Operation Red Sea

Length: 138mins
Director: 林超贤
Cast: 张译、海清、杜江、张涵予、尹昉、王强、蒋璐霞

The Chinese Navy’s Jiaolong Assault Team is assigned a perilous mission. The situation could prove fatal to the hostages and disastrous to the entire region, and presents Jiaolong with a challenge that threatens the very existence of the team and its members…


Length: 116mins
Director: 张艺谋
Cast: 邓超、孙俪、郑恺、王千源、吴磊、胡军、王景春、关晓彤

Director Zhang Yimou’s reimagining of the classic Three Kingdoms -Jingzhou epic. Shadow tells the story of a powerful King and his people who have been displaced from their homeland and long to win it back…

Lost, Found

Length: 102mins
Director: 吕乐
Cast: 袁文康、吴昊辰、姚晨、马伊琍、高叶、齐欢、陶昕然

Li Jie is fighting with her ex-husband about the custody of their daughter.One day after work,Li Jie finds her daughter disappeared with the nanny. In searching for Sun Fang and her daughter, she slowly finds out that everything about Sun Fang are lies…

Hello, Mr. Billionaire

Length: 118mins
Director: 闫非、彭大魔
Cast: 沈腾、宋芸桦、张一鸣

Duoyu Wang refused to conspire a football fraud, which made him pass the first challenge for inhering a huge fortune. Later, he had to spend 1 billion within a month, so that he could inherit all the rest 30 billion. How could he use up all the money fast enough? It was the first […]

Animal World

Director: 韩延
Cast: 李易峰、迈克尔·道格拉斯、周冬雨

Life is hard for zheng kaisi. A mysterious person appeared and told zheng kaisi that as long as to be the part of the game on the cruise ship, he will have the opportunity to repay all the arrears. Zheng kaisi had to board the cruise ship and started the survival game…

Project Gutenberg

Length: 129mins
Director: 庄文强
Cast: 周润发、郭富城、张静初、冯文娟、廖启智、张松支、王耀庆、孙佳君、周佳怡

Ruan Wen went to Hongkong to bail his old lover Li Wen out of jail. But Hongkong inspector He Weilan insisted that Li Wen had to confess the whole process about how he committed the crime with “the painter”. At the moment everything has got a clue, an unexpected amazing reversion occurs…

A Or B

Length: 114mins
Director: 任鹏远
Cast: 徐峥、王丽坤

Financial genies Xiaonian Zhong wakes up finds himself trapped in his luxurious bedroom. A voice came from the head of bed, offering to play a game with the Zhong, a game of choice…

Genghis Khan

Length: 119mins
Director: 哈斯朝鲁
Cast: 陈伟霆、林允、胡军、张歆艺

Genghis Khan is the son of the tribe leader. He lost his father at a young age. When Temujin grow up into an adult, he returned to the Wengjitun tribe to marry Borte who had a engagement with him. but his uncle set trap for him, and his lover Borte was also kidnapped by another tribe […]

Go Brother!

Length: 115mins
Director: 郑芬芬
Cast: 彭昱畅、张子枫、孙泽源,方翔锐,刘冠毅、赵今麦

Shi Miao hates her brother Shi Fen. She cannot enjoy the snacks because Shi Fen eats them all; she
is always late in the morning because Shi Fen turns off her alarm; her pocket money is gone
because Shi Fen steals it for gaming. Shi Miao makes a birthday wish: She wants her brother
gone. However, Shi Miao didn’t expect […]

Till The End Of The World

Length: 115mins
Director: 吴有音
Cast: 赵又廷、杨子姗

Fuchun and Ruyi survive from an aircraft crash caused by a sudden snowstorm in the interior of Antarctica. Their love blooms in the hopelessly searches and expectations day by day …

A Stolen Life

Length:  79mins

Director:  林书宏

Cast: 孙耀威、童冰玉、尹燕滨、朱亚英


A Malaysian production that bring together actors and production team from China. Hong Kong& Taiwan. The story revolves around the female lead acting as two roles, exposing her father’s wrongdoings in the process of seeking eternity through black magic, bringing out the dark side of mankind.

City Of Rock

Length: 117mins
Director: 大鹏
Cast: 大鹏、乔杉、古力娜扎、李鸿其、韩童生、曲隽希、于谦、岳云鹏、王劲松、于洋、代乐乐、赵英俊、马大明、张一鸣、衣云鹤、曹然然、曹桐睿、宋小宝、刘小光、文松、宋晓峰、周冬雨、袁姗姗、宋茜、林志玲

“Rock city” collection of Ji An’s landmark “rock park” will be demolished, Hu Liang has hired a band manager, Cheng Gong, to help them set up the “sewing machine band” to save the park. How will be completed this impossible task?

