and portray a Li family living in an old village in the south of Hainan. She expected to find this authentic life and traditions of the Li minority in Coconut Field Ancient Village. But when arriving, she saw a parking full of touring cars and […]

One Women

Length: 20mins

Director: 王睿沉、韓若彤

Cast: 紅雨


《一個人》講述了一個剛剛出道的新人女歌手Sanni,和音樂製作人阿非,兩個人在工作過程中互相產生了感情,Sanni 性格爽朗倔強,從小有著音樂夢想,阿非是個音樂天才,但性格及其孤僻,深沉而敏感,不太擅長處理人際關係,兩個人在一次工作過程中,相識相愛,但因為生活習慣不同,性格不同,而最後分手。故事中阿非為了讓Sanni去美國進修,不惜找好友妮可來演戲故意氣走她,兩人經歷了一段非常糾結而悲傷的愛情故事!


Length:  10mins58sec

Director: R.C. PRANAV


My film is based on the musical culture of Xinjiang, the Muqam. The film reflects the emotions evoked by the music of Muqam, the happiness and vibrant spread of music in the people as well as the deep rooted love within the ethnic group of Uyghur. The music and the dance is the highlight of my film. […]

The Miao Village

Length:  10mins50secs

Director: George Howard Rees-Jones


It’s a documentary about the Miao Village and the soul instrument of Miao Chinese – Lusheng.Through the talks with three local people, an all-rounded picture of Lusheng unfolds in front of us. Simple portraits of every faces and every spots in the village provide the audiences an immersive experience to the life in the village which […]

Princess Eun Hwa

Director: Dave Zhang

Writer: Dave Zhang, Xie Star, Chen Xiao, Tang Rousang and Sun Mengzhu

Producer: Yiping Yu

Cast: Lee Song Lee, Kang Ju Yeon, Choi Seong Hun

Length: 38:12

‘Princess Eun Hwa’ is a story about an ancient Korean young princess who constantly falls in love with princes from different kingdoms of her fantasies. Whereas in reality, she is forced by her evil uncle […]

Shu Yan

Length: 10mins09secs

Director: Hash Perambalam


Shuyan is a young brand planner who lives in a Hutong. We follow him as he shares with us his love for Chinese tradition and his longing to return to a simpler time. He came to Beijing for work from his hometown Changchun. He decided to live in small but traditional Hutong despite the fact that he […]

Signs, Words, Sounds

Length:  12mins52sec

Director: Dusko Stanivuk


Preservation of traditions is one of the most important tasks in modern society and probably the main reason why I choose a subject of ancient Naxi music. In my home country traditions are endangered by sped up way of living and always present feeling that we don’t have enough time. I was reading about long living tradition […]

The Lotus Flower

Length: 10mins12sec

Director: Luca Principi


We tell the story if a young couple of woodcarvers we met by coincidence while exploring a factory. We wanted to communicate in the deepest way possible some specific feelings in the viewer soul. We show their inner perspective through our unique artistic view, given by a deeply reasoned choice of music, sounds and images.


Length:  11mins11secs

Director: Luca Agnani


This video is focus on the residential building and life of nation custom. The film through shooting the environment and folkway show the current living situation of Bai people’s life. The first half of this film is mainly showing the scenery of the Cang mountain and the erhai lake, and the latter half is mainly showing the […]

Flow Slowly

Length:  8mins36secs

Director: Suin Kim


Film is an exploration of Xi’an Huxian peasant paintings. The entire film from director herself for the city’s unique rhythm of life and traditional culture of perspective and thinking process. This is a time on the journey in the sense of enlightenment, for a return to traditional rural life and folk customs.


Eat Pray Love

Length: 10mins sec

Director: Kim Loyou


Our film tells us a story of Hui. First, a guide Bai Bo in Great Mosque let us know about the worship. Second, he tells us the stipulation of Quran. Finally, he tells us the relationship between the Han and Hui. It is a sweet story to lead you knows the secret of Chinese Muslim.


