2016 Short


A Sip of Succulence

Length:  10mins32secs

Director: Michael Fuller


Filmmaker, actor, and professional cook Michael Fuller travels to the Northeast of China to elevate his culinary expertise in the pursuit of profound flavours.  In the process he hopes to absorb the deep Manchu culture and heritage that has been passed down through many generations, specifically through the Ulla Manchu Hot Pot.

He has a chance to meet […]

Painting Love in Qingxi

Length: 17mins1secs

Director: 張凱祺、張鈺妮

Cast: 曉偉、安琪



Songs from Kansu

Length: 9mins57sec

Director: Pedro Barros Brito


Akyns are poets in the kazak culture, that improvise in form of a song-like recitative with the accompaniment of a dombra. Jiahenur, a prestigious akyn in his region, is our guide in a musical journey through the life of the kazaks in the chinese city of Kanzu, his hometown. All voice over in the documentary has […]

Osmanthus Flowers Flavor‘s Chestnut

Length: 15mins

Director: 薛芳民


There is a treasure in Changshu, Jiangsu, China. This treasure is unique one; it is named Osmanthus Flowers Flavor’s Chestnut of YuShan. Why the chestnut have osmanthus flowers flavor? Because in the YuShan they used to mixed planting chestnut tree with local sweet scented osmanthus tree. Before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the sweet scented osmanthus and chestnuts are going […]


Length:  10mins38secs

Director: Curran Ferrey


Yuan is an immersive look into the community of a rural fishing village which floats on the East China Sea. The film guided by the perspective of a hard-working father, who in order to provide for his family back on land, must live apart from his six-year-old son. After tapping into his daily life, we follow his […]

Stitches & Roads

Length: 10mins00sec

Director: Kim Zoe Evans


The film tells the story of Mrs. Tang of Qiang village of East gate of Wenchuan County of Sichuan province loves and inherits Qiang embroidery. Qiang embroidery as a traditional skill of Qiang people, is the pride of the Qiang people. Mrs Tang followed her elder sister and Village neighborhood learning Qiang embroidery. Although the earthquake […]


Director: Rakesh Kumar

Writer: Rakesh Kumar

Producer: FTII Pune

Length: 11:39

Documentary on brass bands which have been banned to perform in the state of Maharashtra. The documentary basically shows the life of a band owner, a band artist and his wife as well as society because of whom they have to fight for their living now. This documentary basically mocks on the society […]


Length: 7mins22secs

Director: 何飛

Cast: 範怡寧

《22秒47》講述的是一個泰州青年畢業生參加省運會200米賽跑的故事, 反映了青年大學生在面對人生道路選擇的心路歷程,故事節奏緊湊、風格幽默、用獨特的藝術風格傳達年輕人正確的人生價值觀。


Length: 13mins

Director: Nadan Pines


The film is about an foreign youth explored the Mongols culture spirit. The director is the film’s character who came to find the spirit of Mongolian culture,explore the story of Genghis Khan, and also feel hia unique charm.


Length: 9mins46secs

Director: Jordan Mitchell


The Film is about the connection of black vernacular music in America to minorities and their music in China, predominantly in the Xiamen area。We spend the film listening, playing and learning about the influences of these cultures and the merge of black vernacular film.

The moon fairy of Yangshuo

Length:  11mins07sec

Director: Prabhdeep Singh Saini


Liu Sanjie is a famous legend of the Zhuang ethnic minority of China. She was a fearless girl who rebelled against a despotic landlord in the 15th century. She used to inspire people through her folk songs.

