2017 Chinese Impression

//2017 Chinese Impression


The Diamond of Plateau
Length : 9 ’24’
Director: Anastasiia Kuvaeva

There has formed a beautiful story with the integration of natural and modern atmosphere – a bay of clean water flowing through this holy land – Qinghai — Tibet Plateau. Crowds of sheep have a sound rest under the solar panel and birds fly through the surface of Long Yang Gorge. […]


The Timeless Village

Length: 11 ’20’
Director: Leticia Domingues Kamiguchi

A short documentary about the tradition of making the Lacquer Baskets in the Longshui Village. The technique of making Longshui lacquer basket was included in the third batch of intangible cultural heritage protection list in Fujian Province in 2009. In contrast, the aging problem of the paint craftsman is serious, and […]


Forty Miles North

Length : 10 ’58’
Director: Andie

This film is a modern exploration of innovation and inheritance through the lens of a factory in the Lanzhou New Area. It is a search for depth in a seemingly cold industrial setting, and tackling the obstacles of documentary filmmaking. Ultimately, the obstacles provide the insight and we are forced to challenge […]



Length: 10 ’58’
Director: Lenka Jovanovic

People familiar with ink to scholarly ink, but rarely known with mud office can also be self-charm. In Hunan Yuhua non Heritage Museum, there is such an old master, he carefully selected wood, splicing, grinding. And then with ten special materials, modulation of a special mud. Use a spoon can also be good penmanship. […]



Length: 11 ‘ 38’
Director: LEE NA YEON

In this world of high technology, it takes us only several seconds to record moments we want with a small cell phone. However, in the Shu Dian Street of Kai Feng, lives a person, who is willing to spend much time making a painting. This person is Ren Helin […]


The Bridge between Us

Length: 10mins56sec
Director: K. Kovács Ákos

Different generation have opposed emotion about Erhu. The sounds of Erhu can more popular for inherit. We show inherit and develop of Erhu by the father sharing his story about Erhu, the son telling his memory about Erhu and the relationship between the father and the son.

Hidden In Ink

Length: 10mins40sec
Director: […]


Therefore I Am!
Length: 11mins10sec
Director: Vida

The documentary tracks to record the name of the “five elements”. That is the name contains “gold” “wood” “water” “fire” “soil”, respectively, dance teacher Li Mingcan, is preparing the college entrance examination girl Hu Zhongnan, the managers of Rice Noodles Shop, Yan Bo, Yan Chun and so on. We are looking for them and interviewing […]


The three sisters
Length: 10mins21sec
Director: 奈特

Traditional costumes which contain nationality characteristics always represent their own flourishing culture, however, the big influence made by the era development also affects the cultural form of traditional costumes. So, protection and cherishing traditions become even more important. This film is about three sisters treasuring Mongolian traditions together by using a crewel needle.

Ancient charm
Length: 9mins54sec
Director: […]


A New Spring
Length: 10mins27sec
Director: Marleena Forward

Ninety-year-old Lan Tianye is an actor and director with the Beijing Peoples Art Theatre, having joined the company in 1952.In this short documentary, Lan Tianye gives a rare interview in which he looks back on these experiences, both on and off the stage. Incorporating observational footage and archival materials, A New Spring explores almost […]


Keeping History Alive
Length: 13mins15sec
Director: Aloyscious Phua Jia Hao

The documentary is segmented into four parts – In the beginning, sacrifice, inheritance and promise, presenting to the audience not just the history of the place, but also Liu’s contribution and obstacles in building the museum. Watch how Liu struggles to overcome difficulties to make one of the most tragic histories known […]


The off-tech side of Shenzhen
Length: 13mins17sec
Director: Gattafoni Valerio

Shenzhen as a modern metropolis develops rapidly, “high-tech city” has become the label of Shenzhen, but there also are a group of street artists, they use more popular street art form to inherit and innovation traditional skills. This film tell us to understand their experience about Shenzhen and street art, find the story […]


SAN HUA: Rice Wine Under the Elephant’s Trunk
Length: 11mins11sec
Director: Cristian Lopez

The theme of our group is “Peach Blossom Mountain Moon Floating, Elephant Trunk Hill.” Elephant Trunk Hill because of its beautiful scenery for people well known, but hidden in one of the three flower wine cellar is not easy to show people. With the eyes of the Western world to […]


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