Love Greetings

Length: 47mins

Director: 苗煒基

Cast: 徐龍剛、王芳、丁水林、魏翔玲、朱怡夢

Min Yue is a normal community’s police. She cares the people from community no matter working days or off days. Due to an emergency happened in the weekend, she can’t company with her daughter to practice violin.  She has to handle the disputes in the community.  When she see the difficulties of the mental challenged girl, she […]

Dong Songs Through Generations

Length:  10mins25secs

Director: Synne Akselberg


This short documentary explains the importance of song to the Dong people in Xiaohuang village. We encounter two people famous for their singing talents from different generations, and see how the traditions of Dong songs are passed on and cherished. Our first character is Pansa Yinhua (70 years old), who has been singing since she was a […]

Long Hair Song

Length: 11mins40secs

Director: Soumee•Biswas


It’s a story about the Yao tradition of keeping long hair. We delve into this mystic culture trough our protagonist Pan Yongyan. She is a 31 year old woman of the Yao tribe who runs a restuarant.  We see the Long Ji march 3rd Long hair festival where we witness the hair cutting ceremony.We also see her daily […]

The Flower of Northeast China

Length: 12mins17secs

Director: Austin Kvaale


Northeast China’s ‘Er Ren Zhuan’ is a folk art that emerged and matured through three hundred years of spirited, uninterrupted development in the fertile lands of Northeast China. In Er Ren Zhuan, one male and one female performer play out stories from among the common people themselves. They sing joyfully and sorrowfully of the countless ups and […]


Director:  Jun Xia

Producer: Guannan Li

Length: 12:00

Emily comes back for a revenge of John and Jane after she dies of giving birth to a baby.
When John abandons his wife, Emily, who dies giving birth at home, she becomes a ghost to get revenge on her husband John and in the end, Emily punishes John.

The Gift

Director: Yuanyuan Chen

Producer: Yuanyuan Chen

Cast: Sayo Takada, Roy Ambrasohn, Allen Rowe

Length: 11:21

A father and lover’s protectiveness of a young woman results in the father and daughter’s death.

My Love-Li Sister

Length: 10mins18secs

Director: Ena Omerovic


A 30-year old woman travels from Europe to Hainan, the Chinese island of romance. Inspired by the old Li tradition of marriage proposal whereby young Li men sing to conquer Li girls’ hearts she starts her quest for the stories of these couples. Her first destination is the annual Third March Festival in Baisha, also called the […]

Taizhou,The City We Loved

Length: 25mins

Director: 於建鎂

Cast: 秦啟東、黎一墨、楊軍、李瑜玲



Palace Lantern

Length: 10mins35secs

Director: Worawut Phukhokway


Palace lanterns have been traditional Chinese culture for more than 1,400 years. But a lot of Chinese people know nothing about palace lanterns and they don’t know the fact that palace lanterns are dying out. But there are some people who are trying to protect and save palace lanterns. They are the lantern makers. Nowadays, there are […]

Man is What He Eats

Length:  11mins 22secs

Director: Fabio Ragni


The video talking about a travel.This travel is around the food in China,is the travel of an Italian boy,that want to find the real essence of the food culture in this beautiful country.This video starts with a fast description about Yunnan region.After that the video talks about the market in Dali,and so there is the first […]


Length: 11mins5secs

Director: Simon Pickles


Long ago, there were seven suns in the world. The heat of the suns caused the earth to crack, trees and crops to die and water to dry up. The people who lived under the baking heat of the suns could hardly live. Then, one day, a man named Houyi, armed with a bow and arrow, shot […]

That water, that Man, That Mountain

Length:  11mins35secs

Director: Deepti Rao


Mr.Chen and his wife live in Bama, a longevity village in Guangxi, China. The village is a special place where the water and air have healing properties. The village attracts a lot of visitors. The film is a brief look into the lives of Mr.Chen and his wife and their relationship with Bama.

I wanted to find out […]

My opera heart

Length: 11mins05secs

Director: Celine Simons


Wang Chun is an opera singer by heart. She lives with her parents in Fushan Town, on the Island Hainan. Singing opera is all she’s ever known. As she tries to walk in her father’s footsteps, she performs in the Opera troupe “Hainan Li Hua”. But in the spare hours that she is not singing Hainan stories […]


Director: Peter Wang

Producer: Nick Wei

Cast: Peter Wang, Li Jingjing


Chow is a member of a Chinese triad operating in Chinatown, Los Angeles, after losing his best friend during a shooting with a rival gang. Chow travels back to China to pay respects to his deceased friend’s mother.