Lei Yi Ting is a 25-year-old girl who had come to Yangshuo at the age of 14 to learn dance […]

Qiang Style

Length:  9mins12secs

Director: Eliza Cox


Elisa Cox, a liberalist of Australia regards celebrities and big events are nothing. What she prefers is the difference between the daily life peoples, so she chooses Qiang people from Sichuan to film about the daily people’s foods. The film is based on traditional Qiang food, telling a story about normal Qiang’s life from paddock to plate […]

The southwest part of China

Length: 4mins5secs

Director: 任路


The mountainous southwest part of China is a region where the ethnic minorities inhabit and where unique culture and custom is formed. The Han ethnic group who came down to the South in the history also settled on Dong and Miao Minority group and the local Han ethnic group, this four-and-a-half minute long documentary demonstrates the original culture […]


Length:  8mins59secs

Director: Todd Karehana


This is a short documentary following actress and producer Qixing Aixinjueluo as she explores traditional Chinese women’s clothing in modern Beijing.


Length: mins secs

Director: Marko Markovic


A day in life of Dongba priests of Naxi people, who live in remote Shuming village in north-west Yunan province. They get up early in the morning, make bamboo baskets, work in the field and sit around the fire. When person in a village gets sick, they need to perform a ritual to comfort the spirits.

That night before morning

Director: Rakesh Kumar

Writer: Rakesh Kumar

Producer: FTII Pune

Cast: Siddhaarth Mahan

Length: 5:30

A man in love with a girl always tries to talk to her but couldn’t . One night she comes to visit him in his balcony from where he used to see her. That night he finds out that she had been murdered and the one with whom he fell in […]

Timeless Gate

Length: 10mins47secs

Director: Leonor Abreu


The documentary takes place in a city located on a vale of a mountain. Most precisely in an old street.

In that old street remains a traditional way of life that has been disappearing in China. We get to know the routine and people of that street. For that, we get to know three characters who live there. […]

Homes of Childhood

Length: 10mins18secs

Director: Ivana Balazova


Every child makes a friendship in early childhood. Some of these friendships lasts forever. In our film ”Homes of childhood” we are introducing collectors of toys from 1980’s.These people have a special relation with toys from their generation of childhood. On one hand, it is nostalgic keeping memories alive.On the other hand it became already their passion […]

The Horse Land

Length: 10mins39sec



The film tells stories of three herdsmen living in Wushen Banner, who try to preserve Mongolian horse culture in their daily life. The interviewees include: Bohyoo, a herdsman who has been with horses for decades of years; Hesigdalaii, the craft man considering saddlery as his life; and Erdemtegus the founder of a horse culture museum. They contributes […]


Length:  10mins27secs

Director: Rachel Walden


Harbor was filmed in Huian,Quanzhou.It shows story about a woman’s relationship to modernity, tradition, and family by recording a model Huiman’s daily life.

Longevity Noodles

Director: Yuchen Qu

Cast: Ziniu Gong

Length: 14:23

This story based on a traditional Chinses culture, when people celebrate their birthdays, instead of birthday cake, people would like to eat Longevity Noodles. The wishes under that is you could live a longer life as noodles.
This film use longevity noodles to present immortality, as long as you finish the giant bowl of longevity noodles, […]

Simply Minyak

Length: 10mins00sec

Director: Andrea Flavia William


We wanted to follow one or two families in minyak village ,kangding city to express our view about minyak culture.So we interviewed one old couple from Lize village,jiagenba town and an accountant from Ri’ou village,these two families have different background and lifestyle ,but they can both speak minyak dialect and proud of their culture,thats how to […]

Home away from home

Director: Tianyao Ma

Producer: Tianyao Ma

Length: 12:15

This is a project focusing on the living conditions of a group of old people who immigrate to America to help take care of their grandchildren. At once a timeless story of growing old and the nostalgia associated with living abroad, this short documentary also draws attention to the current social problem of ‘empty nest’ […]

Tana The Girl From Kangbashi

Length: 11mins58secs

Director: Yinon Beeri


Through the Mongolian girl Tana life to show the unique Kangbashi, in the city of profound cultural background, and colorful appearance, Tana is a girl who from the pastoral moved to modern city ; film by describe life of  Tana in the combination of traditional and modern, reflecting the Kangbashi the city in traditional culture and modern […]

Dancing in the mud

Length: 10mins26secs

Director: Kaylah Joy Rasmussen


DANCING ON THE MUD told the story how the men who farm mud skippers live and work on the land in Xiapu.The film will lead us to how they live,work and think.