Happiness Around The Corner

Length: 91mins
Director: 冯巩、崔俊杰
Cast: 冯巩、牛莉、涂松岩、毛俊杰

Chongqing old “superman mediator”, Ma Shanglai was provoked by a “rookie mediator”, Mao Xuewang, They led their group to make a story for proving that who is the best mediator of mountain city…

Cao Cao And Yang Xiu

Length: 121mins
Director: 滕俊杰
Cast: 尚长荣、言兴朋、郭睿玥、杨 扬、傅希如、齐宝玉、奚培民、李文文

The fall of the Eastern Han Dynasty leads to the tripartite division of China. Cao expects a comeback by recruiting talents. Of them the renowned political advisor Yang Xiu receives Cao’s appreciation. However, their self-contradictory characters lead to a final break-up of their relationship…

The Blizzard

Length: 98mins
Director: 姜凯阳
Cast: 聂远、谭凯、曲高位、于明加、徐露

The movie tells a story that three police school mates Song Chao, Liu Haiyang and Huang Tian are involved in a terribly serious serial case and start up a combat in which brothers become enemies and the good and the bad fight with each other…Eventually, the good prevails over the evil…

Earth: One Amazing Day

Length: 89mins
Director: 范立欣、Richard Dale、Peter Webber

Earth: One Amazing Day is co-production between BBC Earth Films and SMG Pictures, and it is the first feature film to be produced under the UK and China film co-production treaty. The film takes audiences on a breath-taking and immersive voyage across the continents, through the oceans and skies… but this time, all in […]

Dearest Anita…

Length: 86mins
Director: 高志森
Cast: 林德信、黄荣杰、方惠盈、胡杏儿、郭羡妮、曾江、吴耀汉、恭硕良、刘雅丽、邵音音、龚慈恩、韩马利

2013, after the auction of items from Anita Mui’ s estate, seemingly insignificant items are transported to a garbage dump… A number of fans try to salvage what they can and endeavor to return each of these to their original gifter… We trace the stories of several fans whose lives were touched and forever changed by encounters […]

Father And Hero

Length: 97mins
Director: 邵亚峰

20 years ago, while pursuing the ruthless criminal Qin Jin, a gun battle broke out between the outlaw and the police. Qin fled unscathed, whereas policemen Tianjiao was killed and Jiang Han was seriously wounded.20 years later, Jiang is once again on the trail of Qin. By pure coincidence Wei Wei, the daughter of Tianjiao, becomes a […]

On Air

Length: 93mins
Director: 钱永健
Cast: 张晓龙、许绍洋、莫小棋、李呈媛、阚清子、郝平、张国柱、吴岱融、石兆琪、孙一奇、易易紫

This is a robbery taken place in the studio. Three robbers hijacked huge property and trapped nine hostages. The robbery scene was broadcast live while dealing with the police…

Winter In My Heart

Length: 91mins
Director: 叶田
Cast: 王勇、刘磊、潘兴源、赵静、屠画、蒋敏斐、范泽威、龚芳妮

Young Yangqingshan, Bai Ju, and Fang Dan, with their ideals, joined the white mountain blackwater in the northern place. However, an accident became a turning point in the fate of this group of young people … Forty years later, Yangqingshan decided to return to Black Land …

I Am A Doctor

Length: 108mins
Director: 谢鸣晓
Cast: 赵有亮、胡亚捷、赵静、虞嘉娜

The film describes Wu Mengchao, a 95 – year – old doctor fighting in the front line of curing liver cancer. Inspired by Doctor Wu his own experience in surgical practice, Zhao Yitao finally adapt to the new position…

Our Shining Days

Length: 103mins
Director: 王冉
Cast: 彭昱畅、徐璐

As a 17 year old young girl with a happy-go-lucky character,Chen Jing leads a carefree life with her male best buddy Youzha until one day she meets the prince of the piano, a senior named Wang Wen. It is love on the first sigh. In order to prove what is Chinese folk music is, with her […]

Hold Your Hands

Length: 124mins
Director: 苗月
Cast: 王学圻、陈瑾、白微、陈西贝

Yang Yingjun, a veteran who lives in Shibadong village, and his several cousins are listed as targeted destitute families. During the process of lifting themselves out of poverty for their life, they also achieve the goal of lifting themselves out of poverty for their minds…