Heirs of Xibe Archery

Length: 10mins16sec

Director: Alice Andreoli Hirata


The Xibe ethnic group crossed China from east to west in order to defend the western border in the XVIII century. Their main weapons were bows and arrows. Since then, they have kept their archery alive, passing it from generation to generation. What started as a way of defending the country became a sport that they […]

Inked in Tradition

Length:  10mins20secs

Director: Michael Cannon Miller


Traditional Chinese paintings have found a new form, in the tattoo designs of the country’s talented artists. The combination of the ancient and the modern has reinvented the tattoo for a new generation. This new approach has changed attitudes through the preservation and adoration of Chinese art forms and by showing that modern can be rooted […]

The Purest Eyes

Length: 22mins

Director: 苗煒基

Cast: 楊劍銘、呂妍昕、鄭偉、王德龍、宇宙

A photograph called “The Purest Eyes” is made by a friend is touching Tingting Xu deeply. In the photo, a boy’s eyes are clean and pure. Then, she decides to become a volunteer for teaching. However, when she goes to that poor school, she doesn’t see the boy. The boy has to quit school and herd sheep […]

Sound of the Water

Length:  12mins

Director: Mar-Olivier Harvey


Zhao Min is a young TV and Radio student at the Jilin University in Changchun. Work, study, and sometimes fun, the staples of college life. However, her small figure casts a large shadow: Zhao Min is a descendant of the Manchu royal family, the last dynasty to rule over China before the country became a People’s Republic. […]

Adjusting The Balance

Length:  10mins33secs

Director: Eddie Blanchard


Chinese herbology has the effect of adjusting Ying and Yang inside a human body. From traditional Chinese medicines view, the real health inside a human body is the balance of Ying and Yang. Similarly, if the fast paced modern life is Yang, then the slow paced life cane described as Ying. Alike a human body, Beijing is […]

The Mountain Bird

Length: 9mins55sec

Director: Vibhav Nigam


The Mountain Bird is a look into the life of Ms.Chen Xiu Ying or Shelly, as she is fondly known as by her friends who come from around the world to visit Yangshuo County. Not only is she an expert in tourism but also uses her skill in communication to equip the new generation for a global […]

Burma Road/Flying Tigers

Director: Chris D. Nebe

Producer: Chris D. Nebe

Length: 60min

The focus of the film is not the Americans, however. We set out to find the last remaining evidence of the immense amount of work and sacrifice the Chinese people went through to pave the way for the Americans to operate against the Japanese. The unsung heroes…

White Shade

Length:  11mins44secs

Director: Lee Jieun


The film is an exploration of Chinese calligraphy art. The director is very interested in Chinese calligraphy art. The film focuses on the relationship between calligraphy art and ordinary people, and how does calligraphy art influence  the modern Chinese. The director tries to show Chinese survival philosophy through the calligraphy art .

The Last Warriors

Length:  11mins32sec

Director: Valentina Ippolito


Set in the thickly forested mountains of Guizhou Province among the wooden houses of the Miao people of Basha village, The Last Chinese Warriors is an episodic short film exploring the gendering of Miao warrior culture throughout the circle of life, as seen through the outsider lens of a female European filmmaker. The film represents Miao men […]

Iron men

Length: 10mins56sec

Director: José Pedro Melo Pinto


The documentary 《IRON MEN》 is following three blacksmiths. Three old blacksmith in the mechanization of the new era still stick to the most traditional manual process, for decades in a small shop regardless of the weather the waving hammer, to temper the pure friendship with their sweat together, cast a brotherhood of friendship. The documentary […]

Father and Son

Length: 28mins52secs

Director: 劉鴻志

Cast: 宇文若龍




Length: 11mins 30secs

Director: Niki Tombolesi


The tye die through an artistic perspective. The meaning of tye die for Bai people and their cultural background. Tye die is not only a technological process, but represents the art of Bai.

Flight of fisherman

Length:  10mins49secs

Director: Lian


This film is about Huang Yuechuang, a fisherman that is living out a thousand year-old tradition of fishing with cormorant birds. Mr. Yuechuang will be the last of his generation to fish with cormorants and this film explores him making peace with the end of this cultural tradition within his family.

Above the Sky

Length: 12mins05secs

Director: Daniel Dluhy


“Too many kite lovers in Beijing now. But very few masters.” Mr. Zhao Shiming is one of the very few masters. In his thirty years’ career he handmade kites both for fun and for competing his rival masters. Following his steps to Chaoyang Park, Beijing, the documentary depicts the atmosphere of the early morning kite flying.