Colors in a Cup

Length:  8mins06secs

Director: Amrit Kaur Jastol


Kangding is where tradition meets modernity and where her colourful culture and history can be found in a cup of Yak Butter Tea. 杯中斓影 explores Kangding’s historical significance in the Tea-Horse route; a meeting point for the Han and Zhang, where tea and horses were traded. Till today, the Han and Zhang live together in Kangding, […]

Dedicated to Qiutong

Length: 28mins

Director: 苗煒基

Cast: 王德龍、羅澤麗、高思聰、劉海軍、姚璐

Qiutong Lin and Tao Yu are classmate in college. Qiutong is from poor family, and Tao Yu is an invisible rich man. They fall in love each other. A philanthropist are going to help the poor students in the college, but they never know it is just a charitable show. Qiutong and her father want to live […]


Length: 19mins5secs

Director: 修慶

Cast: 杜啟泰、孟真、修熙歐、滕豐鳴

“MOTHERLAND”, in a micro movie art, interprets the excellent traditional culture of the Chinese nation., Which is tracing our roots and reverencing for our ancestors. With a touching story happened in ordinary people, based on the hometown Henan of the spiritual home of the Chinese around the world. The story conveys the memory and remember of Chinese nation to […]

A place called Home

Director: Xiaoxiao Chen


A PLACE CALLED HOME depicts the daily lives of the 70 abandoned children, ages 1 month to 18 years old, residing at Zhang Jiakou Welfare Center in China. Left as infants by poor parents, these children, many of them severely disabled or mentally challenged, manage to overcome individual limitations and exhibit surprisingly active and beautiful minds. This documentary […]

Echo from the mountain

Length: 10mins54secs

Director: Andre Elias Santos Canicos


《Echo from the Mountain》(《山音》)documents three generations of She songs heirs. Lan Jingfen established a She song singing group, her mother Lan Meixiang and her uncle Lan Yumao also join in the singing group. And her niece Lei Yutin is a blessed third generation successor of She song. They got together on the Mother’s Day and […]

Ughh ugh

Director: Yajun Shi

Writer: Uma Sharma, Yajun Shi

Producer: Uma Sharma, Yajun Shi

Cast: Yajun Shi, Uma Sharma

Length: 1:00

It is an animation that uses shaking lines and simple color as an aesthetic. It was a collaborative piece made for a project in Practicum class. The idea was to depict an environmental issue. Inspired by that idea we chose to show the destruction of […]

I love M.U.M.

Director: Tuck Fai Leong

Producer: Emily Man

Cast: Amiya Tiiong, Eric Lay

Length: 29:09

Tong Sin is brought up in an average family who study in National Secondary School while Zhe Yu is from a wealthy family who study in Independent Secondary School, they are both childhood friends. Tong Sin scores flying colors in STPM, unfortunately, due to Chinese identity, she is not able […]

Portraits for you

Length:  12mins44sec

Director: Pedro Nishiyama


Portraits for you is a documentary about a little girl and her relation with the culture of her nationality, the Xibe nationality. The Xibe people live in Qapqal     Autonomous County, Xinjiang. They have their on language, but it is vanishing day by day.

This documentary focus is the life of this little girl:her school, her home, her friends […]

Goddess Luo

Length:  10mins42secs

Director: Maria Koufiotis


<Goddess Luo>around named “the most beautiful Dan role in Beijing” famous Peking Opera artist Xinran Liu’s day for clues, shows as the quintessence of Chinese traditional culture, Beijing Opera in China’s status and the thinking and understanding of human nature. <Goddess Luo> is Xinran Liu’s role in Mei Lanfang classic , the arrangement of the plot with […]


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