New Happy Dad And Son 3: Adventure In Russia

Length: 85mins
Director: 何澄
Cast: 董浩、刘纯燕、鞠 萍

In Datou (the big-head son) and his parents’ (the small-head dad and apron mom) Russian trip, they accidentally enter a wonder world that comes from Datou’s paintings and imagination… After many adventures in this world, the dad’s inner little boy is awakened by the son, and he finally realizes that the best way to love […]

The Secret Of Immotal Code

Length: 88mins
Director: 李伟、张楠
Cast: 赵立新、梁静、周明灿、胡晓光、董大庆、贺宽、王佳佳、李兰迪

In 2155, a city became shrouded in severe smog and becomes cancer-filled city. Unfortunately, Lin Ziqi’s sister, Yuqi, fell victim to cancer and is dying. Lin Ziqi soon finds herself entangled amid a horrendous conspiracy plot and a terrible mutation killing on an isolated ship…

I Am A Prosecutor

Length: 90mins
Director: 高亚麟
Cast: 宣言、丁洋

A young rookie prosecutor, Shi Junfeng, returned to his hometown of Miao village to collect information. He accidentally found that his close friend, Liu Dali, had secret relationship with a Chinese yew pirate group…

The Unity Of Heroes

Length: 103mins
Director: 林珍钊
Cast: 赵文卓、维妮、唐文龙、李璐兵、陈辰、李炳渊、魏小欢

In the late qing dynasty, foreign invasion, internal and external problems. In the face of the oppression of the foreign powers, huang feihong, a kung-fu master in foshan, guangdong, taught people how to practice martial arts in bao-chieh Lin.

The Farewell Girls

Length: 86mins
Director: 桑木天、刘博文
Cast: 刘頔、杨小兰、尹菲、谭志玲、叶禹含、陈洁怡

Shanshan, Gong, and Leo, have been persistently chasing their music dream as a band, but they kept failing in talent shows until they met the owner of a funeral service company. The girls gradually realized the real meaning of death and together they started taking funeral singing seriously…

Listen To You

Length: 88mins
Director: 刘博文
Cast: 苗驰、姜卓君、黄垲翔、喻美壬

Qin Lang, a radio show host told a story to Su Jianhuan, a girl wanted to suicide by disappointing the divorce of her parents. 5 years later, Su delivers her sketch to Qin and decides to go abroad. After reading her sketch, Qin comes to realize the truth and chase after Su on the roof…

Wrath Of Silence

Length: 120mins
Director: 忻钰坤
Cast: 宋洋、姜武、袁文康、谭卓、王梓尘、安琥、伊天锴

Miner Zhang Baomin hurries back to his home – his son has disappeared in the mountains. Three days later, lawyer Xu Wenjie’s daughter disappears as well. He picks up the phone and calls the only suspect possible…

The Swing Maker

Length: 88mins
Director: 大雄
Cast: 姜守志、宋怡力

Having dedicated most of his life staying in the forefront, Liu Er Ge, a grass root oil worker, was diagnosed with cancer when retired. After returning to his hometown, he had to deal with the difficulties of adjusting to city life on the one hand…

The Woman Of The Mountain

Length: 116mins
Cast: 王文、华雯、张爱华、柏咏枚、陆瑛、金洁

The film is based on a real story. It’s a story of a single mother, who does mountain working to raise up her children,a blind son and a twin. In the 17-year working, she had worn out more than 140 pairs of shoes,broken more than 70 bamboo poles…

The Secret Of The River

Length: 90mins
Director: 张锐
Cast: 王庆祥、张杨果儿、宋歌、迟蓬、徐囡楠

Shi Guiqing, who raised her daughter alone, suddenly died. When her daughter Shi Xiaowei picked up her belongings, she found a group photo and set out on the way to find her father…


Length: 90mins
Director: 李日朗
Cast: 海明威、张智成、李日朗、蓝燕、邵音音、陈远仁、何华超、张雷、陈逸宁、鲍康儿

The film is about how three young people, Yip, Hing and Lin struggle with the transformation of Hong Kong. They stick to their believed and helped each to overcome all the difficulties at the beginning…

Extraordinary Mission

Length: 122mins
Director: 麦兆辉、潘耀明
Cast: 黄轩、郎月婷、段奕宏、祖峰、邢佳栋

The police Lin Kai is assigned to be an undercover in a drug cartel by his leader Li Jianguo. As he gradually penetrates the “Twin Eagles” drug cartel. Finally, Lin Kai and Li Jianguo successfully destroy this drug cartel…