The world of Liu Yuyi

Director: Chris D. Nebe

Producer: Chris D. Nebe, JJ Osbun

Cast: Louis Fantasia

Length: 48:00

The World Of Liu Yuyi is a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors, driven by the artist’s never-ending passion to paint. Whether celebrating the epic cultural heritage of China, or recording important political events of its recent history, it is always the desire to capture peace and harmony and the vivid […]


Director: Bruno Marina

Cast: Renatto Vettore, Mike Saunders

Length: 3:02

A driver recklessly races to the finish line.


Length:  10mins20sec

Director: Vasco Reis Ruivo


This film focuses on the citizen’s social habits in Jingning, We interviewed lots of people who live in Jingning about their social habits. We made this film by special camera moving and editing, we captured many footages of people’s action and appearance through different lenses, and we edited these footages by a natural timeline, we tried […]

The ballod of Turpan

Length: 11mins28sec

Director: Parth Saurabh


The film explores the architecture and the rich history of Mazar village in the Toyuk Valley. The people in Toyuk build their own houses. They are surrounded by mountains on all sides, hence the name Toyuk, which in Uyghur means, the impassable road. They have houses that are hundreds of years old. The people living in the […]

The Secret of the Herb

Length: 10mins08secs

Director: Bradley Thornhill


The village of ZhanLi has had almost zero change in population size since 1959. In order to maintain a stable population and successfully manage their limited resources, each family in the village vows to have a maximum of only two children, one boy and one girl. This ability to determine the sex of children is unique to […]

Scott Road

Director: Willian Chengqin Tang

Cast: David Huang, Gen Yang, Xuefei Zhang, Yihong Xin, Scott Zhang and Boran Zhang

Length: 50:22

Before the Lunar New Year in 1949, Shanghai, China, a 15-year-old teenager boy has a crush on his new substitute teacher, who’s also his elder brother’s ex-girlfriend. Both of the brothers have to say farewell to their same love through different ways as […]

Twenty Years

Director: David Liu

Writer: David Liu

Cast: George Tsai, Chris Olson

Length: 5:08

On a dark night in the city, a police officer encounters a stranger waiting for an old friend.

Water of Lijiang

Length: 10mins06secs

Director: Nikola Zdravkovic



Girl throws a flower in to the lake. The flower is strating his journey throught the acient city of Lijiang telling us at the same time an old legend about two lovers.

Beautiful Village

Length: 11mins30secs

Director: Steven Duursma


Just a few years ago, a small Li village in central Hainan was demolished to the ground to be rebuilt by the government. The poor inhabitants had lived in small and self-made houses without electricity and running water.

But their community is located near beautiful hills and a mountain lake, which makes the area attractive for tourism purposes.

Next […]

Here and There

Length: 12mins13secs

Director: Alina D’Alessandro


The documentary is about two boys similar age from different families and different backgrounds . In this film we can have a closer look into the realities of China’s primary and  middle school students  and their family, friends and classmates. The film shows that although the two boys have different living conditions, they have great dreams, they […]

Kayla’s world

Director: Rae Xu

Producer: Kate Bohan, Daphne Jiang

Cast: Kayla Bohan, Chris Ferro, Vonnie Lu, Lili Jiang

Length: 15th

A  6  years-old American-Chinese  girl  Kayla’s  father  is  murdered and  her  life changes  dramatically.  Kayla has  to  grow up  quickly, help her sick mom, and bring harmony to two diverse cultures that she is immersed in. Her dreams and hopes suddenly taken away, how will […]

Explore the Taste of Big Bowl

Length:  10mins32secs

Director: Manisa


Nowadays in China there are many people live in Beijing, some are local people and some are other citizens from different provinces. Therefore many culture gathered together, plus the technology has influenced the traditional old Beijing. As well as the Chinese tea, there are various kinds of tea also some of the tea are faded and ignored by […]

Weaving Hainan

Length:  8mins30secs

Director: Freek Jansen


Fu Bai Yin is a 50-year-old inhabitant of the Li village Yu Dao, at the East coast of Hainan. Like all women and girls in the village, she spends hours and hours working on a unique and traditional craft: Li Brocade. It is a very difficult and detailed craft. When Fu Bai Ying walks through her village, […]

Happy Tree

Director: Yunyi Zeng

Producer: Guanna Li

Cast: Andrew Fox

Length: 15:00


An aging American war reporter suffers alone in a French hospital during World War II, blaming himself for the disappearance of his son who was lost on the war front, but when he meets a young orphan who befriends him and teaches him about hope, he is able to find the strength to […]

Your world My Xi’an

Length: 9mins05secs

Director: Park Jaein


As a Foreigner in Xi’an, I want to make a Documentary like a moving picture with a Basic Information of the City Wall and Xi’an. Therefore, It must be a kind of portrait landscape for HERE with my point of view.

The secret of the mountains

Length:  9mins47secs

Director: Toby Sims


Deep in the valleys of china lays a secret. The secret of the mountains. Introducing Mr Zhao, the Medicine Master whom will send you into the rich history of the Medicine bath, a tub of water with medicinal purposes said to cure any disease. A bold claim it may seem but Zhao expresses his 100% faith in […]


Length: 9mins28secs

Director: Vishnu C


The name of the film is MANAS. In view of modernization, the film records the efforts that the Manas research center makes for preserving and spreading this epic. The film is majorly set in Manas research center in Xinjiang Normal University. Most of the shoot has taken place in different areas and spaces in the campus. The […]


Length:  11mins28sec

Director: Prathyush Chandra Kotha


Constant human pursuit for better life and happiness makes us evolve and change according to the prevailing circumstances. This results in the conflict between our traditional and modern beliefs. To put this in perspective, the village of Miao is a treasure from the past even today with her rich songs and poems and her focus on […]

Dancing Shadow

Length: 9mins21secs

Director: Hwang Woo Seung


Dancing shadow focus on the current living situation  and  the inherit  of shadow play,tell shadow play ‘s long story by showing  the thousand year’s history .

The modern China has a very advanced technology, different kind of new media become emerge

endlessly ,people steep in the convenience of the new technology,they gradually forget the beautiful tradition Chinese cultural […]

Forgotten Threads

Length: 10mins00sec

Director: Jacek Partridge


In China, Miao embroidery is a charming tradition handed down from generation to generation. It involves precision, time and a certain level of passion that culminates in exquisite as well as meaningful needlework. However with the recent economic development and heightened academic ambition, it seems that fewer women are learning this fascinating handicraft. Forgotten Thread explores the […]

Returned Letters

Length: 16mins48secs

Director: 劉卡達

Cast: 張凱璇、張藝璇、蔣繼光、吳光華



Stars, Gods and the Leader

Length: 10mins56secs

Director: Marko Grba Singh


At the Gaomengu observatory, main engineer is preparing to start the telescope. People are working in cleaning the telescope and adjusting the parameters on the screens. Once the telescope started working, we can see the universe. Through the images of the universe, many Naxi legends are told.Forest around Gaomengu is full of secrets. Narrator is talking […]

Lost In Rock

Director: Wei Wang

Producer: Wei Wang, Sile Zhang, Nick Song

Cast: Athur Garbe, Wei Wang, Daniel Ortiz, Allana Matheis


A girl, Xiao Wen, a fan of a pop singer James who she spent everything on, kidnaps him after his concert and finally talks to him face to face about how much she loves him and how much sacrifice she’s made for him.

Dharma’s Morin Khuur

Length: 11mins24secs

Director: Saad Hassan Khan


This film is recording the process of making Morin Khuur, and having the interview to Master Dharama . According to these things, the movie has greatly shown for history and development. It also greatly build the soul behind the Morin Khuur .

Hua Deng Scketches

Length:  11mins36secs

Director: Aldo Caldarelli


Human kind learned how to survive and grew his new generations during thousands years, it’s a challenge that renew every time. The tools to face this are (I think) intelligence, cooperation, brotherhood, common way of thinking (communities), instinct and over all, culture.  Like an old Banyan tree, culture lives and grows and develop herself thanks to her […]

Litchi homework

Length: 14mins18secs

Director: 陳磊

Cast: 賀睿、宋曌晗、周力孟、楊舒驀、王靜博

Little girl Litchi is preparing her homework for Mother’s Day, recalling the time when she was companied by her mother:the old radio, the red skirt, the album bearing their sweetest scenes……In a nostalgic mood, she is deeply lost into those happy years her mother gave her.