Blue Goldfish

Length: 88mins
Director: 唐明智
Cast: 朱孝天、蓝燕、曲木古火·秋风、张可欣

After losing memory, Zi Guo went to time photo studio to restore memories by getting pictures. She met Yu Linfeng, who came here for finding a “mysterious gift” left by his wife and they had a romantic love story…

To My 19-Year Old

Length: 98mins
Director: 黄朝亮
Cast: 林柏宏、石安妮、王芊、何明翰、苑琼丹

Yang Yixue secretly loved Mo Xiaofeng ten years ago, she received a mysterious wooden box with letters on Mo’s funeral. Through writing letters to her 19-year-old self, she time travelled back and won her lover back…


Length: 91mins
Director: 曹运福、原雅轩
Cast: 王付海、闫清珍、陈长来、刘秋霞、田云姬

Jinxiang has used accounting authority and embezzled funds to abscond. Li juying followed the last wish of her husband to look for her daughter and make Jinxiang away from her sin in the end…

The Master Of Lion Dance

Length: 87mins
Director: 于妮妮
Cast: 侯煜、黄浚良、杨萍、王曦、刘自强、王馨雨

This is the city where I was born, a place known as the Lion Dance Village. Almost every boy has a dream related to the Lion Dance. It always makes us emotional, excited, and passionate…

Traces Of The Brush- The Heartprint Of Fu Shen

Length: 65mins
Director: Eros Zhao (赵硕)

The documentary film is an intimate and personal look into the life and work of Dr. Fu Shen, one of the most eminent Chinese art historians, calligraphers, educators, and connoisseurs working today….

Chai Shengfang

Length: 90 mins
Director: 张忠
Cast: 郭秋成、杨阳、周浩东、杜少杰

The film presents Chai Shengfang– a political character with loyalty to the country, a dedicated public servant…After graduation, Dr. Chai shengfang chose to return to his hometown lintao to work. During his work, he devoted himself to doing practical work for the common people and went to the countryside for investigation, so as to help them […]


Length: 90mins
Director: 张智超
Cast: 张智超、安然、卢喜文、袁中方

Shunfeng had a happy childhood in the little fishing village. When he grew up and experienced different kinds of things in the city, he found that only the little fishing village was home for his spiritual tranquility…

God Of Love

Length: 95mins
Director: 红旗
Cast: 周昊勇呈、郭少芸、时政糍、白柳汐

The violinist Shen Xinyi and her husband inadvertently lost their three-year-old child Bai Xiaolin on their trip. Ten years later, in the pursuit of his music dream, Bai Xiaolin accidentally found his own parents, and the family were eventually reunited…

The Blind Hero

Length: 88mins
Director: 高成岗
Cast: 李槐龙、朱研、祝新运

Chen Pai, who had the dream of serving the country, was betrayed by the generals but rekindled the blood and led the villagers to launch a desperate battle with the bandits…

Patrolman Baoyin

Length: 97mins
Director: 杨瑾
Cast: 宝音尼木胡、巴德玛

Under the assistance of Bao Yin, Li Hong finally adapts to her new surroundings and falls in love with the land. However, she is unfortunately killed by gangsters. Bao Yin finds himself in pursuit of a murder case that appears seemingly hopeless…

BUYI Woman

Length: 115mins
Director: 谢平安
Cast: 侯丹梅、冯冠博

Pan Xiu’ er, Buyi woman, suffered great misfortune on her wedding night. Pan Xie’ er endured the pain of losing her husband. She rescued a Red Army soldier, Chen Yunjiang, and another soldier’ s orphan named Jiao Ye’ er…

Lucid Dreams

Length: 91mins
Director: 泰迪罗宾
Cast: 张继聪、郑嘉颖、林敏聪、邓丽欣、陈静、夏嫣、苏丽珊、温超、邵音音、Maria Cordero

Lucid Dreams is an episodic film which the director recounts four of his own dreams: Don wants to repay his debt by arranging a fake wedding; Fan, a white collar, learns to let go of his ego after struggling with love and work; a writer named Tong reunites with her long-lost mother; a driving instructor, Chung, […]