The Man Who Doesn’t Name His Dog

Length: 13mins02sec

Director: John Seddon


What kind of man doesn’t name his dog? Captivating, immersive and above all honest, this portrait reveals the incredible character and life of one man the rural Chinese Mulao village of XiaZhai.  Historically very poor farmers, the Mulao people were an ethnicity steeped in language, and culture. Now, influenced by Han and Modern Chinese culture they have […]

Yang Yan Xuan

Length: 13mins00sec

Director: Michael Mellemlokken Renjo


The documentary is following a young girl who lives alone in a small village in Guangxi. She is one of the Kam people and while her parent had to move to another province for work, she stays behind in order to grow up in her own culture. She lives alone and takes care of herself and […]

The Sons of Yili River

Length:  12mins19sec

Director: Lucas Silva Campos


The short tale is about two men who grew up together and play accordion by the Yili River, Alexander Sergeievich Zazulin of ethnic Russian minority and Liang Gang of the Han group.

They grew up around the Russian minority community. So they learned a lot about the accordion culture and now Alexander has his own accordion museum […]

The Lottery

Director: Han Rui Wang

Writer: Raiza Centeno

Producer: Leiqi Lin

Cast: Tonyboy Marin, Rebecca Kostolny, Don Hardwick

Length: 13:14

Billy, a starving orphan, steals a winning lottery ticket from the town drunkard only to later question and doubt his own morality.

The Visitor

Director:Song Liu

Length: 8:00

“The Visitor” deals with the news a young girl gets from her biological mother who she has never met … and this impacts not only the mother, but the father who raised her alone and has a ‘secret’ of his own.

The Wine

Length: 32mins52secs

Director: 李維倫

Cast: 趙爾康、斯琴高娃


Mongolian Bride

Length:  9mins41secs



Danielle Sharon shot in Su Bo Khan prairie tourism region of Ordos  Yijinhuoluo banner , which performs troupe of the lives of two actors. The film  reflects real life of  an  ordinary couple. They encourage and help each other in different places .Watching them on stage with the understanding, every day ‘s work is hard, but very […]


Length:  11mins58secs

Director: Lauren Kesler


Intertwined is a look at the world famous Quanzhou Marionette Troupe. The organization performs traditional Chinese puppet shows around China and the world, to much praise and affection. The film introduces you to two puppeteers, a puppet master who has worked with puppets for over 38 years and a young female newcomer to the organization. As the […]

Kam Grand Choir

Length:  10mins11sec

Director: Ritaban  Basu


The film is an interview on Mr.Wu Jinmin,the 101th generation head of the village Yin Shui Dong Zhai and the Dong People in Long Sheng county, Guangxi.From them we know more about the Dong People and the kam grand choir.For the disappearance of the intangible culture in the modern society, Dong People inherit the kam grand choir […]


Director: Khor Zhen Yee

Producer: Tan Yi Lynn

Length: 10:00

A widow tells a tragic but heartwarming story with a symbolic twist.

Dream of Spider

Director: Ario Saffarzadegan

Writer: Meghdad Akhavan

Length: 1:23

An animation of the dream of a spider

Miao Silver

Length: 10mins27secs

Director: Craig Clayton


An exploration of the work and craft that goes into creating the silver jewelries that the Miao minority of Guizhou, China are famed for. Through still images and soundscapes it immerses itself in the lives of two creators, Long Taiyang, a traditional silver maker who lives in Kong Bai Village and Tai Guangzhong, a teacher at Kaili […]

Under The Grape Vine

Length:  9mins18sec

Director: Pradeep Vignavelu


The film explores the process of wine making in the city of Turpan in Xinjiang province. It explores the daily routine of the farmers in the grape valley. We follow a farmer who leaves for work early in the morning to his farm to maitiain it. He is also accompanied by his family , who help him […]

Xiaohuang Tower, Bridge, Song

Length:  11mins31secs

Director: Joshua Brown


The shooting place of the film, Xiaohuang, which is a Dong village full of history and culture. The film’s protagonists, one is Jia Fuying, who is the Dong song heir in provincial level, another is Wu Rongde, who is the leader of the Dong song’s team. We would like to introduce three treasures of Dong village–tower, bridge […]


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