I Want To Be With You

Length: 94mins
Director: 颜芳
Cast: 王彦夫、张馨月、王月萍、陈博睿、张国荣、牛军、陆舟一郎、胡远莉、蔡丽

The film shows two families with different background of the same fate by telling ZhaoTianQin and YaoYuan’s story of joy and sorrow,so as to show the children and adults’lack of love …

You Never Walk Alone

Length: 106mins
Director: 徐耿
Cast: 马顺洗、刘炷诗嫚、李虎城、苏正友

A late football, a wide – loving country teacher, an old headmaster who has seen football and giddy, a group of overflowing, natural and crazy grass-roots dolls. A great earthquake breaks all the happiness…

Truth Or Dare

Length: 90mins
Director: 谢韵、黄俊舒
Cast: 涂世旻、柯子静

Alex has a strange disease that explodes vulgarity at the sight of a beautiful woman who has a heart attack. In the eve of the graduation ceremony, Alex finally kissed Jing and told her about her strange illness…

Simon Boccanegra

Length: 135mins
Director: 蒂齐亚诺·曼奇尼(意大利)
Cast: 普拉西多·多明戈(西班牙)、和慧

Simon Boccanegra is an opera by Giuseppe Verdi. The story takes place in the 14th-century Genoa, Italy. It focuses on deep affections between father and daughter and shows the yearning for peace…

Drifting Goats

Length: 92mins
Director: 李济德
Cast: 徐丰年、匡牧野、康馥麟

Tuo He, an old rafter on the Yellow River, is very unhappy to learn that his only son Tuo Gao does not want to work as an old-times rafter, This film unfolds an emotional drama of conflicts between father and son, between new and old ideas….

Ancient City Community Police

Length: 90mins
Director: 肖莫庸
Cast: 黄品沅、孟秀、阎维文、肖骁、李振宇、依灵

Old regional policeman Ma Guoneng used to be a criminal police officer. Now he is a local regional policeman. Though he has no previous memorable years, he still has love for his profession and love for the people he serves and love for life…

The Wedding Dress

Length: 94mins
Director: 彭景泉
Cast: Thomas Riccio、龙英、吴茶山、石三妹

Professor Thomas visits Miao village in Shan Jiang, Feng Huang county of Hunan Provinc in learning Miao culture and hand-making of Miao embroidery, and got a chance to visit Wu Yucian, the greatest master of Miao traditional embroidery and the wedding dress…

Legend Of White Snake

Length: 104mins
Director: 陈磊、李炳麟
Cast: 白雪、张明惠、许杰、赵海英

When the White Snake practices in Emei Mountain, a boy, herbal gatherer saves her life. When she becomes supernatural being, they fall in love and get marry. But the marriage is against by a monk Fahai…

The Drifting Red Balloon

Length: 90mins
Director: 郑来志
Cast: 谭佑铭、施予斐、孟智超、李林轩

A man met many difficulties when he came to the city by himself. Would these difficulties make him down? How could he make choice between his old and new girlfriend?

The Lingering

Length: 86mins
Director: 涂霆骏、麦浩邦
Cast: 张继聪、朱茵、张彦博、邹文正、陈柏霖、姚童、李枫

A village woman in an aged family house. One day, her husband’s co-worker comes to tell her that her husband passes away in an accident. In great sorrow, she fights for life. But one day, her husband suddenly appears again …

Han Yuniang

Length: 114mins
Director: 肖桂云、李前宽
Cast: 王文涛、王冠丽、孙庆军、张琪

The Pingju opera “Han Yu-niang” depicts the ill-fated couple Han Yuniang and Cheng Pengju in the Song Dynasty, who suffered from a tragic experience after the fall of their homeland…

Ghostmist Island

Length: 86mins
Director: 梅梓
Cast: 阮晓伟、樱雪、泽南、张源灵子

A group of tourists, apparently with little in common, are attracted to Ghostmist Island for a tacit treasure-hunting. The owner of Ghostmist Island has gone missing while the staffs are busy concealing their secrets from the tourists. After the welcome dinner, series of murders occur…

Lost In Apocalypse

Length: 89mins
Director: 王天尉
Cast: 杨添明、张伊楠、杨明逸、王昱超、贾凤柱、唐鑫、陈芊桦、杨漫

A group of seemingly unrelated individuals fight their way out of a virus-infested hotel, only to find themselves at a worse place than before…

How Far Tomorrow

Length: 81mins
Director: 王劲松

This is a public welfare cinema movie about anti-drug. Yu Lanben has a happy family. However,someone arranged for her to take drugs, which ruined her life. She was obsessed with the drug and eventually lost her soul. …


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